My Pretty Zombie – 13 Gypsies

I’m sure that there are people of the makeup wearing variety that don’t care for gold or copper eyeshadows but I think that a lot of us can get down with gold shades.

13 Gypsies is one of these lovely golden coppery shades. The MPZ website describes it as “…a warm heavy copper with copper glitter”.

The swatches above were done by packing the shadow on with a flat concealer brush. The top swatch is over Darling Girl Glitter Glue, the middle swatch is over LORAC eye primer and the bottom swatch is over bare skin.

Applied over primer:

Applied over primer and glitter glue:

Applied over primer and a white base:

Applied over primer and a black base:

I’ve been having a little bit of an issue with all of my eyeshadows creasing recently. It’s a bit unusual for me and I am attributing it to the eye cream I’ve been using. That said, 13 Gypsies did crease a bit…but…it may not be the eyeshadows fault. It wasn’t anything alarming.

13 Gypsies does have a darker base so when blending it out, be prepared to see a mild blue/black/gray shade emerge just a bit. It isn’t blackened, but it is darker than the bronzey copper color.

I didn’t have any issues with fading.

I did have issues with my hair. All week. Seriously…what on earth is happening up there?!

13 Gypsies is vegan and lip safe and can be purchased from the MPZ website for $5.00 for a full size (1.5 grams) or you can purchase a 3 pack of sample baggies for $3.00. If you really love this color, there’s now a mega size option for $10.00.


  • The Boy and I spent all weekend painting the master bedroom. We figured we’ve been living here for almost a year so maybe it’s ok to get a little bit of painting done now. 
  • I’m reading A Moveable Feast by Hemingway and it’s really enjoyable. I’ve never read Hemingway before which is strange and a little sad. 
  • My sister and I are going to Skype each other and watch the new season of Gilmore Girls on Thanksgiving, I’m stoked!
  • I haven’t exercised regularly OR stuck to my diet since Halloween and it’s bumming me out. I’ve been losing and gaining the same five pounds over and over since about April and I’m starting to get really disgusted with myself. 

4 thoughts on “My Pretty Zombie – 13 Gypsies

    1. This really is a good shade 🙂
      That makes me feel so much better! I think it will be at least another year before I get around to painting another room in our place, I’ve had all the paint fumes I can handle for a while 🙂

  1. Pretty. It has a bit of a green leaning? Do you apply this wet sometimes? You make me want to get back into loose pigments. Or dig out the ones I’ve hoarded…
    What, there’s new Gilmore Girls? I never really followed the show but didn’t it end like 10 years ago?!

    1. It does have a slight green tone, just enough to give it that old gold kind of feel.
      You should definitely get back into loose pigments, they’re fun! What types/brands of pigments do you have hoarded already?
      Gilmore Girls totally ended ten years ago. I adored the first few seasons but stopped watching it because it got a bit weird. Last year I binge watched the last few seasons and actually kind of enjoyed them. I stopped liking most of the characters though if that makes sense?

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