Color Club – Beyond

This post is a bit of a throwback post. Whipback Wednesday? No? Anyway, I took these photos quite a while ago but I’ve worn Color Club’s Beyond multiple times. It’s truly one of my favorites.

I have two of Color Club’s holographic polishes and the formula on these is amazing. It applies nearly opaque in one coat, it doesn’t show ridges too badly, it wears like a champ and I think they do an excellent job with a strong linear holo. Basically check them out yo!

Who makes your favorite holo polish? Or are you totally over holographic nails? I think this finish is probably my favorite. I like creme’s, I like glitters, but holographic rainbows have my heart.

7 thoughts on “Color Club – Beyond

  1. I have this! I am a sucker for 2 particular shades of holo polishes: nudes, and black / charcoal. I don’t know why but I love looking at rainbow shimmers against black! Color Club makes some particularly lovely holos – some of my favourites from them are Cherubic, Love ’em leave ’em, and Revvvolution. I wish Color Club wasn’t so difficult to come by nowadays!

    1. Revvvolution looks really similar to Beyond! And I also desperately need Cherubic in my life. I don’t have any nude holos but man is that gorgeous! I agree with you, I think that the rainbow over black is particularly striking.
      I’ve never seen Color Club available for sale where I live. In fact, when I ordered Beyond, it actually shipped from a shop somewhere in Canada which was odd.

    1. They really do! Kismet is kind of an odd color actually. It’s weird but I feel like the holographic effect doesn’t really play well with every color and I think gold might be one of those colors 🙂

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