Stila Convertible Color: Gladiola

There is something about orange blush that is just a little bit magical. A good orange blush can make you feel like a bronzed and glowing goddess or a delicate elfin princess.

Gladiola by Stila is no exception to the otherworldly goodness of the orange blush.

The stats:
.15 oz/4.25 g




Stila Convertible Color is meant for dual use on the cheeks or lips. While a good multi purpose product is always exciting, I’m not wild about this product on the lips. Initially it looks lovely but I find that it is rather drying and the color dissipates with alarming speed.

On the cheeks however it looks lovely. The cream product leaves a very natural glow and the sheer color can be built up quite easily making this a product that is a pleasure to work with. I find that the color lasts through an entire work day but it does oxidize slightly after about four hours. I have two convertible colors and Peony oxidizes to a more bronze/orange shade. Gladiola goes a tad more orange as well but it’s less of a problem for your overall look since orange was the goal to begin with.


Overall I enjoy this product very much and the color is the real winner over formula. There are not a lot of orange cream blush options so this is a lovely find if, like me, you’re having an orange blush love affair. I do think it’s a little pricey for a product that doesn’t live up to the claims of being dual purpose and also oxidizes a bit but the color and texture on the skin balance that out for me.

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