Wet n’ Wild Summer 2015 Eyeshadow Palettes

Man, Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow palettes are like cat nip for me. I went to a different Walgreens than I regularly frequent and they had ALL THE BRIGHT THINGS so like a deranged lunatic I skulked around the makeup section and quite literally collected armfuls of makeup. Eventually the fog of insanity cleared and I started questioning my life choices but that’s neither here nor there. What’s really important is that now I have swatches! Beautiful bright swatches! Huzzah!

All swatches are acquired by swirling my finger in the pan 3 times and then swiping once on bare skin. All photos are in natural light with a swatch photo in indirect sunlight and a swatch photo in direct sunlight as well. I always feel like I explain this process very awkwardly but that’s just how I roll yo.

There are three 8-pan palettes that are all from the Venice Beach/Vice City collection. (in case you were wondering,  Googling “wet n wild vice city” didn’t really bring up the results I was anticipating. So that was fun.)

Overview: These three palettes are consistent with WnW quality. They’re soft and pigmented but fairly chalky. There is some fall out during application. I found the colors I’ve used so far to be easy to blend and work with.


Hemporary Solutions

wnw_hemporary_solutions_packaging wnw_hemporary_solutions_product

I think you can probably see the finish of each shadow but I’ll explain it anyway. It’ll be fun. Blue: metallic. This color is slightly more green in real life than it is in this particular photo. Light green: shimmery metallic. Dark green: matte. Yellow: matte
All four of these shades are matte.

wnw_hemporary_solutions_is wnw_hemporary_solutions_ds

Boardwalk Boozing

wnw_boardwalk_boozing_packaging wnw_boardwalk_boozing_product

Blue: matte with micro glitter. The other three shades are all matte.
Pinky/Purple: pearl. Green: slightly shimmery. Lime: matte Silver: shimmery

wnw_boardwalk_boozing_swatch_ds wnw_boardwalk_boozing_is

High Flying Colors

wnw_high_flying_colors_packaging wnw_high_flying_colors_product

Blue: matte with micro glitters. Can we just take a second to talk about how incredible this blue is? It’s so bright it makes me giddy! The next three shades are all a shimmery metallic finish.
Purple 1: matte. Purple 2: metallic. Hot pink: matte. Light pink: satin

wnw_high_flying_colors_ds wnw_high_flying_colors_is

I also purchased two 6-pan palettes from what I believe is the Silver Lake collection.

Overview: I haven’t used any of these shades yet but they swatched just like the shades in the 8-pan palettes. Overall they felt smooth and soft and a bit chalky.


Vegan Culture

wnw_vegan_culture_packaging wnw_vegan_culture_product

Ok, confession, I’m not really sure what the difference is between shimmery and metallic when it comes to eyeshadow finishes. These are kind of shimmery…and maybe kind of metallic. O_o
Minty/seafoam color is matte with micro glitter and the other two shades are shimmery.

wnw_vegan_culture_ds wnw_vegan_culture_is

Embrace Obscurity

Bright blue: matte with micro glitter Medium blue: matte Light blue: shimmery
Dark purple: matte with micro glitter Light purple: matte White: shimmer

wnw_embrace_obscurity_ds wnw_embrace_obscurity_is

Lastly, I found another of the Fergie Center Stage 10-pan palettes. I’ve been craving green eyeshadow lately and it’s not a color I have a lot of in my collection so I was excited to find this palette.

Overview: This palette is quite similar in consistency to the rest of the palettes swatched in this post. Some of the shadows have a slightly more silicone feel than the other palettes. I can’t speak to the actual application yet.


Lunch in Sao Paulo

wnw_fergie_lunch_in_sao_paolo_packaging wnw_fergie_lunch_in_sao_paolo_product

all shimmery
That dark green is matte with micro glitter and the rest is all shimmery
The darker green is matte with micro glitter but the glitter really shows up well in swatches. The other green is…shimmery!

wnw_fergie_lunch_in_sao_paolo_ds wnw_fergie_lunch_in_sao_paolo_is

These are ALL limited edition palettes. WnW limited eyeshadow can be really difficult to find so if you see something that you want in these photos, may the odds be ever in your favor. As is normal with WnW, these are all pretty reasonably priced. 8-pan’s were $4.99, 6-pans were $3.99 and the 10-pan was $7.99.

If I were to recommend one single palette here I would say go for Boardwalk Boozing. It has the best color range but I really really like all three of the 8-pan palettes.

I was experimenting with the Vice City palettes this morning so I have a few photos of how these might look on your eyes if, like me, you’re in no way shape or form a make up artist. MUA’s, you can probably get these colors to pop with your MUA black magic.

Blending is hard. No primer used. I used the white shade from HS all over as a base, the orange/red shade from HS in the crease, the silver shade from HFC on the lid, and the purple shade from BB as a liner. Urban Decay Eldorado eyeliner. Benefit They’re Real mascara The new Milani brow pomade business in the brows. I now have more understanding for all of the people with super defined eyebrows, applying a pomade is TOTALLY different to anything else. Did I mention that blending is hard?
I’m not going to lie, I really like how this turned out. I’m still figuring out how to blend colors and this is the least muddy application I’ve achieved so far. White from HS as a base. Yellow from HS in the crease. Teal from HS on the inner and out corners of the eyelid. Cobalt from HFC to deepen both edges of the lid. Matte purple from HFC, hot pink from HFC, silver from HFC all mixed in the center of the lid. Medium green from HS on lower lash line with hot pink from BB in the center of the lower lash line. Rimmel Deep Blue Scandaleyes eyeliner in the waterline and tightline. No mascara. Milani brow stuff.

wnw_summer_2015_compilation_look_red_silver_purple_closed wnw_summer_2015_compilation_look_green_blue_purple_yellow_pink_closed

There are also a few shades across these palettes that are similar so here are a few swatches in case you were curious.

warm_red_comparison_boardwalk_boozing_and_hemporary_solutions_fs wnw_silver_comparisons_between_vegan_culture_high_flying_colors_and_boardwalk_boozing_fs wnw_yellow_comparisons_hemporary_solutions_and_boardwalk_boozing_fs wnw_olive_comparisons_lunch_in_sao_paolo_and_vegan_culture_fs wnw_blue_comparisons_lunch_in_sao_paulo_and_vegan_culture_fs wnw_summer_2015_shade_comparisons

Do you think you’ll pick up anything from Wet n’ Wild this summer? Do you also have a weird addiction to WnW palettes or is it just me?

4 thoughts on “Wet n’ Wild Summer 2015 Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. This was an awesome review! All the swatches were so helpful, including the bit at the end with the similar shades! I’m definitely picking up a palette (all your magical convincing powers) which one is your favorite?

    1. Thank you so much! I will try to use these powers only for good 😈

      I would say that Boardwalk Boozing is my favorite just because it has such a pretty color range. The others all have one or two shades that I love but I think BB takes care of most of your bright color needs all in one go.

      You’ll have to let me know which one you decide to pick up!

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