Flower Beauty Color Play Créme Shadow in Good as Mari-Gold

I have several items from Drew Barrymore’s makeup line (Flower Beauty) that I really enjoy but today I wore this cream shadow in Mari-Gold so I thought I would share my thoughts on it.





Flower Beauty has a nice feel to the brand as a whole. Their philosophy states that they don’t advertise which enables them to spend their dollars on making high quality products and beautiful packing. Over all, I do think that the brand has high quality products. I really like the packaging as well. It’s a little bulky but in a pretty and vaguely retro way. The website also states that they do not test on animals which is a huge bonus and rather rare for a drugstore brand. The brand is sold exclusively at Walmart.

On to the actual product!

I have a few of the Color Play Créme Shadows and over all I really enjoy them.

Good as Mari-Gold is a lovely pale gold that is pretty when applied heavily (swatch to the far right in the swatch photo) or sheered out (far left swatch). The consistency is a very light, creamy mousse with a smooth texture. I find this easy to apply and easy to blend but it doesn’t build to a completely opaque intensity. I like this particular shade as a wet-look all over wash of color. Today I wore this alone and felt it looked very fresh and subtle.

The wear time on these is ok. I applied this at about 7AM and there is still a definite wash of shimmery gold on my eyelids at 8:30 PM with some fading although it still looks nice.

I do find that these crease a bit after 2-3 hours but it is minimal and after I blend it out again it doesn’t seem to crease again after that. I do have dry eyelids and don’t typically count creasing eyeshadow as one of my bigger concerns.

I have to admit that my favorite aspect of this product is the texture. It just feels so nice when I’m applying it and there is some part of me that really delights in smearing sparkly mousse on my face 🙂 I have a couple of other shades in this line that I actually prefer to Good as Mari-Gold but this is a pretty shade that just feels fresh when I wear it.

The Color Play Créme Shadows retail for about $8.00.

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