FOTD – Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts – Empress

So are you tired of hearing about this palette yet? I hope not. I’m still really enjoying these little bite size posts about it so you’re stuck with me! Yay!



  • Benefit Dallas blush
  • Essence Pure Nude highlighter
  • elf Tone Correcting powder in cool


  • Base: Heir
  • Transition: Royal Prerogative
  • Outer corner: Duchess
  • Lid: Empress
  • Lower lash line: Duchess and Your Majesty
  • Inner corner: Crown
  • Waterline and tightline: Urban Decay Demolition
  • Mascara: L’Oréal Lash Paradise



  • Chanel Glossimer 63

End of day:

This is horrible lighting so I apologize for that. Again, this is how the eyeshadow looked after a full day of wear AND a workout (I have to keep pointing out the workout thing so you know I’m working out. It’s like the whole CrossFit/Vegan/Paleo thing). I really think this wore pretty well! Obviously there was sweat involved so the matte finish dissipated but the color is still there. In person it still looks pretty darn good!

3 thoughts on “FOTD – Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts – Empress

    1. I’ve been pondering the whole Cool/Warm toned trends lately. When I first started watching beauty videos on YouTube you could only find cool toned products. It was the thing, everyone was all about it. I looked bruised and sickly for 3 years. And then when the warm palettes started coming out people went nuts and now you can’t even find cool toned palettes (lipsticks are easier but still difficult). It’s so weird! Tonality shouldn’t be a trend, peoples skin tones don’t change with the times.
      That Glossimer really is so lovely. It’s my perfect lip gloss shade.

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