Shiro Eyeshadow Samples – Part 2

Welcome to Round 2 of the Shiro sample sale order!

When I was placing my order, I was hoping to find a few new neutral staples (things like blending shades and transition shades). It turns out that most of the neutral shades available are actually from Detrivore Cosmetics so I’m dedicating this particular post to the shades from that brand.

Left side of the swatch is over LORAC Behind The Scenes Primer, the center of each swatch is over bare skin and the swatch on the right is over Darling Girl Glitter Glue. All swatches were patted on with a flat concealer brush and the edges were lightly blended with the same brush.

Hermaeus Mora (Gift With Purchase)


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

Hello Waffle “Can’t Or Won’t?” – blending and highlight, HW “Yup!” – transition, MPZ “Murder” – outer corner and lower lash line, L’Oreal HIP Duo – crease, Detrivore “Hermeaus Mora” – Lid. I forgot to actually record anything else.

from the Daedric Princes collection

Dark, balanced taupe with green glitter.

None of the glitters in this shade actually translate to the eye and honestly, I found this particular shade a little patchy. To be fair, I’ve only worn it once so maybe it was the combination of shades I used, but I wasn’t blown away by this shade.



direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

Urban Decay Anti Aging Primer Potion (UDAAPP), Detrivore “Autopsy” – as a base shade and all over lid shade, MAC “Uninterupted” – transition shade, Aromaleigh “Byblis” – outer corner, Cover Girl Queen eye liner  “Gilt”, Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara, Nuance brow powder.

Matte cream highlight.

When I just looked this up for the shade description, it was listed as “discontinued – on sale” so I’m not even sure if this will be available by the time this post goes up.

In any event, this is an interesting shade. It’s too dark for me to use as a matte highlight shade but it is a hair too light to use as a transition shade (although I do anyway, it’s fine, it just doesn’t add much definition). It’s almost like a lighter version of MAC Kid as far as the actual shade goes.



direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

Darling Girl Primped and Primed, from the KVD Shade & Light Palette: Laetus – blending, Lazarus, transition, Detrivore Courtier on the lid, Detrivore Everything Dies in outer corner, Loreal 24 Hour mascara.

also listed as “discontinued-on sale”

Light matte tan base with subtle silvery flecks.

Actually quite similar to Autopsy but with a slight shimmer.

Everything Dies


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

UDAAPP, Shiro “Canine Help You?” – blending and highlight shade, Detrivore Autopsy – transition, Detrivore “Everything Dies” – lid, Cover Girl Queen eyeliner in Cabernet – upper lash line, UD Zero – tightline, Jordana mascara

from the October Rust collection based on Type O Negative

Muted autumn orange with a gold sheen.

I think calling this shade orange is a bit of a stretch. It’s an orange leaning gold maybe? In any event, I do really like this shade.



direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

UDAAPP, Morphe shadows: E6 – blending and highlight, E16 & E47 – transition shades, E59, E11 & E53 – mixed together for the liner, Detrivore “Apparatus” – lid shade, UD Zero – tightline and waterline, Jordana mascara, Milani brow tint pen

from the Mad Scientist collection (the collection is not listed on the Shiro website, just the individual shadows)

Pale grey with spectral lavender shimmer.

Really this is a fairly accurate description. It’s a lovely lavender gray and is less shimmery but has really nice glow to it. A great shade!

Overall, the Detrivore shadows ended up being slightly off for what I was looking for as far as transition and highlight shades. That being said, they performed well and I had no trouble with creasing or fading and they applied well over a primer (definitely needed a sticky base to hold on to, much like any other loose eye shadow). I will say that I found a couple of the shades to be slightly irritating on any dry patches of skin which was a little bit odd. Yay dry skin! O_o

Out of this bunch of shadows I would say that Everything Dies and Apparatus are both quite nice although neither of them are my new favorite eyeshadows.

I will also caution you that I found the shade descriptions and swatches to be slightly misleading. Not all of them, but particularly on the lighter shades I was expecting actual highlight shades. Just something to be aware of and can easily be remedied by googling several swatches before purchasing.

Have you tried anything from Detrivore? When I was looking up their shade descriptions just now, I found a whole slew of really pretty rusty reds and oranges and browns that looked very enticing.


  • I am officially on vacation! Woo hoo! 
  • I have some posts scheduled but I apologise in advance for not responding quickly to any comments. 
  • Happy holidays!

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