Darling Girl Cosmetics – First order + swatchy swatches!

As promised, I have more indie sparkly goodness for your viewing pleasure!

Around the same time I placed my Notoriously Morbid order, I also placed an order with Darling Girl Cosmetics (I came for the Glitter Glue and stayed for the eyeshadow) and thus my new found adoration of indie eyeshadow continues. (SPOILER: It’s maybe slightly possible that I have orders on the way from Shiro and Hello Waffle too…maybe O_O)

Swatches: Left side is over LORAC Behind The Scenes Eyeshadow Primer. Right side is over Darling Girl Glitter Glue.

Indigo and Fire Opal are swatched over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on the left and Stila Convertible Eye Color in Onyx on the right. Probably the distinction between left and right was unnecessary.

darling_girl_swatches_with_flash darling_girl_swatches_is darling_girl_swatches_il darling_girl_swatches_ds darling_girl_swatches_blurred

darling_girl_my_three_witches_ds darling_girl_my_three_witches_is darling_girl_my_three_witches_eye_look

I just realized as I’m writing this, that I’ve mixed up the naming conventions on this shade. I am lazy and can’t be bothered to fix it so…oops?

The Apocalypse, Not (From the My Three Witches collection) – “Rich antique gold with contrasting blue sparkles.”

I don’t see any blue sparkles in this. I think that the antique gold description is quite apt though and in my notes, I wrote something that looks like “dirty olive” but one can’t be sure when deciphering chicken scratch.

darling_girl_knock_knock_penny_is darling_girl_knock_knock_penny_ds darling_girl_knock_knock_penny_eye_look

Knock, Knock Penny (From the Nerdvana collection) –

“Knock, Knock, Knock
Knock Knock Knock
Knock Knock Knock

Knock Knock Penny – Slightly earthy orange with blue/green shift.”
Description is spot on.
I initially thought that this might be very similar to Visions from Notoriously Morbid but I was wrong. Clearly. You definitely need them both.

darling_girl_bittersweet_is darling_girl_bittersweet_ds darling_girl_bittersweet_eye_look

Bittersweet – This was a gift with purchase and I don’t see it on the website but it’s lovely! It’s a soft dirty orange with a pink shift which is much stronger on the eye than in the photo of my eye look.

darling_girl_mythical_mosters_ds darling_girl_mythical_monsters_is

Mythical Monsters – Also a gift with purchase that I can’t find on the website. It’s a plummy burgundy with green, gold and pink shimmers.

That light purple/pink glow in the bottom of this photo is also Indigo, I did swatch it over primer and glitter glue but it was incredibly subtle and barely visible in photos OR real life. I’ve used this as a highlight and it’s nice, if a little bit of an unusual shade for highlighting.

darling_girl_indigo_is darling_girl_indigo_eye_look

Indigo (From the Rainbow Brite Collection) –

“The Rainbow Brite collection is a set of lovely duochrome highlighters that can be used alone, but take on a completely different look over a dark base…Indigo is a very beautiful little girl who wants to be a famous actress. She is always “on stage,” so to speak.  Though some may think she is overdramatic and somewhat of a dreamer, she likes to think of herself as an artist with high aspirations. Indigo’s color represents drama and emotion. Her responsibility is for the indigo Sprites and for the colors they create.
 Indigo is white in the jar, but when swatched, a gorgeous purple shift emerges with flashes of blue and purple star sprinkles.”
How cool is this concept?! Swatched over primer or glitter glue, it’s a soft sparkly pink/red. Over a black base it’s a very bright indigo.
darling_girl_fire_opal_is darling_girl_fire_opal_ds

Chroma Glow in Fire Opal – “Rev up your look with Chroma Glow. These duochrome luster drops can be applied over eye shadow or worn alone on eyes and cheeks for luminous, prismatic, sparkle and shine. 

Fire Opal – Shimmering magenta that shifts gold and rainbow sparkles.”

I haven’t used this too too much yet on my eyes, but I’ve used it as a highlight and it’s super sparkly.

Order Experience:

The stated Turn Around Time (TAT) was 20-25 business days. I ordered on 5.25.15, received shipping confirmation on 6.11.15 and received my order on 6.17.15 so 23 total days until I received my order which is well within the stated TAT.

The package arrived with a nice professional business card and everything was wrapped in cute tissue paper so the presentation was nice. There was also a card included with the Glitter Glue that gave instructions and tips which was greatly appreciated.


Pricing and Availability:

Primped & Primed Eye Primer: $4.00

Glitter Glue: $6.75

Chroma Glow: $7.50

Petite Sized Eyeshadows: $2.50 Each

Shipping: $4.00

Everything is available on the Darling Girl website (duh) but I’m not certain how permanent or limited any of these shades are.


Primped & Primed: I’ve been using this for the last week and I LOVE IT. I don’t normally use a primer because I hate how they change the texture of my skin so it looks extra…crepey? Is that a word? BUT Primped & Primed doesn’t do that! Huzzah!

Glitter Glue: I’m also loving this product! I’ve been using this almost every day as well and it just brings out the shimmery goodness in these shadows (and the NM shadows I’ve used with it). In the interest of full disclosure, I have not ever tried another similar product so I have no real basis for comparison, but I’m well pleased with the results from Glitter Glue.

All of the shadows that I have used are lovely, I experienced no fading and no creasing and rather minimal fall out. I don’t have a single negative thing to say!

With regards to my purchasing experience, I would absolutely order from Darling Girl again, I have nothing negative to say here either! Yay for positivity!

Do you have experience with Darling Girl Cosmetics? If so, what should I be adding to my wishlist?

Full face photos of the eye looks:

darling_girl_bittersweet_full_face darling_girl_indigo_full_face darling_girl_knock_knock_penny_full_face darling_girl_my_three_witches_full_face_look


  • This past week was emotionally draining in a very weird way, but now I’m on vacation until July 6th so it’s all going to be fine!
  • WordPress is delightfully colorful today! Yay equality!
  • I finished season one of Sense8 and it definitely got more interesting. Watcher beware that it’s pretty sexually graphic. You’ve been warned. Have you watched this show? The premise is pretty cool (8 people around the world share each-others senses).
  • Now I’m half way through Spartacus and holy cow. So. Much. Blood-spatter. But it’s kind of awesome. Is that wrong? Sooo…another graphic viewing choice.
  • I have had a serious case of literary attention deficit for the last few months. I’ve started 1984, American Gods and the latest Walt Longmire novel but I can’t seem to actually finish them!
  • I’m debating weather or not to do some housework, make some curry (serious cravings happening PLUS I have some Datil peppers from my uncle that I need/want to use) OR…to spend the next few hours getting sucked into reddit.
  • I’ve been taking some time off from martial arts classes so I decided to grow my nails as long as possible and I feel very witchy and badass but also very prone to typing errors. I also can’t stop clicking my fingernails on tables, my desk, my steering wheel…anything is fair game.

4 thoughts on “Darling Girl Cosmetics – First order + swatchy swatches!

  1. Yay, someone commented on the rainbow wordpress. ❤ yay for equal rights!! I feel you on the nails thing, mine were getting long, but it was finally time to cut them and regrow them again. =( *sigh* These look like gorgeous eyeshadows, not sure how much I'd use them, though. Have you ever bought from Impulse Cosmetics?

    1. I have not ordered from them but I just spent the last hour drooling over swatches on their website. Holy cow do they have some gorgeous colors! Have you ordered from them? If so I’d be interested to hear about it because I’m running across some very conflicting reviews.

      1. I’ve made a cart, just debating on spending the money or not, lol. I’ll probably order soon, so if you want to wait, I’ll give you a review first!

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