Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow – Thunderstruck

Howdy stranger! As I’m writing this, it’s 6:30 AM on a Saturday so I apologize in advance if nothing I say today makes any sense. I’m not sure there’s really enough coffee in the world to make my brain function well this early on the weekend. Want to know why I’m up right now? Well, Thing Cat gifted us with not one, not two but THREE bats throughout the course of the night. Live ones. I have no idea how she catches them (seriously have you ever tried to catch a bat? I have! It’s super difficult. In case you were wondering about my newly developed bat catching skills the process basically consists of standing by an open door and giving verbal encouragement to the bat to utilize said door.)

Hows aboot we talk about some makeup for a little bit. Kat Von D’s makeup line now has a collection of single eyeshadows called Metal Crush Eyeshadows.

From the Kat Von D website:

Who’s ready for pure metal domination!?

Intense maxed-out pigment plus unstoppable crease-proof wear…it’s official, we have a forever crush on this metallic eyeshadow!

When you touch it, you just know this shadow is something special. To develop the plush, creamy formula, we pushed the boundaries of long wear and high-pigment—needless to say, we gotta have both! Just because it had never been done before, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible…and Metal Crush Eyeshadow is here to prove it!

Kat’s proprietary formula features Color-Soaked Concentrate™, the result of a technique in which pigment-saturated powders undergo a unique tumbling process that softens and smooths each particle until creamy and lustrous! This brings you the highest possible levels of pigment and pearl in an ultra long-wear shadow!

With a polished metal finish and 11 super-charged shades, Metal Crush Eyeshadow glides smoothly across the lids for insane payoff and super-intense pigment!

I feel like this is all actually just a little bit gimmicky. From what I can tell, this line is comprised of several really pretty metallic shadows that do have a “creamy lustrous” consistency, but I’m not so sure that it’s anything revolutionary. They feel quite slick to the touch which made me think that they are one of the formulas that have a high dimethicone content. When I tried to look it up, I learned that KVD doesn’t put the ingredients on their website OR on Sephora’s website which is a bummer. I had already tossed the packaging from Thunderstruck but I was able to find a photo of the packaging and lo and behold, right after talc, dimethicone is listed. For me, dimethicone heavy eyeshadow performs pretty consistently across several brands. The color will be saturated and slightly more difficult to blend. It will also crease on me without a primer. It isn’t my favorite thing in the world but it by no means makes for a bad eyeshadow and plenty of people really love a dimethicone formula.

This eyeshadow is very pigmented. You definitely don’t have to work hard to pick up product or build anything to complete opacity.


Swatch is my usual three pass swirl of my finger over the product with a single swipe across my hand. This set of swatches is in indirect sunlight.
This set of swatches is in indoor lighting. This actually captures a tiny bit of the subtle duochrome present in Thunderstruck.

As far as this particular shade goes, it’s a lovely highlight shade with a golden red duochrome that is really gorgeous. I generally use this as an inner corner highlight but I’ve also used it all over the lid and as a cheek highlight (not for the faint of heart!). This shadow is amazing when applied over other shadows as well. I only discovered this yesterday and didn’t get a great photo of it, but when I applied it over Jelly from the Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette (it’s a bright pinky purple), it was completely magical. I’ll have to play around with some more layering now that I know.

As an inner corner highlight I have no issues with this lasting all day. As a lid shade, like I mentioned, I do experience a little bit of creasing. With this particular shade I don’t really prefer to wear it all over my lid so it’s not a big deal, but I don’t see myself purchasing any of the other shades in the line because of the creasing issue.

I thought initially that this might be similar to Shiro’s Cake! but it’s a fair bit more gold and pearl where Cake! is a red/pink and gold.

Thunderstruck on the left, Shiro’s Cake! on the right.

I’m not sure that anyone needs to have Thunderstruck in their collection but it is definitely a really pretty shade and has been my go-to inner corner highlight for the last several months. That being said, this puppy is $21.00 which seems quite high for just an inner corner highlight. On the other hand at 2.8g of product, this will last forever and I can pass it on to my grandchildren when I’m gone.

Kat Von D cosmetics are apparently now available on the actual KVD website as well as Sephora.

Do you have Thunderstruck? What’s your go to inner corner highlight? Do you have an eyeshadow that you use as a face highlight or vice versa?


  • I’ve very nearly lost all of the weight I gained back while on vacation (woo hoo!). I’m down a total of 15 pounds as of two days ago so that’s exciting! Only 35 more to go!
  • I just finished watching Making A Murderer. Have you seen this? If so, we need to discuss in the comments because I need to know what you think. How accurate do you think this particular portrayal of this case is? I always assume that documentaries are fairly one sided and mostly very biased and I kind of hope that is the case with this one.
  • I haven’t had a chance to actually read any other beauty blogs in the last couple of weeks so I’m looking forward to binge reading some makeup stuff this weekend.

22 thoughts on “Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow – Thunderstruck

      1. Hmmm. I didn’t find it, so maybe I used it up ages ago – but it was a duochrome that shifted to a pinky red – kind of like the shiro one. I have no idea the name of it though.

      2. Hmm…I just checked their website and Sakura or Crimson Ghost look like they could be kind of similar. Also, now I’ve found things that I need. Dang Fyrinnae with their shiny stuff!

      3. I can’t even look right now! I’m mostly sticking to my low buy / practically a no buy, except for a little treat from black moon cosmetics (a birthday gift to me from me) that I’ll be swatching on my actual birthday on Wednesday.

      4. I’ve been sticking to mine too (except skin care because I ran out pf all the things at once). Solidarity sister! And happy almost birthday!! Are you doing anything special or fun? I’m excited to see your swatch! I’m really curious about Black Moon, they have very cool packaging which gets me every time 🙂

      5. Replacing things is ok for my low buy, but I am trying to save money and use up some of my stash.
        I get a week to celebrate, but other than going out for dinner on my birthday with Mr. Al, nothing is really planned yet.
        The packaging for Black Moon is stunning! I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging!

      6. I have the same no- buy rule. It just feels like breaking the no buy because skin care is so dang pricey!
        Birthdays SHOULD be celebrated all week long! 🙂

  1. Were the bats ok? Yes I’ve tried to catch a bat before – they’re literally rats with wings. Super difficult.
    Are you mocking Canadians! Only we can do that. 😉 Once I was on business in Chicago and they couldn’t get over how I enunciate my “r” – that I say it so clearly, like carrrr. Hrmph.
    Yeah the description of the pigments and unique tumbling process sounds rubbish to me! It’s a pretty shade for sure and it would make an insane highlight… but it’s $25 CAD, yikes. I have a similar shade from Senna Cosmetics called Lace. Wait what, Too Faced has a Peanut Butter and Jelly palette? Ah goddammit, it’s only available at Ulta!
    Congrats on losing the weight! Awesome job!
    I want to watch Making a Murderer but at the same time I don’t. I think I would be filled with rage and also feel helpless. BUT, I do believe that documentary was particularly one sided, I’ve heard a lot of criticism on it and other views. Have you listened to Serial the 1st season? I feel like that was a bit biased too.

    1. I think that at least bat 1 and bat 3 were ok. I’m not sure if bat 2 was just stunned or injured. The poor little things 😦
      ::gasp!:: I would never! 🙂
      That’s pretty funny. Did you explain that Chicagoans say their “a’s” funny and they shouldn’t mock lest the be mocked in return? The Boy asks me why my lisp is getting so strong every time I get off the phone with a family member. I don’t really have much of a lisp (unless I’m really tired), he just doesn’t get my West US accent 🙂
      Remember when KVD used to be kind if reasonably priced(at least mid-range rather than high end)? Now they’re right up there with high end companies which is a total bummer.
      I think I’ve asked you about Senna cosmetics before but I’m drawing a blank.
      They do! And it is only at Ulta 😦 I think I want to create a zpalette with actual pbj shades though because their palette is all peanut butter and very little jelly which is sad.
      Thank you!!
      I would be filled with rage if I thought the series was 100% accurate. And I’m mot denying that there are serious problems with our justice system but…I also feel like there is a huge movement to tear down police and judges and such at the moment and I am afraid that this documentary is kind of pandering to the general social unrest.
      I haven’t listened to it yet but maybe I’ll start Serial. Ive been meaning to for a while.

  2. I’ve been wanting this shadow for a while but it’s always sold out at my local and only sephora lol! I want it for the simple fact that it looks gorgeous layered on top of other shadows lol! 😊

    1. My local Sephora carries very little stock and seems to be perpetually sold out of most of the things I actually want so I feel your pain! If you ever manage to track it down you’ll have to let me know what your favorite layering combos turn out to be 🙂

  3. I love bats. They’re precious perfect animals.

    I never knew that about dimethicone before! Very interesting. =o Still, this looks great on you!

    Wow!! Congratulations about the weight loss!! =D That’s incredible. I still have 5-30 left to go, depending on how much my plans keep changing. =P Keep it up, you rock!

    1. I love them too! For the longest time The Boy and I had plans to build bat houses all over our property but then we got cats and figured that it would be cruel to the poor little bats.
      Thank you! I’m amazed how in some ways weight loss is so much easier than I expect it to be. But then in other ways it’s the hardest thing ever. I have about the same amount of weight left to lose. I kept waffling on what I want to get down to but I’ve finally settled on 140 as a goal weight. I know I can maintain that and it’s within a healthy BMI range. I AM looking forward to being able to eat at a weight maintenance of calories instead of a weight loss amount of calories. That will be fun 🙂
      30 pounds SOUNDS intimidating to lose but it isn’t so bad. Or that’s what I keep telling myself anyway lol.

      1. Aww! Bat houses are so cute! But that is true…
        140 is an excellent goal! You can definitely do it. =) Also lol, that’s very true!
        That’s just losing 2.5 lbs a month for a year. If we look at it that way, it’s not so intimidating, right? =D

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