Project Wear All The Lipstick – Round 18

When I first started writing these WEAR ALL THE LIPSTICK! posts, they were finite in my mind. The Plan was to wear all of my lipstick and then I would move on to writing some other kind of series. But you see, the problem with that is that my lipstick collection seems to be growing. I’m not quite sure if it’s aliens or gremlins or what but now that we’re on Round 18 I’m thinking that this may just be the infinite series and maybe I really will be wearing all the lipstick.  So I guess that’s either a cause for celebration or it’s a curse, depending on how you feel about these posts.


Wet n’ Wild Fergie – Ferguson Crest Cabernet

Wear Time: Around an hour before I started seeing some fairly serious bleeding and some fading in the center of the lip. This DOES leave a very bright pink stain behind.

Comfort: This feels very creamy and smooth on application and light an balmy on the lips.

Scent: None

This is a pretty shade but I felt kind of like I had to fuss with it a fair bit once it was on. It transfers to my teeth, it bleeds, it definitely should be worn with a lip liner (I don’t know why I thought otherwise). It’s ok but not great. Such a good color though!

Wet n’ Wild – Dark Wine

Wear Time: Without a lip liner, around an hour before I wanted to touch up. It still looks pretty good but it’s a bold lip and I tend to habitually re-apply more often.

Comfort: Very! It’s creamy and light.

Scent: None.

This was a gift from the ever lovely GlamourVortex and this might actually be one of my absolute favorite vampy lip colors. It’s just so perfect! And not patchy!

Victoria’s Secret Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper – Baby Pink

Wear Time: Around an hour

Comfort: This is a thick gloss and it’s a plumping gloss. Like a serious plumping gloss. I actually don’t remember it being quite so…burny before O_o

Scent: Vanilla Mint

It’s probably time to retire this guy. It’s nearly gone and the cosmetic line isn’t even in existence any more. This particular lip product just has some emotional attachments for me though sooo…we shall see.

Rimmel Stay Glossy 3D – Popcorn For 2

Wear Time: Around an hour

Comfort: Thick consistency but more of a silicone feel as opposed to a sticky feel.

Scent: It’s a weird Rimmel scent. Sort of like perfume. I’m not wild about it but it’s manageable and dissipates eventually.

I really dig this lip gloss. The scent would keep me from trying too many other shades in the line but Popcorn for 2 is great. It has a very subtle blue duochrome to it, just enough so you feel like you’re making a bold statement but really, it’s so subtle it’s not really very noticeable.

Are there any lip products that have a scent you can’t stand and it’s kept you from purchasing anything else from the line? What lip products have you been loving or hating lately?


  • Daylight savings is the devil and I’m seriously considering the merits of moving to Arizona. Actually, I kind of want to move to Arizona anyway. 
  • I read all of the new Patricia Briggs book on Saturday. It was great! She never disappoints!

12 thoughts on “Project Wear All The Lipstick – Round 18

  1. I’m fairly certain your lipsticks are Tribbles.
    I really like the look of the WnW Dark Wine! Looks great and sounds like a good formula.
    I’m very sad VS cosmetics was discontinued. I never did buy their eye shadows and I heard they were great. Might have to look online.
    I don’t mind the scent of the Rimmel stuff but I just hated the look of the packaging of this gloss – that wavy shape bugs me for some reason.
    I hate DLS too – you could also move to Japan or Iceland:

    1. I’m fairly certain you’re eight about that.
      Isn’t that Dark Wine shade great!? It’s so rare to find a non-problematic dark lipstick.
      I never tried their eyeshadows but I really limed some of their highlighters and lip products. I don’t know what they were thinking when they discontinued their makeup.
      Ooo Iceland would be cool! Or Hawaii, they don’t have DLS either.

      1. Iceland is pretty awesome. We went a couple of years ago and we would go back in a heartbeat. It’s expensive though but if you work and live there, it’s fine.

      2. I bet that was an amazing trip! From photos it looks gorgeous there. I know a couple of people from Iceland and it seems like it would be a neat place culturally as well.

  2. Again, love this whole line. So ambitious. If I did five a week, that would mean… 13 months. omg
    So glad you like dark wine!! It seemed like such a “you” color. ❤

      1. 86 years from now, lying in a hospital bed, weeping great grandchildren by her side, GymBagMakeup makes her final post: Project Wear All the Lipstick – Round 1050.
        Srsly tho, I believe in you! You’re getting through it and finding all those shades that need to be pitched!

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