Holy Huge Haul Batman!

This week has been a bit…odd. Work was kind of intense all week, a dude tried to sell me a gold chain “for my man” in the parking lot at the gas station,and our AC was down for the count for most of the week. Let’s just take a second to honor all of the […]

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Makeup Forever Aqua Cream 17

I did a tumblr post on this a while back but wanted to re-post it here because this stuff is freaking amazing. There’s absolutely nothing bad to say about it. I’ll also include a couple of frighteningly close pictures of my eye so you can see what this looks like once it has been applied. […]

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Birthday Makeup Purchases

My partner hates birthdays. We’re talking no gifts, no party and if he had his druthers, no Happy Birthday song. Me on the other hand, I love birthdays! I never feel old on my birthday, I feel like a little kid, all excited every time someone wishes me a happy birthday, and I always look […]

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