FOTD – Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts – Noblewoman

Howdy! I’m extra tired today so I’m just going to jump right in with the photos.



  • Diorskin Nude Air Loose Powder in Light Beige
  • NYX DuoChromatic Highlight in Lavander Steel
  • Becca blush in Songbird


  • Base – Heir
  • Transition – Princess
  • Crease – Duchess and Empress
  • Lid – Noblewoman
  • “Wing” – Dethrone
  • Lower lash line – Princess
  • Brow bone and inner corner – Crown
  • Waterline and tightline – Urban Decay Zero
  • Mascara – L’Oréal Lash Paradise



  • Revlon HD Rose

End of day:

I can barely tell the difference between the start of day photos and the end of day photos! Such good lasting power on this one. Also, this color is INSANE in person. It glows like there’s a light shining behind it. It’s pure perfection.

The Revlon HD lipstick is a no go though. I’ve had this a while and it’s a lovely color but it wears off quickly and leaves a weird line around the outside of my lips. I’ll end up destashing this shade eventually.


3 thoughts on “FOTD – Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts – Noblewoman

  1. Oh Noblewoman is gorgeous! ❤
    I really like the gradient you created with the other shades. They wore so well too!
    I haven't heard much about the Revlon HD lipsticks – I guess I'll not try them then.

    1. So I took a break while I was traveling over the holidays and am just finally getting to respond to comments. Plan on being spammed shortly lol.
      Isn’t this such a great shade?! I love it. And this palette wears SO WELL.
      I wish the formula of the Revlon HD lipstick worked better for me. There are some pretty shades and they smell nice. But it’s basically a no for me anyway. Sad!

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