My Pretty Zombie – First Order Review

Believe it or not, the only makeup that I purchased during the month of July was from My Pretty Zombie. Maybe that isn’t a big deal for you, but it’s totally a big deal for me. ANYWAY we’re not here to talk about me, we’re here to talk about makeup!

I kept seeing beautiful swatches of eyeshadow from My Pretty Zombie (MPZ) but I kept putting off ordering because, well, I hate zombies. I hate Walking Dead, I hate zombie movies, I hate zombie apocalypse preparedness, I just can’t stand them. They freak me out man! That being said, I’m so incredibly glad that I got over it long enough to place an order with MPZ because these are some of the best eye shadows that I’ve ever used. That’s a big claim right?


mpz_full_size_with_finger mpz_samples

MPZ had a stellar sale at the beginning of July so I took advantage and ordered the bundle of 9 eyeshadows.

All swatches are as follows: Top swatch is over bare skin, second swatch is over LORAC Behind The Scenes primer and third swatch is over Darling Girl Glitter Glue. All swatches were applied with a paddle/concealer brush and patted on in the same manner that one would apply a loose shadow to their eyelid.


mpz_avulsion_static_ds mpz_avulsion_static_is mpz_avulsion_static_isi mpz_avulsion_static_wf

The samples/gift with purchase were killer! Two eyeshadows and a sample of Dr. Pickles Miraculous Beauty Dust Setting Powder. It’s a green powder and so far, I really like it a lot although I haven’t used it enough to have a set opinion on it.


I completely forgot to write down what I used in this eye look. Sorry.

mpz_avulsion_ds mpz_avulsion_is mpz_avulsion_isi mpz_avulsion_ec_npl

Sunset orange pink.

It’s orange AND purple AND pink! Really a beautiful shade.

Now, I would like to issue a small warning. I don’t actually consider myself squeamish about most things, I used to work in a vets office and quite frankly, once you’ve expressed an abscess, most other things don’t seem so gross anymore. That being said, I didn’t know what avulsion was (side note, the definition IS actually posted on the MPZ description of this shade which is kind of cool) so I Googled it. As you do. Unfortunately for me, Google is really efficient with pictures and what not so I have some really graphic images of really…icky…things seared into my brain. So be warned about the Googling. Angela states on her website that she likes to name really pretty things after really gross things so I should not have Googled so freely. Wow that was a long tangent. Back to the pretties!


mpz_static_ds mpz_static_is mpz_static_isi

Darling Girl Primped and Primed. Shades from the Hard Candy Birthday Suit Palette. Fyrinnae Fireside Interlude to blend out edges of Static and along the lower lash line. Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions on the inner corner. MPZ Static all over the mobile lid. Urban Decay eyeliner in Rockstar on the waterline. Fyrinnae Mystical Hedgehog to set the waterline. MUFE Smokey Extravagant Mascara. Nuance brow powder.


Static is beetle green with a gold sheen

I’ve been craving green eyeshadow lately but all of my greens are more blue or darker than what I’ve been searching for. Static is perfection. I adore it. It’s the perfect warm green that isn’t spring green and isn’t black based. I love it!

The Not Gifts With Purchase:

mpz_thundernuts_anthrax_everything_looks_better_on_a_meat_hook_ds mpz_thundernuts_anthrax_everything_looks_better_on_a_meat_hook_is mpz_thundernuts_anthrax_everything_looks_better_on_a_meat_hook_isi mpz_thundernuts_anthrax_everything_looks_better_on_a_meat_hook_wf


mpz_thundernuts_ds mpz_thundernuts_is mpz_thundernuts_isi

Again, I forgot to write down a product list for this look. It’s hell getting old.


“did you just call the cat Thundernuts?!”

I didn’t, but I do now!

Thundernuts is my new favorite color and I can’t stop wearing it! Light brown with a sweet ass blue shift! Looks awesome paired with Illustrated Ink.

Thundernuts is one of those great “neutral with a twist” shades. It’s soft and delicate but can be built up a bit for more depth.


mpz_anthrax_ds mpz_anthrax_is mpz_anthrax_wf

Darling Girl Primped and Primed all over the eye and Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the mobile lid near the lash line. Hello Waffle (HW) Can’t Or Won’t as brow bone highlight and blending shade. HW Yup! as transition. HW Num num num num num on the edge of the transition shade and to blend out the lower lash line. Anthrax all over the lid. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners in Zero and Asphyxia on the waterline.


Purple to Green with a gold to red shift

I don’t get any of the gold to red shift but the purple to green shift is beautiful!

Everything Looks Better On A Meat Hook

mpz_everything_looks_better_on_a_meat_hook_ds mpz_everything_looks_better_on_a_meat_hook_is mpz_everything_looks_better_on_a_meat_hook_isi

Darling Girl Primped and Primed. Wet n Wild Creme Brulee on the brow bone and inner corner. MPZ Everything Looks Better on a Meat Hook on the mobile lid, in the crease and along the lower lashline. Urban Decay Asphyxia eyeliner on the water line. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara. Nuance brow powder.

mpz_everything_looks_better_on_a_meat_hook_ec2 mpz_everything_looks_better_on_a_meat_hook_ec_1

I couldn’t decide if it should be in the red group or the brown group, so keep that in mind…it could go either way!

Kind of a brown plum that rubs down maroon.  Green shift.

In the eye photos, I didn’t use a transition shade because you just don’t need one with this color. The website description is perfect really. And everything looks better with this eyeshadow. Badum-bum! I’ll be here all week!

mpz_celery_and_bile_scurvy_brisket_ds_2 mpz_celery_and_bile_scurvy_brisket_ds mpz_celery_and_bile_scurvy_brisket_is mpz_celery_and_bile_scurvy_brisket_isi mpz_celery_and_bile_scurvy_brisket_wf

Celery And Bile

mpz_celery_and_bile_ds mpz_celery_and_bile_is mpz_celery_and_bile_isi

Darling Girl Primped and Primed. Shades from the Hard Candy Birthday Suit palette to blend, transition and highlight the brow bone. MPZ Epistaxis in the outer corner of the lid. MPZ Celery and Bile all over the rest of the mobile lid. Jordana Fabuliner. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara.


Sometimes I make up colors for names I like. Like this one. It took a while to get the exact shade of celery with the orange-y gold shift the way I wanted it. So this is it.
I should make up a better story for this…

I freaking hate celery. It’s so gross. That being said, this eyeshadow is perfection. It is kind of celery colored and it has a soft golden champagne shift to it. It’s actually light enough on it’s own to use as a highlight and it also makes a perfect lid shade. It’s really a great color.


Because you know I wouldn’t order eyeshadows without getting an orange one.

mpz_scurvy_ds mpz_scurvy_is mpz_scurvy_isi

Darling Girl Primped and Primed all over the lid area. I used shades from the Hard Candy Birthday Suit palette for transition, blending, brow bone highlight and to blend the lower lashline. Scurvy is all over the mobile lid. Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero on the tightline and waterline. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara.


Less annoying than the real thing!

This fabulous color is orange orange shimmer! Make sure you get your vitamin C!

Pretty spot on description. It’s a true orange with orange shimmer.


mpz_brisket_ds mpz_brisket_is mpz_brisket_isi

Darling Girl Primped and Primed. Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette: Laetus – base, blending and brow bone highlight. Ludwin – transition shade. Samael – to blend the lower lash line. MPZ Brisket all over the lid. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners in Zero and Freak both applied on waterline and tightline. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara.


copper with a red to gold shift

I actually had a dream about this eyeshadow. I may have a problem. But if dreaming about eyeshadow is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

The shift is strong with this one. It’s amazing. You need it. That is all.

mpz_ejp_creations_epistaxis_murder_ds mpz_ejp_creations_epistaxis_murder_is mpz_ejp_creations_epistaxis_murder_isi mpz_ejp_creations_epistaxis_murder_wf

EJP Creations

mpz_ejp_creations_ds mpz_ejp_creations_is mpz_ejp_creations_isi

Darling Girl Primped and Primed all over the lid area. Wet n Wild Creme Brulee as blending shade and brow bone highlight. Kat Von D Saint Palette: Caravaggio as transition shade. Enjoy The Silence on the inner mobile lid which blended into Sunny and then blended into Downtown with EJP Creations on the outermost portion/corner of the lid. Jordana Fabuliner. Kat Von D Puro Amor liner on the outer waterline and tightline. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara. Nuance Shape and Define Brow Kit.


red,red,red with red glitter!

Yep. As with most reds, this does blend out to a pink pretty easily. The glitter is perfect though. I could see lots of awesome Christmas and 4th of July looks with this shade.


mpz_epistaxis_ds mpz_epistaxis_is mpz_epistaxis_isi

Darling Girl Primped and Primed. Wet n Wild Creme Brulee to blend and on the brow bone. MAC Kid as a transition shade. MPZ Epistaxis all over the lid and blended along the lower lash line. Urban Decay Zero eyeliner on the waterline and tightline. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara.


With the full on EJP Creations applied the same way for comparison purposes:

Darling Girl Primped and Primed. Wet n Wild Creme Brulee to blend and on the brow bone. MAC Kid as a transition shade. MPZ EJP Creations all over the lid and blended along the lower lash line (There is glitter glue applied on the upper lid to hang on to the glitters. Those glitters do like to go everywhere). Urban Decay Zero eyeliner on the waterline and tightline. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara.

mpz_ejp_creations_comp_ec mpz_red_comparison

Back to Epistaxis:

Epistaxis eyeshadow is a matte fresh nosebleed red

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect red eyeshadow for a while and this may be it. It actually applies red (without a white base) not just pink. It’s lovely.


mpz_murder_ds mpz_murder_is mpz_murder_isi

Darling Girl Primped and Primed all over the lid. Shades from the Hard Candy Birthday Suit palette to blend and highlight. Murder all over the eyelid. Urban Decay Zero eyeliner. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara. A lot of sunscreen in my brows…because that’s a thing. Totally. O_O


Dark orange red with a slight sparkle.

This is my perfect smokey eye color to be honest. Throw a little black eyeliner on under it and and you’re good to go. Really pretty. I feel like I’m saying that a lot…

Pricing and Availability:

Available from the My Pretty Zombie Website. You can buy single eyeshadows but there are bundles available as well. I purchased the “You Pick 9 Eyeshadow Set” which is currently $36.00 (I purchased during a sale as I mentioned before) but there are bundles at various quantities (8, 7, 6 etc.)

Full size eyeshadow (about 1.5g) $5.00

“You Pick 3 Eyeshadow Samples” $3.00

Turn Around Time: Currently listed as one week from date of order. Because I ordered during a big sale, the TAT was listed as 30 days. I placed my order on July 5th and it shipped on July 25th so she was well within her stated ship dates.

Wear Time: I did not experience any fading with any of these eyeshadows. I did have a couple that creased a bit on me, but nothing horrible.

Pigmentation: I was so impressed on this front. Most of the looks I photographed didn’t use glitter glue, and even the ones that did, didn’t need glitter glue to make them look good. A sticky base was more than enough for all of these shades, even the duochromes.

Application: These eyeshadows all basically blend themselves. It’s amazing. If you haven’t worked with loose eyeshadow before, MPZ might be a great place to start because they are very easy to work with. Like all loose eyeshadow, there is fall out, but that’s normal.

Website Notes: All eyeshadow swatches on the website are on an eye (Biohazardous Beauty’s eye to be precise. If you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel you should, she’s one of my favorites), and while really beautiful, I don’t feel like they are always true to how the shadows look in real life. Just something worth noting. I do think that most of verbal shade descriptions are pretty accurate so that helps.

Overall, I’m beyond impressed with these eyeshadows. There wasn’t a single dud in this whole group and I’m having a very hard time not buying everything MPZ has to offer. I feel like every one of these shadows has depth and complexity, they are beautiful colors, and they are a dream to work with. If you try only one of the indie brands I’ve talked about so far on this blog, try My Pretty Zombie. I just can’t rave enough.

Have you tried MPZ? If so, what shades do you have? I need to narrow down my burgeoning wish list for this brand so I’ll take all of your recommendations!


  • TGIF.
  • I managed to work out three times this week! Woo hoo!
  • I am so sore. And tired.
  • I think I’m going to go put on Celery and Bile….

14 thoughts on “My Pretty Zombie – First Order Review

  1. Great post! Brisket is really a dream colour. I completely feel you about dreaming about makeup, lol!

    Gonna be honest, I figured you’d be HUGE into horror and zombies and things like that. Dunno why! Avulsion wasn’t the most pleasant thing to google. =/

    I’m kind of silly, so I’m just put off enough by some of the names that I might not order from these guys. Like I said, I’m silly!

    Congrats on working out! =)

    1. I am SO glad that I’m not the only one that has dreams about makeup!

      Nooo! You googled it!? Haha, I was just really taken aback when Google was all “here, a picture is worth a thousand words!”

      Mostly I’m a huge wuss and horror stuff really freaks me out. I’m ok with vampires, I’m ok with mummies and warewolves but zombies, I can’t handle it. Ghosts get me too man. Like, I like the show Supernatural but not at night 🙂 I really do get easily scared!

      I don’t think it’s silly at all. I’ve gotta be honest, I initially didn’t really want something with the word “Bile” in it on my eye and after I learned what avulsion actually was, I may or may not have felt compelled to change my makeup for the remainder of the day. So I’m kind of silly right there with you!

      1. Too many, son, too many!

        Lmao! All I’m gonna say is that both my parents are nurses and my sister and her bf are huge huge HUGE into horror and grisly shit so I’ve seen more than my fair share of gore. And I grew up on a farm! ;P I feel you entirely though, I hate horror and get spooked really really easily, which makes me a huge oddity in the house.

        Yeah, right? Names and packaging are so important, as silly as that sounds! I’m willing to buy something I’m not too fond about if it has really cute packaging or name, and I won’t be tempted to buy something I could really use if it has an ugly name or packaging! =S

  2. Growing up on a farm really does expose you to some grisly stuff. But normally it is purposeful or at the very least it is contextual as opposed to gratuitous. For me at least, that makes all the difference in the world.

    Right?! I am so easily influenced by marketing strategies. It’s horrifying and fascinating all at once 🙂

  3. Fantastic post – so much work with the swatching and eye application! I love all the duo-chromey shades especially Thundernuts, Anthrax and Everything Looks Better On A Meat Hook.
    Have you tried any Fyrinnae eye shadows? Her DuoColours and Archane Magic formulas are so complex and pretty!
    PS. I’m typing this as my SO is watching “Fear of the Walking Dead” Ugh, all I hear are zombie eating sounds.
    PPS. I hate HATE celery too! I call them B.O. sticks because they stink so bad. My #1 food enemy. Ew.

    1. Thank you! 🙂
      I was super impressed with how strong these duochromes are, they’re really lovely.

      I actually just got my first Fyrinnae order in and I’m really impressed. I picked up Mystical Hedgehog (because hello, that name!) and it’s incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shadow quite like it. Did you hear about their Halloween/Fall release? I think all the eyeshadows are going to be Arcane Magic so there goes all my money 🙂

      I think zombie eating sounds are 98% of what I hate about zombies. So gross.
      Oh my gosh why does celery smell so bad‽ it’s horrible!

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