Notoriously Morbid “Haul” and Swatches

I think I may have started a bad thing here…I recently made my first order from an indie makeup company and now I’m completely in love.

I’ve seen lots of swatches of Notoriously Morbid products in the past, but about a month ago, I was drooling over swatches on the blog The Enchanted Mirror (are those swatches works of art or what?!) and decided that I needed to place an order from the Daoine Sidhe collection.  And so I did. And now there are pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Sweet right?


I clearly opted for lots of samples over full size but…I may go back and order full sizes of some of these. Seriously, they’re so good.

notoriously_morbid_with_flash_swatch notoriously_morbid_indoor_light_swatch notoriously_morbid_indirect_sunlight_swatch notoriously_morbid_direct_sunlight_swatch

There is a strip of Lorac Behind the Scenes eyeshadow primer running down the right side of my arm, the left portion of all swatches is over bare skin.

“There is no such thing as fate, only chaos and the chance to embrace it, which is the credo of the Unseelie Court. An eggplant purple with INSANE gold and green sparkle atop a slight red sheen.” I haven’t worn this one yet but just from the swatches, I may need a larger size of this. It’s just so sparkly and beautiful.
“Daoine Sidhe (pronounced Deenee Shee) simply means “Fairy Folk”. This blush is a warm, gingery pink in a matte finish, perfect for creating a healthy flush of color. ” Ok I’m not going to lie, I forgot that this was a blush and have totally been using it as a crease shade. It’s beautiful as a crease shade. I’m going to just pretend that it’s eyeshadow. Although…how pretty will this be as a blush?! But holy pigmented blush Batman!
” Beauty is sacred to the Seelie Court and as such, protected and defended til the death. An arctic blue with an intense magenta shift” I almost didn’t buy this one because I almost never wear blue eyeshadow but I’m so glad I decided to branch out because this eyeshadow is so pretty that it takes my breath away. None of my photos really do the duochrome justice and while I wouldn’t call the duochrome “magenta” it’s still really gorgeous. And really strong. I have a full size of this shade sitting in my cart on the NM website.
“The purest of the fae have the most power. An ecru white with golden shimmer.” This is a really lovely highlight for eyes or face.
“Unseelie Court faeries place no stock in the ideal of honor; they serve themselves above all else. A slate grey with purple tone and lots of gold/pink shimmer and green sparkle.” Another shade that is far from my normal repertoire of colors but it’s really pretty. It also wears really well with almost no smudging or fading…even if you were to sleep in it. Not that I would actually know from experience or anything. Don’t sleep in your makeup kids!
“”I’m a whole new level of freak.” ~Sam When you don’t know who you are, you just might assume the worst. A bright peach with electric yellow to green shift.” This is from the Supernatural collection I think. At any rate, I knew that I would love this so I purchased the slightly larger size and I’m really glad I did. I can’t stop using this eyeshadow. Mostly I’ve been using it applied quite sheer or as a crease shade but it’s stunning when built up as well. In real life the green shift shows up a bit more than it does in this particular swatch. Don’t worry, there are more swatches. Lots and lots and lots more swatches.
“” Mine is Princess Leia in a slave bikini straddling a 20-sided die. I was drunk, it was Comic-Con.” ~Charlie Sometimes, life will give you the sister you never knew you always wanted. A dymanic heliotrope purple with a strong aqua shift.” Another from the Supernatural collection (hopefully I’m not lying to you…It doesn’t say specifically on the website…or I am missing where it says…) I haven’t worn this yet but JUST LOOK AT IT!
“”The Spanish who first settled here, called it ‘Boca del Infierno’, roughly translated, ‘Hellmouth’.” A rich, deep oxblood.” This is a great color if you’re looking for something in the Marsala family for the color of the year. This is a really gorgeous and pigmented shade and one of the few matte shades I snagged. I think it’s from the Buffy collection?
“A rich Merlot red with a powerful blue/green shift.” I’m just loving all of the duochrome goodness that Notoriously Morbid has to offer. I haven’t played around with this shade yet but I can’t wait to. It’s stunning!
“”I almost forgot. Got to find out what kind of trees these are. They’re really something.” Notoriously Morbid’s first pressure sensitive shadow. A matte piney green that transitions into a deep blue. ” Dude. This eyeshadow is everything. I love it. I had a dream about it. But then again, I have weird dreams. Definitely buying this in a full size. (I think this must have been a Twin Peaks collection unless I’m getting my quotes all mixed up)
” There is nothing more important to the Seelie Court than Honor. Your life is defined by your honor, so defend it at all costs. – A soft lavender with green shift and lots of pink and purple shimmer.” I wore this but not over a sticky base so I was a little underwhelmed by it. I’ll reserve final judgement until I try it over a primer but then again, it would be weird to like everything I bought right? Right.
“Cracked bones let the coming days be foretold. A pearly white highlight with the perfect amount of shimmer. ” This highlight actually has a blue shift which is AMAZING for my pale skinned peeps! I will love this in the winter but at the moment I have a “tan” (HA! Mostly I’m just a freckle monster)

Coffin Kisser in Hello Sweetie – In the sad group photo, Hello Sweetie had already been through the washing machine…she held up quite well! Hello Sweetie is supposed to be scented with passion fruit and rose but I think it is more of a light generally sweet smell with a hint of fruit, I don’t smell rose. It tastes vaguely of Flinstones Vitamins but not in a bad way and neither the scent nor the flavor is overwhelming or long lasting. It applied very smoothly and feels very comfortable on the lips. Best of all, it doesn’t dry my lips out! Most lip balms tend to irritate my lips so it’s nice to find one that doesn’t. Plus…River Song. Fo shizzle.

My ordering experience was really pleasant as well which was nice. I think that the website stated that the Turn Around Time was approximately 10-14 days? I received a confirmation that my order was awaiting shipping 7 days after I placed the order, it shipped two days later and I received it in about 4 business days so the TAT was fairly accurate.

Over all, I’m very impressed! The brand has a load of unique eye shadows at very reasonable price points and everything I’ve used so far has performed quite well and exceeded my expectations. I’m also now wondering why I have been buying all of these one dimensional eye shadows recently when I could have been buying sparkly multi-faceted duochrome amazingness! I’m tired. Words are hard.

Now I know you secretly wanted more pictures. I’m on to you.

Eye Base: Jordana Continuous Almond Crease Shade: KVD Shade and Light Palette Lid Shade: Notoriously Morbid Douglas Firs Mascara: Benefit They’re Real Lips: Rimmel Orangeology

notoriously_morbid_douglas_firs_ff_look_secnotoriously_morbid_douglas_firs_seonotoriously_morbid_fight_for_beauty_look notoriously_morbid_fight_for_beauty_look_scared_of_cameras notoriously_morbid_fight_for_beauty_look_cef notoriously_morbid_fight_for_beauty_look_wf

notoriously_morbid_11 notoriously_morbid_10 notoriously_morbid_9 notoriously_morbid_8 notoriously_morbid_7 notoriously_morbid_6 notoriously_morbid_5 notoriously_morbid_4 notoriously_morbid_3 notoriously_morbid_2 notoriously_morbid

Have you ordered from Notoriously Morbid? What else should I add to my next order?


  • I just ate an entire can of black olives. I have no regrets.
  • I can’t stop listening to Primus. It’s been three weeks of solid Primus obsession and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. Those base lines though!
  • Have you watched season three of Orange Is The New Black? What did you think? How much are you loving Pensatucky and Boo?!
  • I just started watching Sense8 and I’m still really undecided on it. Such a good premise but it’s taking a really long time to get going. Netflix series are sometimes a little weird like that.
  • My refrigerator just stopped making noise and now I may have to eat all of the food I have stock piled.
  • Never mind it was a false alarm.
  • Bummer because I’m super hungry.
  • I just spent a week on vacation with my parents and my sister and The Boy and we floated in the ocean for hours and it was delightful.
  • photo 3 photo 4 photo 1 photo 2
  • I may have also ordered a whole bunch of stuff from Darling Girl Cosmetics on the same day I ordered from NM and so you have that to look forward to!

3 thoughts on “Notoriously Morbid “Haul” and Swatches

  1. Gorgeous!! I love how they describe the shades, too, it’s so cute. I’ve never seen OITNB, been meaning to, though. I hope you enjoyed your vacation, the pictures are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! Vacation was amazing! There’s nothing better than getting to spend time with the people that you love 🙂

      Aren’t the descriptions great? I love it when companies reference specific things in their product names. It’s weirdly satisfying.

      If you ever decide to watch OITNB you have to let me know. I have a love/hate thing going with it.

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