Birthday Makeup Purchases

My partner hates birthdays. We’re talking no gifts, no party and if he had his druthers, no Happy Birthday song. Me on the other hand, I love birthdays! I never feel old on my birthday, I feel like a little kid, all excited every time someone wishes me a happy birthday, and I always look forward to the phone call from my folks with the annual birthday long distance serenade. I also look forward to the birthday sephora trip and whatever birthday gift they have every year. It’s the little things right?


This year I stopped at Sephora and the Chanel counter. I got it into my head that I NEED a Glossimer and I couldn’t get the thought back out of my head.

I’ve been really liking Makeup Forever lately so I was really looking forward to this years Sephora gift which is a sample of the Smoky Extravagant Mascara and a sample of Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in N9.


How huge is that mascara wand?! This is a nice mascara but I didn’t notice a ton of drama, fairly natural lashes with this product the one time I wore it.


I absolutely love this lipstick. It’s a very neutral shade that is completely wearable and goes with just about anything. It’s comfortable on the lips and wears evenly.


I also purchased two MUFE Aqua Matic Eyeshadow pens in ME-50 and I-30.



These babies aren’t messing around! They are well pigmented, last all day with no fading or creasing and definitely require makeup remover (sweet almond oil FTW!).

The Glossimer that I purchased is in shade 63 Pagoda.


This is a warm neutral shiny gloss that really just enhances my natural lip color but it feels very nice and luxe. I think I have other shades similar to this but I feel so fancy wearing this one 🙂




In parting I would like to make a small suggestion: don’t celebrate your birthday, celebrate your whole birthday month! And definitely treat yourself to something that makes you happy.

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