Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Fall 2014

MUFE has been coming out with some pretty sweet stuff lately and one of the more enticing of their recent releases is this lovely little Fall themed eyeshadow palette. This palette is exclusive to Sephora and as far as I can tell, includes shades from their permanent line (which has recently been re-formulated). The stats: […]

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Holy Huge Haul Batman!

This week has been a bit…odd. Work was kind of intense all week, a dude tried to sell me a gold chain “for my man” in the parking lot at the gas station,and our AC was down for the count for most of the week. Let’s just take a second to honor all of the […]

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Birthday Makeup Purchases

My partner hates birthdays. We’re talking no gifts, no party and if he had his druthers, no Happy Birthday song. Me on the other hand, I love birthdays! I never feel old on my birthday, I feel like a little kid, all excited every time someone wishes me a happy birthday, and I always look […]

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