Shiro Eyeshadow Samples – Part 5

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of the swatch fest that has been my Shiro eyeshadow sample sale haul! (I’ve been working on getting that description shorter but I think I can safely say that I have actually managed to make it longer in each post).

Let’s just dive right in shall we?

This batch of shades just might be my favorite out of the whole bunch. Just look at all of those soft glowy purples!

Din’s Fire

direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

UDAAPP, Shiro “Canine Help You?” – highlight/blend, “Din’s Fire” – center of the lid and lower lash line, Detrivore “Autopsy” – transition, Detrivore “Everything Dies” – inner and outer corners and crease, Jordana mascara, Loreal brow plumer

Diorskin Nude powder, Maybelline Wild Blossom Blush (LE)
from The Legends collection

It’s not *quite* nuking from orbit, but it’ll do in a pinch!

Delicate cool toned pinky-purple with a scattering of red sparks. Lip-safe!

I just really like this color. I don’t know that it’s the most unique or special color in the world, but I just think it’s lovely.

Master Of Whispers


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

UDAAPP, Morphe: E54 – blending/highlight, E61 & E14 – transition and blending the lower lash line, E47 – outer corner blending and lower lash line liner, E24 – liner, Shiro “Master of Whispers” – lid, UD Zero – tightline, Jordana mascara, Milani brow gel

from The Seven Kingdoms collection

Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick. A shadow on the wall.

And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.

Soft golden shimmer shining through pale lilac silk. Lip-safe!

This is one of those shades that looks like nothing from more than three feet away, but up close it’s this delicate shifty ethereal shadow and I really like it.

Who Needs Reasons?


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

UDAAPP, KVD Monarch palette: “Entomology” – blending and highlight, “Vanish” – transition and blending the lower lash line, “Papillo” – outer V and lower lash line, “Telepathy” and “Tiny Death” – inner corner, Shiro “Who Needs Reasons?” – lid, UD “Freak” liner on inner lower lash line and water line, UD “Zero” – tightline, Jordana mascara, Milani brow gel

Three guns means never having to say you’re sorry.

Maybe our most duochrome-y duochrome yet: pale grey-blue with such a pink shift. Not boring! Not lip-safe.

This is a duochrome but from the description I was expecting something a little stronger. It’s still really pretty though.

Angry Cuccos


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

UDAAPP, Wet n Wild “Brulee” – blending and highlight, MAC “Cork” – transition, crease and outer corner, Shiro “Angry Cuccos” – all over the lid, Jordana mascara

from The Legends collection

You may lift the cuccos. You may use them to slow your fall. You may herd them around and throw them this way and that. But do not ever strike the cuccos. That will make them angry. And you won’t like them when they’re angry.

An impossible to photograph color that is actually a super pale ghostly desaturated green over a strong red shift. Not lip-safe.

I wish that the green with a red shift was more distinct on this one. As it is, it reads as a soft purple/red sheen. It’s very pretty but I don’t get any green from it.

This bunch is definitely my favorite. I like all of these shades and just find them to be shades that you could wear with anything or pair with any other color and they would still look really good.

How about you, which shades have been yoru favorites in this series? Out of your Shiro shades which ones do you like the most? I do love my Shiro shadows but the formula is not actually my favorite for a loose eyeshadow formula. I find that a lot of the matte shades are a little bit finicky and they are practically non-existent if not used over a primer. But man does Shiro do the subtle duochrome well!




7 thoughts on “Shiro Eyeshadow Samples – Part 5

  1. Oooh I like “Who Needs Reasons?” and “Angry Cuccos”! I’m such a sucker for duochromes. Even if the effect doesn’t show up THAT much, I at least can see it myself and that’s enough for me! 😛
    Have you tried applying them over a dark base? I find that typically brings out the shift more. Even maybe a taupey cream base would work.
    Happy New Year to you! Lucky duck, still in SA.

    1. Duochromes are completely my weakness as well! I can’t seem to say no to a good duochrome 🙂
      I haven’t but now that you mentioned it, I’m going to! I bet Angry Cuccos would look amazing over a dark base. Good thinking!

  2. Hmm… I like bolder colours, so the first batch might’ve been my favourite. But Majora’s Mask was my favourite shade (I know, I do this to irritate you). These have all looked perfectly lovely on you. =)

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