Femme Fatale – Cosmic Owl

There is a whole family of rusty brown shades that is completely irresistible. You know the color I’m talking about; the browns with a bit of copper or gold, the browns that glow and have a little bit of a life of their own? Cosmic Owl by Femme Fatale is just such a shade.

Let’s change things up a bit today and I’ll start off with my review of the shadow.

Cosmic Owl applies smoothly and is a dream to blend. I do want to note that it blends into a much cooler toned, dark shade than when it’s applied with a patting motion. That makes it a great candidate for a “one shadow look” because you can get a nice dark cool toned crease and have a lovely contrasting warm metallic lid. It’s really very pretty!

It wore well for me regardless of how I applied it. As with most loose shadows, some sort of a sticky base is a bit necessary but it performed equally well over all of the bases that I tried. (I will say that my favorite look was when it was applied in conjunction with glitter glue, but that’s just because glitter glue is straight up magic).

You can purchase Cosmic Owl from the Femme Fatale website for $8.25 (Australian Dollars) for a full size or $4.95 for a mini size. (USD: $6.29 $3.78, as of August 19, 2016).

From the Femme Fatale Website:

A gorgeous smooth bronze-brown with golden tones – almost leans olive or orange in some lights.

I would say that this description is fairly accurate. I get more of the olive tones in photographs than in real life but the burnt orange/gold tones don’t tend to show up as well in pictures as they do in real life.

Cosmic Owl over primer and glitter glue:

The glitter glue really brings out that warm golden sheen.

Over a black base:

As a one shadow look:

Over primer:

Have you ever ordered anything from Femme Fatale Cosmetics? Do you have Cosmic Owl? How bad do you want Cosmic Owl just because it has the coolest name ever? Do you have other shades in your collection that are similar to this? I think it’s in the same color family as Fyrinnae Bawdy Librarian and Fireside Interlude (although it isn’t a dupe for either of those).


  • I quit running for a few months because of some weirdness with my ankles but I just started the C25k plan last week. So far I hate running intervals and  my ankles are still weird but I really like how slowly it eases you into a running regiment. 
  • I started reading Emily Post’s “Etiquette” last week and I’m weirdly obsessed with the minutia of 1920’s “polite society”. 

8 thoughts on “Femme Fatale – Cosmic Owl

  1. I love the name and I love the colour! It’s like an ugly but stunning shade.
    1920’s etiquette… I’m just so glad I live in modern society, especially as a woman!

    1. Ugly but stunning is the PERFECT description!
      Holy crap, can you imagine life as a woman in 1920? That had to have been such an insane time to be alive anyway with everything going on in the world and all of the changes in technology and industry. But man, the minute details of everyday life and depending on good manners and good interactions with people to either make or break your whole world…nuts.
      In the forward their was this little gem: “…the admirable and just characteristics of a gentleman should of necessity be those also of a lady, with the charm of womanhood combined. And, in these days, with the added responsibility of the vote”. I could not have survived in that time truly. 🙂

    1. I do too! Stashy mentioned it was an “ugly but stunning shade” and I think that’s spot on 🙂

      I cannot wait for cooler morning weather! It’s still in the upper 90’s here and I am SO over it!

  2. Gorgeous shadow! I like how the shade changes depending on how you apply it and what you apply it over. This would get used for sure!

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