Project Wear All The Lipstick! – Round 6

For a person that rarely wears red lipstick I have a boatload of different reds. This last week I decided to do an entire week of red lips and it was nice to actually get some use out of these lipsticks!


L’Oreal Colour Riche, Julianne’s Red

loreal_juliannes_red_ff loreal_juliannes_red_ls loreal_jualiannes_red_product loreal_juliannes_red_swatch

This is a recent release by L’Oreal and similar to their “Nudes” line, their “Reds” line has multiple shades of red picked by women with different skin tones. I actually love the whole concept.

This particular shade is by Julianne Moore and is even more electric in real life than in photographs. It’s bright enough that my phone freaks out any time I try to take a photo. Just trust me, if you’re looking for a super bright, neon red, this is it.

The lipstick has an almost silicone texture on the lips and is semi matte. I didn’t notice any feathering even without a lip liner and I had decent wear time but after 2 hours and a “whoa! look at your lips!” from the boy, I chickened out and switched to something slightly more muted. Reds scare me yo.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Aurora

Eyeshadow: KVD Shade + Light Eyes Liner: Rimmel Khol Liner in Pure White and Rimmel Kate shadow stick in Electric Sapphire Brows: L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper in Light to Medium Lashes: Jordana Best Lash Extreme Face: A Japanese sunscreen and Sleek blush in Life’s a Peach

rimmel_aurora rimmel_aurora_product rimmel_aurora_s

Aurora is one of those difficult to pin down shades. Is it red? rose? coral? I don’t really know! It really depends on the lighting. Whatever it is, I like it.

These Show Off liquid lipstick things were all the rage a couple of years ago but I’m still undecided about them. They have a strong scent (as do all of Rimmel’s lip products) that is vaguely floral. These lip products do not dry down but remain in a slightly glossy state for the duration of the wear time. Aurora wears for a good 3 hours before needing a bit of a touch up and you definitely need to use some sort of a lip liner or it will bleed a bit.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang

This is my “I hate taking pictures of myself” face. Intimidating, no?

rimmel_bigbang_ls rimmel_bigbang_product rimmel_bigbang_swatch

This red is just stunning. I love everything about the color but in the case of Big Bang, I absolutely hate the formula of this product. This is a red that will get everywhere. It transfers more than you would think possible, you’ll check your face in the mirror and realize that you’ve smeared your lip color or you’ve managed to transfer lip color to a part of your face NO WHERE NEAR YOUR LIPS. Basically, it’s super high maintenance. But it’s so pretty! I always want to throw this lip product away after I’ve worn it for an entire day but I inevitably keep it because it just looks so good when it’s behaving.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in F-Bomb

Eyes: Nars Cassiopeia Lashes: Jordana Best Lash Extreme Blush: Milani Warm Petals (LE) and Maybelline Golden Fuse (LE) I also used the KVD Contour palette

ud_fbomb_ls ud_fbomb_product ud_fbomb_swatch

This is, without a doubt, my favorite shade of red lipstick. It’s the perfect depth and it’s cool without leaning berry, it’s just amazing. None of these photos do it any justice.

The Revolution formula is nice, it’s creamy, it wears well and it’s comfortable. I get a full 3 hours with many cups of coffee before a slight touch up is needed. And when I say slight, I mean it. I’m not sure anyone else would notice the need to re-apply unless they were really paying close attention. I do use the Milani clear lip liner when I wear this, just because it will occasionally feather.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout

Eyes: Sephora Colorfull Mirror Long Lasting Eye Shadow in Hollywoods Calling No. 82 Mascara: Jordana Undereye concealer: Garnier Skin Revew Anti Dark Circle Roller Blush: MAC Cream Soda (LE)

revlon_matte_balm_standout revlon_standout_product revlon_standout_swatch

I always want to love these chubby sticks but I never do. Also, who decided to call them that? I hate that. Let’s call them portly sticks from now on. Anyway, I may have liked this particular portly stick more than others I’ve tried. It wore pretty well although I found it slightly drying. It has a minty scent and a silicone feel . I needed a touch up after about 2 hours but it never bled and was pretty easy to touch up quickly.

Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in Red Extreme

Eyes: Sephora Hollywoods Calling 82 Mascara: Jordana Concealer: Maybelline Dream Lumi Blush: MAC Cream Soda (LE)


milani_red_extreme_product milani_red_extreme

There’s something really wonderful about this line of lip colors. I really love them despite a few quirks that I normally hate in any lip product. They bleed like crazy. They can be a little difficult to apply evenly. Because they don’t dry down, it is possible to smear them although it’s not a given like with Big Bang. But I still love them! The texture is almost like a mousse and it’s incredibly comfortable. They smell like coconut cake. The packaging is pretty. The colors are pretty (although there are only 3 which is a total bummer). And wearing a lip liner solves that whole bleeding thing.

Swatches of all of this weeks shades side by side.

Direct sunlight
Direct sunlight
direct sunlight to show the finish of the shades
direct sunlight to show the finish of the shades
Indirect sunlight
Indirect sunlight

I think I might do another week of reds actually. I definitely have more in my collection and it was kind of fun to wear a red lipstick for something other than a special occasion.

Do you feel comfortable wearing red lipstick to work? If not, do you wear it for special occasions?

5 thoughts on “Project Wear All The Lipstick! – Round 6

  1. I wear reds as my more boring shade, tbh, lol. These all look great on you, I especially love your look in Aurora. =) Aurora is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! Aurora is amazing! It wears much better than Big Bang as well and it’s another one of those not quite red but sometimes red chameleon shades 🙂

      That’s awesome that you wear red on the regular! I think it’s a beautiful signature look 🙂

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