Essie – Playing Koi

Essie as a brand seems to be either a “love it” or “hate it” kind of situation. I am firmly in the “love it” camp. I have tiny fingernails and I really appreciate Essie’s minute little brushes. I’m also a big fan of their formula in general. Essie’s Fall 2016 collection is an interesting one. […]

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NOTW: Essie Full Steam Ahead

Pastel purple is not perhaps the most flattering shade for me (Hello lobster hands!). But I love purple so I wear it anyway. I’m a rebel yo. Essie Full Steam Ahead is a cream finish with very faint shimmer particles and it applies quite well and wears quite well. This photo is two coats over […]

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Mammoth Haul!

This is a little bit of a collective and eclectic haul. I bought a few things at the drugstore over the last week or two and I also had a semi planned (but mostly spontaneous) shopping spree this afternoon. I had a surprise Kung Fu class last night after another few weeks off and I […]

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Essie Fiji

Today’s nail polish is actually a permanent shade that is easily accessed at your nearest drugstore! Now isn’t that nice. Essie Fiji White based pastels can sometimes be a little tricky during application and Fiji is no exception. It’s not difficult or bad it just has a tendency to apply a little streaky. I usually […]

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NOTW: Essie – Over the Edge

Over the Edge is part of Essie’s permanent collection and the Essie website describes it as a dramatic metallic midnight silver. This nail polish is on the thin side and requires three coats for full opacity. I think I could have benefitted from a fourth coat in all honesty. Despite being a tad watery, this […]

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NOTW: Essie Demure Vix

Essie seems to be a “love it or hate it” kind of brand. I fall squarely in the “love it” camp and Demure Vix just reinforces my positive opinion of the brand as a whole. Demure Vix is a nude mauve with a slight lavender duo-chrome that is subtle and sophisticated. Basically this is a […]

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