Shiro Eyeshadow Samples – Part 4

Today we’re just going to dive straight into the next segment of swatches from my Shiro order.

Canine Help You?


direct sunlight
indirect sunlight
indoor natural light
UDAAPP, Wet n Wild “Brulee” – highlight/blending, Morphe: E63 & E62 – transition, E14 & E64 – outer V, E4 – inner corner, Shiro “Canine Help You?” – lid, UD “Demolition” – tightline and waterline, Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara, Milani Brow Tint Pen “Natural Taupe”

from the New Leaf Trio

Good morning, Mayor! A color for sweet Isabelle, who just wants to be helpful.

Dreamy pastel yellow-orange creamsicle base with soft golden shimmer. Almost neutral, but not quite!

This is much brighter and more saturated than I was expecting but I love it. It’s a gorgeous and completely versatile shade. I’ve used it to highlight (interesting…not sure how I feel about that), as a transition, to blend, as a lid shade…it pretty much just works whichever way you use it!



direct sunlight
indirect sunlight
indoor natural light
UDAAPP, from the KVD Monarch Palette: Entomology – blending/highlight, Vanish (with a touch of MAC Uninterrupted) – transition and to blend the lower lash line, Shadow Box – outer V and liner, Wrath – outer half and lower lash line, Summerfly – inner half and lower lash line, Shiro “Cake!” – entire lid, UD Psychadelic Sister – waterline, UD Zero – tightline,Jordana mascara, Milani Stay Put Brow Gel

from the Randomly Generated Collection

marked as “Discontinued – on sale!” with availability guaranteed through December 31st 2015, presumably after that they will just have it available until they run through their stock.

This is the happiest day of Steveโ€™s life.

Pale cream with soft coppery highlight and red cherry sparks. Lip-safe!

My only note next to this shade was “Glitter Everywhere!” So now you know. This is a very pretty, very shimmery highlight shade. I dig it but it isn’t the most unique thing in the world so if you missed it I think it’s safe to say you can find a dupe.

You Know Nothing


direct sunlight
indirect sunlight
indoor natural light
UDAAPP, Morphe: E71 – outer corner, E16 – transition, E75 – blending and center lid, Shiro “You Know Nothing” – inner half of lid, Jordana mascara

from The Seven Kingdoms collection

John Snuh knows nothing, except for the Lordโ€™s Kiss, and what a castle looks like.

Cold wintery grey-white with bright icy shimmer. Lip-safe!

I really like this shade as an inner corner highlight. It’s nice on the lid too but as an inner corner shade it’s perfection.

No Men Like Me


direct sunlight – glitter glue
direct sunlight – primer
indirect sunlight – glitter glue
indirect sunlight – primer
indoor natural light – glitter glue
indoor natural light – primer
UDAAPP, Wet n Wild “Brulee” – highlight/blending, MAC “Kid” – transition, Detrivore “Hermaeus Mora” – outer corner, Shiro “No Men Like Me” – lid and lower lash line as well as inner corner, UD “Zero” – tightline and waterline, Jordana mascara, MIlani Brow Tint Pen

from The Seven Kingdoms collection

There are no men like me.

Only me.

Gold-burnished plate cloaked in ashy white. Lip-safe!

Until this very second, I always read this eyeshadow name as “there are no men that like me”. Now my mind is blown.

I included extra pictures of this one for two reasons: 1) it’s lovely and I’m sure you wanted extra pictures and 2) there is an enormous difference in how this shadow looks over primer versus glitter glue. That being said, I do quite like this shade.

Overall, I do really like all of these shades but none of them are my new go to eyeshadow for any particular look. I’ve reached for Cake! and You Know Nothing semi frequently for inner corner shades (if you only want one from this particular pair I would say go with You Know Nothing, it really is pretty) and I’ve used Canine Help You? a lot in a variety of ways. Mostly these shades are pretty but somewhat forgettable for me. HOWEVER…I have a extensive eyeshadow collection so if one of these strikes your fancy I say go for it! The quality is nice and they last quite well as long as you use primer.

Do you have any of these shades? If so, I’d love to hear what you think of them!

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

10 thoughts on “Shiro Eyeshadow Samples – Part 4

  1. My favourite of these is CAKE! Not only the name but that colour is so nuanced – I bet it’d be beautiful as a cheek highlight too.
    “You Know Nothing” is also gorgeous. I LOVE that eye look you did with it – like a colourful bug.
    Haha funny how you interpreted “No men like me”… I took it as there’s no one like me! ๐Ÿ˜› And yeah as you mentioned, it looks like a completely different eye shadow over glitter glue – wowsers.

    1. It’s a stunning shade to use as a cheek highlight! Plus how could you NOT like something called “cake!”?
      Thank you! I particularly like “You Know Nothing” in the inner corner. It gives that blue highlight look that is popular but it isn’t too intense for real life.

      1. That’s normally me too but I’ve been so tired at the end of every day that I haven’t even noticed the weird bed business.
        Its a great accent right? The Boy is from SA so I’m super lucky and get to hear it often ๐Ÿ˜„

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