Wet n’ Wild Fall 2015 Mega Last Vampy Lipstick

I don’t know exactly what it is about the Wet n’ Wild Mega Last lipsticks but the limited edition releases get me every time. I’ve been on a low buy for the last two months and had no planned drugstore purchases for quite some time but then WHABAM! Lipstick! So naturally I took pictures.

I also snagged a back up of Jordana’s Best Lash Extreme because a friend informed me that they’re changing the formula and panic ensued.

There were two more shades that I resisted (I think there was a bright pink and a red?) but I really only wanted the dark shades. GIVE ME ALL THE DARK LIPSTICK! I was also intrigued because in the packaging, they all look incredibly similar to one another. Spoiler: They’re all different and you may need all four.

Coffee Buzz

wnw_coffee_buzz_product wnw_coffee_buzz_s wnw_coffee_buzz_ls

Holy dark lipstick Batman! Coffee Buzz is a cool color. It’s basically a purple so dark that it translates as black. The really delightful thing is that it is insanely creamy and smooth and isn’t even a little patchy (my lips are dry so any patchiness in the photo is no fault of the product).


wnw_nightcap_product wnw_nightcap_s wnw_nightcap_ls

Nightcap my least favorite of the bunch. It was a slightly less creamy formula (although it’s still pretty nice) and the color is a little weird for my skin tone. It reads as straight up chocolate on me.


wnw_photobomb_product wnw_photobomb_s wnw_photobomb_ls

Photobomb is a perfect burgundy/oxblood shade. Very pretty.

Vintage Vibe

wnw_vintage_vibe_product wnw_vintage_vibe_s wnw_vintage_vibe_ls

Vintage Vibe is my favorite out of the bunch. It seems similar to my discontinued YSL Rouge Volupte 18 so that makes me happy! Obviously the formula is quite different, but the shade is in the same family.


I have not worn any of these for more than a few minutes (just to take these photos in fact) so I can’t speak to the wear time or overall comfort of the products. What I can say is that they apply beautifully.

These are all in the matte packaging so presumably they are matte shades but none of them really dried down to a matte finish on me. Maybe it takes longer than 5 minutes but that seems unlikely.

Do you get suckered into limited edition products? I’m the most susceptible to the fall collections and I think I’ll just steer clear of the drugstores for the next month or so. But all the Halloween makeup is coming out soon! It’s a problem.


  • The Boy has spotted two baby kittens in our yard and he has informed me that we can’t keep them. But I am not the one leaving food for them outside…
  • I’m having such a hard time getting motivated to work out. I just downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and maybe that will help inspire me. I think I need a workout buddy!
  • I dyed my hair this weekend and it is Orange. It’s kind of awesome.
  • I ate dragonfruit for the first time last week and it was the prettiest fruit I’ve ever seen.

12 thoughts on “Wet n’ Wild Fall 2015 Mega Last Vampy Lipstick

  1. I am always sucked into LE! This is one of the few things I managed to avoid, lol. They all look beautiful on you! Loving Coffee Buzz in particular. =)

    Orange hair? Sounds radical. When do we get pics?

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I get swept up in the panic that I’ll miss out on something and it will never be available again. Which is lunacy but there you have it. I’m susceptible to marketing ploys I guess 🙂

      Thank you! I was surprised at how cool Coffee Buzz is actually! I don’t currently have a black lipstick and I feel like this fills the void without being straight up black so I dig it!

      Sooon! lol, I have hair pictures slated in an upcoming post. It’s kind of carroty O_O

      1. Yup yup. “Limited edition? That means if I don’t get it now, I’ll never get it again.” “It’s a blue eyeshadow. You don’t need that, you can already mix the ones you have to any shade you want.” “*drops in cart*” I’m slowly breaking out of the problem…
        Afraid of straight up black? Halloween is coming about, so hopefully WnW will re-release their blue and black lipsticks! =)
        I’m sure it’s gorgeous! ❤

  2. Don’t know why, but I hear so much about this brand lately. May be it is a destiny 🙂
    It is a very interesting post, thank you! “Photobomb”- oh, what a shade!

  3. Girl, I have my fitness pal also. Sadly it has NOT been the motivation I need. It is really easy to use though. I love the barcode scanner. What state do you live in? I need a workout buddy as well.

    Btw. I loved the blog post. My first time here, and I bought Nightcap and vintage vibe because of you. Enabler. 🙂

    1. Muahaha! My evil enabling plot is working! 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

      Vintage Vibe and Nightcap both feel kind of unique for drugstore shades. Is it just me or is the consistency of this collection even better than the regular line?

      The MFP is kindof working because I’m lazy and so I’ll think about getting a snack but change my mind when I remember that I’ll have to log it. On the other hand, I’m starting to resent the app and I’m getting that whole “you’re not the boss of me Fitness Pal!” Thing happening. Because I am five apparently.

  4. Whoa, those look great :O It’s a pity wet n wild isn’t easily available here.. I got quite a few from their Mega Last lipstick range 🙂 Is Photobomb similar to Cherrybomb? And Vintage Vibe looks kind of similar to Sugar Plum Fairy..?

    1. That is unfortunate! It’s a pretty extensive range and I think there are a lot of similarities, particularly with the limited edition shades that come out.

      You have a good eye! Photobomb and Cherrybomb are really similar. Cherrybomb it ever so slightly darker and more red/purple as opposed to brown but they’re close enough that you definitely wouldn’t need both. I don’t have Sugar Plum Fairy but you’re right! They look close! Vintage Vibe might be a hair darker, but they’re super close! I love finding dupes 😀

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