Mammoth Haul!

This is a little bit of a collective and eclectic haul. I bought a few things at the drugstore over the last week or two and I also had a semi planned (but mostly spontaneous) shopping spree this afternoon.


I had a surprise Kung Fu class last night after another few weeks off and I had to stop by CVS for nail clippers because you just can’t punch someone if you have long nails. You will regret it very much. So $25.00 later…

(Side note, I just noticed that I’ve only spent $25.00 at CVS this summer! Woo hoo!)

I hadn’t been in CVS in a while and they’ve started carrying e.l.f.! Kind of cool because it isn’t carried anywhere else in my town.

I snagged the concealer brush for applying under-eye powder and the small stippling brush. I used both of them this morning and I really do love the stippling brush. I have the Real Techniques stippling brush but it’s kind of…stabby? pokey? It doesn’t feel nice. The elf one does! The concealer brush is also nice although I don’t feel the same level of excitement for it.

I snagged some hand sanitizer to keep in my truck because people do disgusting things sometimes and I just would rather not have the remnants of said things on my hands thank you very much.

Man, this is going to be a chatty post.

I also picked up the Prism Eyeshadow palette in Sunset. I had been lusting after this for a while but it’s always out of stock at the nearest Target. I don’t know why I was dying to buy this, I have a very bad relationship with elf eyeshadow (love lots of other products from elf, just not their eyeshadow). I did use this today and it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t amazing either. I’ll do a review with swatches eventually. Maybe. If I do not forget.

elf_prism_eyeshadow_sunset_box_back elf_prism_eyeshadow_sunset_box elf_prism_eyeshadow_sunset_inner_packaging elf_prism_eyeshadow_sunset_outer_packaging elf_prism_eyeshadow_sunset_product

And I got a pair of nail clippers. O_O.

Then today I went to a neighboring town to visit the best shoe shop for new running shoes and I also stopped at the mall for a few things.

One of the things that delights me greatly about living in The South is that there are people selling things on the side of the road all the time. Sometimes it’s boiled peanuts (SO. GOOD.), sometimes it’s flowers, sometimes it’s fruit or veggies, sometimes it’s random crap from their garage. Today I stopped and bought a basket of peaches because the peach people really do have delicious peaches.


My Barnes and Noble card just automatically renewed yesterday and I almost never go to Barnes and Noble so I felt compelled to stop and pick up a new book. I’ve never heard of this author (This may actually be a debut book) but this book sounded like a nice light, summer read that was a bit different from my normal literary fare.


I like to go to a family owned shoe shop in a neighboring town because the folks that work there are just fantastic. They ask you to bring in your last pair of running shoes so they can evaluate how you wear them out and they have you walk around and run around so they can evaluate your gait (OR so they can silently mock you…I’m not sure…that’s what I would do but sometimes I’m not very nice). Anyway, after trying many different shoes and even trying men’s shoes, the nice gal at the shop recommended that I try this brand because they have a rounded toe. One of the things that usually drives me nuts when I’m running is that my little toe starts feeling really crunched and cramped. So if you have a similar issue, maybe check this brand out! They’re called Altra.

bath_and_body_works_pocket_bacs bath_and_body_works_candles

I have a love hate relationship with Bath and Body Works. I really love some of their candles though and it’s that time of year where all the pumpkin things start making an appearance. I know lots of people HATE the pumpkin invasion but I for one welcome our new orange over gourds.

Obviously I snagged a bunch of pocket bacs because I’m very concerned about germs this week. I’m not normally but this week I am apparently obsessed. Actually, I just couldn’t resist the Vampire Blood and Halloween scent (what does Halloween smell like even?!) and then they caught me in their stupid buy five for the price of three deals. DANG YOU BATH AND BODY WORKS!

Also candles. I love pine scented anything (not so much the Pinesol pine although I don’t hate that, but the actual pine tree scent…I want everything to smell like that) and it was buy one get on 1/2 off so I got a back up of my beloved Cinnamon Pumpkin scent. I don’t really burn candles all that often (especially right now because it is 90 degrees at night still and 1000% humidity. That’s right, it’s more humid than the ocean.) but I always want to buy them. It’s weird right?

lurking the in background are…a lot… of Jordana mascara’s because they be being discontinued which is very sad! Some of these are for friends. Honest.

And makeup! You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging on the makeup front.

estee_lauder_pure_color_envy_liquid_lip_potion_true_liar_box estee_lauder_pure_color_envy_liquid_lip_potion_true_liar_packaging estee_lauder_pure_color_envy_liquid_lip_potion_true_liar_swatch

I picked up the new Estee Lauder liquid lip color in True Liar. I wore this out of Dillard’s and no joke, two people complimented my lip color. It’s really beautiful! I only wore it for about an hour so I can’t give any more of a review but it was comfortable while I had it on.

kat_von_everlasting_liquid_lipstick_lolita_box kat_von_everlasting_liquid_lipstick_lolita_packaging kat_von_everlasting_liquid_lipstick_lolita_swatch

Just a heads up, but the end times are surely upon us. Sephora had Lolita in stock in both the liquid lipstick AND the standard lipstick format! I know right?!

bite_beauty_frozen_berries_matte_creme_lipstick_plum_box bite_beauty_frozen_berries_matte_creme_lipstick_plum_packaging bite_beauty_frozen_berries_matte_creme_lipstick_plum_swatch

This was the only truly impulse purchase in the makeup category. I had the other two lip colors on my wishlist at least but I just couldn’t walk away from this shade (Plum from the Frozen Berries collection). It’s so pretty! There’s an oxblood shade that looked amazing as well but I couldn’t justify a double impulse purchase at this price point ($24.00)


At some point last week I FINALLY tracked down the new Essie collection for fall. I’ve been wanting the Leggy Legend shade (what kind of name is that? What does it mean?! I’m so confused) since I first saw it swatched but haven’t been able to track it down. Frock n’Roll (the blackish shade) doesn’t look as unique now as it did in the store but I’m a sucker for shimmery black shades so I don’t even mind too much.

So as you can see, I’ve done some damage in the shopping department recently! I have several things on the way to me from online purchases (Haus of Gloi, Shiro…there was a sale ok! and ILNP nail polish) but I think I’m going back on a no-buy/low-buy for the rest of the month. That’s a hard thing to pull off this time of year for me because I’m such a sucker for all of the spooky Halloween stuff and all of the fall things! And then all of the Christmas glittery things! We’ll see how it goes.

So what have you been hauling lately? Anything you particularly loved or hated? Do you want to know more about anything in this post? Just let me know if you do! Also, do you ever do low buys or no buys? Let’s talk about it!


  • There was a coyote yipping in my yard last night! The Boy said it was not actually a coyote because coyotes don’t bark but it freaking LOOKED like a coyote and MOVED like a coyote. Do you have any non-violent tips for keeping coyotes away? I worry a bit about the fur babies but I love coyotes and don’t want to hurt them.
  • I may have had an entire glass of wine before I wrote all of this so I apologize for all of the typos.
  • I’m listening to the latest Armin Van Buuren State of Trance mix and kind of missing my days of going out and partying.
  • I have been having the absolute worst dreams this week! It’s awful! Do you ever go through fazes like that? Where you just dream really wacky or awful shit for a a while? I have to say I’m not a big fan.
  • I smell like all the sweet things. I used Fortune Cookie Soaps body butter (they might call it Whipped Cream but I can’t remember at the moment) in Butter Beer which smells like a combination of caramel, coffee, rum and brown sugar and is really potent. Then I used that pocket back in the vanilla cream scent AND I’m wearing Kheimistrii’s Molton Mallow perfume oil. It’s freaking delightful as hell!

11 thoughts on “Mammoth Haul!

  1. I never thought I’d read “surprise Kung Fu class” on a beauty blog lol!
    e.l.f. brushes are quite nice for the price – I really love their blush brush too. I haven’t noticed the Real Techniques stippling brush feeling pokey but I haven’t used it very much since I got it – should get it out and test it more. I would have laughed if you said that you left CVS WITHOUT the nail clippers hahaha!
    Oh man, we have NO one selling things on the side our roads! Man. I want peaches now.
    That running shoe store sounds like they know what they’re doing – great service!
    Meh, I have no love for BBW candles – they only smell nice in the jar and not the same at all when I burn them. I own a few candles that I keep around just to sniff them once in a while. And we burn the large wick ones when there’s a power outage.
    Jordana mascaras are being discontinued – is this that famous one that everyone raves about? Aw man, I never got to try it!
    bite beauty is definitely impulse-worthy – that lipstick is gorgeous!
    I assumed “Leggy Legend” alludes to a legendary bombshell who has long legs, like… Twiggy or something. Maybe I’m completely wrong!
    Frock n’Roll is to die for!

    1. I very nearly DID leave without the nail clippers! I get so easily distracted by pretty new makeup displays πŸ™‚
      From a cultural stand point I would be really interested to know what regions this whole roadside stand thing happens in. It’s not something I ever experienced Out West but maybe that’s because it’s super windy and oftentimes cold.
      The Bath and Body Works candles always suck me in because they smell SO GOOD in the jar but you’re right, they’re pretty inconsistent with their scents once lit. I have a couple (Leaves and Eucalyptus Mint) that you can only light for 10 minutes because they are insanely strong and they will straight up knock you out. All the other scents I’ve tried though are pretty mild.
      It’s the Jordana Best Lash which I think is the one that gets a bit of attention. In my area they’re still widely available but a friend up north informed me that her stores have all started carrying an evil reformulated version. So maybe you can still find it? I really dig it! It gives a nice fan of lashes and I have no idea what Jordana is thinking in changing it.
      You know, the shade being named after a supermodel or something makes so much sense. I had mentally associated it with spiders and COULDN’T get the image of some Tolkeinian arachnid out of my mind. You’re clever! πŸ™‚

  2. Surprise kung fu class? Hahaha!
    Great haul – I still need to try Bite Beauty. And Fortune Cookie soaps. I just noticed this week that we have a Bath & Body Work store here now – I was in a hurry so I didn’t get to stick my nose in, but hopefully I will remember to check it out the next time I’m downtown.

    1. Thanks!
      And no that you’ve worded it like that I’m picturing a Kung Fu flash mob situation which is way more exciting that what happened in reality πŸ™‚
      I still have mixed feelings about Bite Beauty. I have a multitude of little sample lipsticks that I think were point perks or something and I dig about half of them but feel very ambivalent about the other half. They’re worth checking out though because every last shade I’ve tried is insanely pigmented.
      Definitely check out Fortune Cookie Soaps! I have a couple of things from the Butter Beer line and they’re nice. The Whipped Cream Lotion is really wonderful (I have very dry skin). I’d love to know what you think of them if you do try them out. At the very least they have a super fun aesthetic πŸ™‚

  3. Leggy Legend. People will tell stories of me, centuries from now, as I walked through mountains in fishnet stockings and high heels, the perfectly shaped legs blocking out all sun and warmth…

    Or maybe it just means someone with legendary sexy legs. Who knows!

    Great post, A+ hauls. πŸ˜‰

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