Notoriously Morbid Swatches – Beauty Blogger’s Package

My first indie makeup purchase (still pretty recently!) was from Notoriously Morbid and I raved about them! So it is not perhaps so surprising that I felt compelled to place a second order with them. I wanted to get a few mini eyeshadows in a couple of shades that I loved from my first order. I also took advantage of the “Beauty Blogger Package” that Notoriously Morbid offers. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I did purchase some of these items at a discounted price. I’ll make note of which ones weren’t purchased at the normal price. In fact, let’s start with those shall we?


The Beauty Blogger Package consists of 5 eyeshadow samples and one full size eyeshadow or Coffin Kisser, or a Mini blush. The package costs $5.00. I have to admit that after I placed the order I felt a little weird about it, like I was getting away with something. That being said, the main appeal in this deal for me was to get eyeshadow shades that I didn’t pick myself. It’s like a surprise present! Man. This is going to be a rambly one I’m afraid. I blame the pumpkin beer (hooray pumpkin beer!)

Coffin Kisser: I had purchased the “Hello Sweetie” CK in my first order but it hitchhiked in a pants pocket and went on a washing machine adventure before I really got a chance to test it out. I will say that each CK that I currently posses actually has a bit of a different consistency. I don’t know if they’re all different or if washing my first one made it more solid, so if you have experience with these, I’d love to know if they’re always the same or not! ANYWAY. I received the CK in the flavor Matheson’s Marshmallow Fluff. Yes please! I love marshmallow fluff! There are several different categories for the CK’s, there’s a Supernatural collection, a Twin Peaks collection, The River Song inspired CK, a host of unaffiliated scents and then there’s the Literary Loves collection.

Matheson’s Marshmallow Fluff is a thin almost oily consistency that is comfortable on the lips but doesn’t last very long (around 10 minutes for me).  I find it is just a nice “I need something on my lips” kind of a situation. I use this when I’m doing my makeup in the morning prior to applying lipstick and I like it in that capacity. It isn’t a product I would use before bed or if my lips were in serious need of hydration and I can’t say that I’d re-purchase this product. Although…some of those scents/flavors are very enticing.

Holy crap, I didn’t realize I had so many thoughts on a lip balm! Moving along…

On to swatches! Of which there are many.

I swatched using a paddle brush for application. The top swatch is over bare skin, the next swatch down is over LORAC Behind The Scenes Primer and the third swatch is over Darling Girl Glitter Glue.

nm_countess_of_shroudshire_and_water_and_intuition_ds nm_countess_of_shroudshire_and_water_and_intuition_is nm_countess_of_shroudshire_and_water_and_intuition_isi

Countess of Shroudshire (BBP)

nm_countess_of_shroudshire_ds nm_countess_of_shroudshire_is nm_countess_of_shroudshire_isinm_countess_of_shroudshire_eonm_countess_of_shroudshire_ec

From the July 2015 Vanishing Cabinet. It’s still available in mini size but it’s a very limited item. This is a beautiful frosty pale mint shade. It’s quite beautiful!

Water & Intuition (BBP)

nm_water_and_intuition_ds nm_water_and_intuition_is image_nm_water_and_intuition_isi nm_water_and_intuition_eo nm_water_and_intuition_ec

Thing Cat is supervising as per usual.

Another of our Vanishing Cabinet Exclusive shadows brought back by our customers in The Crypt, Water & Intuition is from the June VC, inspired by the film, The Craft.

A vibrant, ocean green with aqua blue shimmer

This shade is amazing. It applies so much more beautifully than it swatches.

nm_cara_mia_rain_on_cold_glass_and_gilded_mirror_ds nm_cara_mia_rain_on_cold_glass_and_gilded_mirror_is nm_cara_mia_rain_on_cold_glass_and_gilded_mirror_isi

Cara Mia (BBP)

nm_cara_mia_ds nm_cara_mia_is nm_cara_mia_isi nm_cara_mia_eo nm_cara_mia_ec nm_cara_mia_wf

I have never liked a gray eyeshadow in my life, but this one is so beautiful. None of my pictures really captured the delicate pink sheen but it’s there. So lovely!

This is another from the July Vanishing Cabinet.

Rain on Cold Glass

nm_rain_on_cold_glass_ds nm_rain_on_cold_glass_is nm_rain_on_cold_glass_isi nm_rain_on_cold_glass_eo nm_rain_on_cold_glass_ec

Those sad, gloomy, rainy days when you’re stuck indoors, seeking solace in the reflection of raindrops on the cold glass of your window.

A shimmery gold with flashes of blue.

I would call this shade “pewter” rather than gold. And I definitely didn’t get flashes of blue. But it’s a really lovely metallic shade that is a nice neutral tone.

Gilded Mirror

nm_gilded_mirror_ds nm_gilded_mirror_is nm_gilded_mirror_isi nm_gilded_mirror_eo nm_gilded_mirror_ec

A plum/mauve base with an airy gold overlay.

This is the only shade out of the bunch that I felt swatched better than it applied. Not that it isn’t pretty, but it’s prettier in swatches.

I purchase a few sample eyeshadows as well:


nm_key_to_the_moon_and_age_ds nm_key_to_the_moon_and_age_is nm_key_to_the_moon_and_age_isi

Key To The Moon

nm_key_to_the_moon_ds nm_key_to_the_moon_is nm_key_to_the_moon_isi

nm_key_to_the_moon_no_gg_eo nm_key_to_the_moon_no_gg_ec

The first two eye looks were done over Darling Girl Primped and Primed and I re-created the look with the addition of Darling Girl Glitter Glue. You know, for science.


Honestly, there wasn’t a hugely noticeable difference. Now you know.

To go gently into the afterlife is a gift given by the Key to the Moon.

A forest green with red shift.

This reads as a charcoal gray on me unless I am looking very closely. It would make sense that the red and green combined would go a little dusty colored. Not to say it isn’t pretty, but it’s not my new favorite either.

nm_age_ds nm_age_is nm_age_isi nm_age_eo nm_age_ec

There isn’t actually a shade description on this one. But…it’s orange! As you can see! Maybe a more peach leaning orange with a pretty sheen to it.

nm_sometimes_my_arms_bend_back_and_the_grand_empress_ds nm_sometimes_my_arms_bend_back_and_the_grand_empress_is nm_sometimes_my_arms_bend_back_and_the_grand_empress_isi

Sometimes My Arms Bend Back

nm_sometimes_my_arms_bend_back_ds nm_sometimes_my_arms_bend_back_is nm_sometimes_my_arms_bend_back_isi nm_gilded_mirror_age_countess_of_shroudshire_sometimes_my_arms_bend_back_eo nm_gilded_mirror_age_countess_of_shroudshire_sometimes_my_arms_bend_back_ec

I somehow managed to not snag a picture of this as a “spotlight” eye look. Woops!

“Words flow backward and sometimes her arms bend that way, too.”

A soft rose copper with a slight blue shift.

I honestly haven’t used this one! I was a tad underwhelmed by the swatches but it also seems like the kind of shade that I normally love so I’ll pull it out and use it this weekend.

The Grand Empress

nm_the_grand_empress_ds nm_the_grand_empress_is nm_the_grand_empress_isi

nm_grand_empress_eo_fpl nm_grand_empress_ec_fpl nm_grand_empress_eo_wf nm_grand_empress_ec_wf

“I want you to know, you’re gonna have to deal with the Lady Chablis, the Doll, the Grand Empress.”

*Please be aware that this shadow has the potential to stain. To prevent this, please use a primer before application.

More than just a purple, The Grand Empress is a dark blue with a mad dash of red on top. Making it a velvety purple to deep red duochrome.

Ok. The Grand Empress. Where do I start? In the baggie this looks like heaven, it’s like a tiny galaxy, it’s incredible! Once I get it on my eye, it’s still incredible! But the in between stage was a bit difficult for me. I had a heck of a time swatching this (I’m sure you didn’t notice). It was also a little tricky for me to apply. Not impossible, but tricky. And I have a blue eyeshadow brush now! O_O That being said…it might be worth the trouble if you like dark eyeshadow because it truly is lovely. I did find it difficult to get the full duochrome effect on my eye though.

Lastly, I did purchase a couple of mini eyeshadows but I already swatched them previously so I won’t bore you with those swatches again.



Wear Time: I had no problems with fading or creasing with any of these shadows. I did apply them all over a primer and/or glitter glue.

Pigmentation: I feel like all of these needed primer to look their best although Age, Key To The Moon and Sometimes My Arms Bend Back, still looked ok over bare skin.

TAT: I think that the website stated something like ten business days or thereabouts. I placed my order on June 28th, it shipped on July 17th.


Coffin Kisser’s are normally $3.00

Sample Eyeshadow: $1.25 (1/4 tsp.)

Mini Eyeshadow: $2.75 (1/3 tsp.)

Full Size Eyeshadow: $5.50 (1/2-3/4 tsp.)

Deluxe Eyeshadow: $7.50 (1-1 1/4 tsp.)

Overall, I’m still digging this brand! I’m super pleased with everything that I received and the shades that stood out the most in my mind from this particular order are Cara Mia, Countess of Shroudshire and Water and Intuition.

Do you have any of these eyeshadows? Do you have anything else from Notoriously Morbid? What are your thoughts on the Coffin Kissers? I’m kind of torn on them.


  • It’s Friday! Hallelujah!
  • Did I mention the pumpkin beer? Because it’s officially pumpkin beer season and I am stoked.
  • I finished watching Downton Abbey (LOVED IT) and went straight into watching True Blood and I have to say that the switch was jarring beyond belief. I’ve actually seen the first few seasons of True Blood and I liked them fine but holy cow is it shocking after Downton Abbey.
  • I decided to re-read the Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris. It’s a comfort series for me. It’s not the most thrilling mystery series and it’s not the most technically well written series, but I really enjoy it anyway.
  • I’ve been on a low-buy since the beginning of July (it may not seem that way because I’m super slow to review things!) and today I made my first impulse drugstore purchase and I’m pissed. I was doing really well! Stupid Wet N’ Wild and their limited edition stuff! I do much better if I can avoid drugstores altogether man.

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