Chanel Glossimer 63 Pagoda

Just prior to my birthday last month, I got it into my head that I NEEDED a Chanel lip gloss. Does that ever happen to you? ADMIT IT! There’s no way I’m the only one that gets obsessed with something I don’t yet own.

The result of this particular cosmetic craving was a purchase of Glossimer 63 Pagoda.


Pagoda is a lovely neutral rose shade with minuscule silver/lilac/pink sparkles. The shimmer is fine enough that I can’t feel it on my lips and it just gives a more reflective finish than a shimmer free gloss would impart.


As seen in the lip swatches, this shade is very similar to my natural lip shade, it gives a bit more depth of color, and gives an illusion of a fuller lip (as most glosses do).



The stats:

5.5g/.19oz of product
$29.50 from Chanel counters or the Chanel website

Wear time:

I get between one and two hours of wear out of this gloss which is kind of amazing for me. While this has a great wear time, it’s not sticky. It actually feels quite similar to the Revlon Color Burst lip glosses, although this has a more silky texture.

Overall, this gloss is lovely and has been my “go to” gloss for the last month whether it’s been worn alone or over any lipstick. I am willing to admit that part of my love for this gloss is just the “I’m so fancy” effect. Do I think that this is a unique color? Nope. Do I think that it is a unique consistency? Nope. Do I think it’s bonkers to pay thirty bucks for a gloss? Yep. But…I love it any way 🙂

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