Femme Fatale Haul

It’s haul time! Woot woot! In case you aren’t familiar with Femme Fatale (FF) already, it’s an online shop based out of Australia. They specialize in indie brands and carry brands like Concrete Minerals, Shiro, ILNP, Cirque Colors, Notoriously Morbid, etc.etc. Basically they have everything. In addition to all of the lovely brands they carry, they have their own line of cosmetics. Since I am lucky enough to be able to easily purchase most of the brands that FF carries, I limited this particular order to the FF eyeshadows. But that’s about all of the restraint I exhibited. Brace yourselves, we got ourselves a swatch fest up in here!

Look at all those cute little jars! I managed to leave one eyeshadow out of the whole photo session (swatches included) so Nightwing will just have to have it’s own post.

I’ll do individual reviews of these in future posts but today we’re going to stick with a good old swatch marathon.


swatch protocol: The left side of the swatch is over LORAC Behind The Scenes primer, the right side of the swatch is over Darling Girl Glitter Glue and the center portion of the swatch is over bare skin.

Watery Grave




Tiny Manticore


The Wayward Prince




Silver Apple


Secret Shiny










Fever Swamp


Cosmic Owl


Cheap Tricks


Candied Apple


Bone Dust


Bat Wing Hall


Banshee Scream


Alpine Skies


Afraid of Bees


Order experience: I placed my order on May 10th, it shipped on May 13th and I had it in my hot little hands about a week later. Not bad at all!

Price: The small jars are generally $4.50 (USD) and a full size is $7.50. Shipping to the US without tracking was $8.50

Soo…I’ve clearly had these eyeshadows for a wee bit of time now. I am a horrible slacker, it’s part of the charm that is me! My general thoughts on the overall quality of these eyeshadows is that they’re quite good, some of the shades are even VERY good but overall, the brand isn’t my new favorite must have, gotta catch ’em all brand.

  • You definitely need a sticky base of some sort or they won’t show up at all.
  • Most of the time these have swatched with much higher pigmentation than I was able to achieve on my eye.
  • The shift in the duochromes is often a bit on the subtle side. They aren’t as strong of a shift as My Pretty Zombie duochromes, but they aren’t as subtle as Shiro. On a few of these shadows, the complexity of the duochrome shift is really cool. Afraid of Bees for example, is really a multichrome rather than duochrome. It has an orange base but the gold shift is sometimes gold, sometimes green and sometimes pink. It’s amazing! But they aren’t all that complex so there’s an element of hit or miss.
  • I wouldn’t say that any of these eyeshadows is a complete dud, they’re all quite pretty.
  • I would say that there are a couple of stand out shades in the bunch. Silver Apple, Afraid of Bees, Candied Apple, Glasswater and Banshee Scream have all made it into a regular rotation of use. They’re really really good.

Overall  Femme Fatale is definitely worth checking out. They have some great shades! At this point, I think I have everything I could possibly need from their eyeshadows though so I’m not itching to try out the whole line.

Do you have any interest in seeing more in depth reviews on any of these shades? I’m working on a post about Afraid of Bees because, hello, orange multichrome eyeshadow is where it’s at! Do you already have shadows from FF? I would love to know what shades you’ve tried and loved!


  • I’m really struggling to find motivation for healthy living at the moment. I want to read all the books and watch all the tv and eat all the things. Working out is hard! I did go for a run this morning and it felt great so I’m feeling a burst of motivation that hopefully gets me through to tomorrow’s workout.

4 thoughts on “Femme Fatale Haul

  1. Holy crap!
    The ones that stand out to me based on your swatches are: Tiny Manticore, Sunfire, Silver Apple, Puzzle, Cosmic Owl (!!!), Alpine Skies, and Afraid of Bees. But really, that Cosmic Owl though. That’s the one.
    Please do a post with Afraid of Bees and Cosmic Owl!

    1. Same same same!
      So I’ve done a whole week of wearing Afraid of Bees already (because hello…so pretty) and I just wrapped up a full week of wearing Cosmic Owl as well. Spoiler alert: They’re both really gorgeous and easy to work with. Cosmic Owl is probably more easy to dupe but it’s still stunning. And it blends so well with other eyeshadows!

    1. Haha! Holy haulage indeed! 😀
      Banshee Scream is so pretty. I’m completely hooked on using it in the inner corner but it’s lovely all over the lid as well. And maybe as a highlight? I keep seeing all of these photos of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonglow highlight palette thing and I keep thinking that I have eyeshadows that would pull the same kind of effect. Banshee Scream is definitely one of those.

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