Wet n Wild Spring 2015 

I found some Limited Edition Wet n Wild face trios yesterday along with one new possibly permanent eyeshadow palette and they’re so sparkly and pretty that I had to share some swatches!


I had to include a picture with flash so you could see how metallic those bronzers are.

Those swatches are with a SINGLE pass over the product and a SINGLE swipe on my arm. These babies are mondo pigmented. 

These all feel very finely milled and smooth. I am wearing a few of these today and they applied nicely and blended nicely but that’s all I can say so far. 

It is worth noting that the bronzers are quite orange. I would love these shades as an eyeshadow but I’m not so sure about using them as a bronzer. At least not with my skin tone. 

There is a third trio with a very wearable bronzer, light highlight and a very pretty pink blush. It looked gorgeous but I have blush and bronzers in similar shades so I didn’t snag it HOWEVER, after seeing Compassionate Beauty‘s swatches, I’m thinking I may need to go back to Walgreens. 


None of these photos did these swatches justice. All swatches were two passes over the product and a single pass over my arm. 

These eye shadows have a really interesting consistency, they actually feel like a cream product! As far as I can tell, they’re actually powder but they feel amazing. Maybe there is a lot of silicone in the formula? (Just googled and dimethicone is the third ingredient listed)

that taupey lavender goldy pinkish shade second from the right looks completely magical in real life.

Now I’m not sure, but this looks like it’s “New” not “limited edition” right? There’s supposed to be a gold palette as well but I haven’t seen it. 

I don’t know about creating an entire look with this palette, but there sure are some lovely shades!

The face trios were around $4.00 and clearly the eye palette was $3.99. 

Do you have any suggestions for how to use those super metallic bronzers? Mostly I just wanted that peach blush 😐

7 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Spring 2015 

  1. I must find that eye palette! It looks out of this world 🙂 I would love to link to this post since you have swatches of the trios that I didn’t purchase if that’s ok!

    1. Absolutely! If you have the third one that I didn’t pick up I’ll link to your post once I’m at a computer, between the two of us we’re very comprehensive 🙂

      I can’t wait to actually play with these eyeshadows, they’re really amazing colors. Wet n Wild stuff can be so hard to track down!

      1. It’s difficult for me to not buy all the things when it comes to wet n wild. I really wanted the blushes in these two trios but I have NO IDEA what to do with these bronzers.

      2. Haha I’m having good luck with this bronzer so far! When I swatched it it seemed really orange but so far so good. I do not tan so I need a little help lol.

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