Shiro Eyeshadow Samples – Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my massive Shiro eyeshadow sample sale haul! That seems like a much wordier description than is actually necessary.

Let’s just jump right in and look at some sparkly stuff shall we?

(All swatches are over LORAC Behind the Scenes primer on the left, bare skin in the center and Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the right. They were applied by patting them on with a concealer brush and lightly blending out the edges with the same brush)

Majora’s Mask


direct sunlight
indirect sunlight
indoor natural light
Urban Decay Anti Aging Primer Potion (UDAAPP), Wet n Wild “Brulee” – base, highlight and blending, Morphe eyeshadows: E15 – transition, E19 – outer corner, E47 & E64 – blending the outer corner and on the lower lash line, E75 – inner corner, Shiro “Majora’s Mask” – lid, UD Zero – tightline and waterline, Jordana Best Lash Extreme Mascara.

from The Legends collection

This mask was magically sealed away because the power contained within it was enough to destroy the world. Given the opportunity, I would probably make some bad decisions here.

Vivid blurple with orange shimmer and tons of red, green, and yellow sparks.

A direct quote from my super scientific notebook where I keep super professional notes on makeup application. For science. “glitter EVERYWHERE, blue not purple, blarg” This is one of those strange matte eyeshadows with glitter but the glitter has some sort of repelling property and it ends up all in your hairline or on your nose while the eyeshadow actually stays matte. And it’s a little patchy. But it’s a pretty blue? Really I have an irrational dislike of this shade and I have no idea why. Moving on.

Let’s Use All The Colors! (GWP)


direct sunlight
indirect sunlight
indoor natural light
UDAAPP, from the KVD Shade & Light palatte: Laetus – blending, Ludwin – transition, Latinus – highlight, Shiro “Let’s Use All The Colors!” – lid, UD Zero – waterline and tightline, Maybelline Plum Persuasion liner – lower lash line,Jordana mascara, Milani Stay Put Brow Gel

from the Flash Ignite collection

This one tastes like purple!

Bright cool purple with strong golden shift, changes color to blue as it’s blended down. Not lip-safe.

Would you just look at those swatches! I need to try this one with glitter glue to see if I can get that gorgeous duochrome to come out on the eye. Over primer alone it actually ended up a bit patchy. It’s not horrible, but it wasn’t the easiest to work with.

Eeny Meeny Miney Burn!


direct sunlight
indirect sunlight
indoor natural light
I completely forgot to write down what I used in this look. Oops!

from the Flash Ignite collection

Have you seen my bear Tibbers? You’re about to.

Bright fuchsia loaded with fiery red sparks. Lip-safe!

This is really very similar to Let’s Use All The Colors!. It’s warmer and lighter but it applies the same and has a very similar overall look to it.

Elite Four


direct sunlight
indirect sunlight
indoor natural light
UDAAPP, Wet n Wild “Brulee” – blending/highlight, Detrivore “Everything Dies” – transition shade and to blend out the lower lash line, Shiro “Elite Four” – outer half of lid, Fyrinnae “Fireside Interlude” – inner half of lid, Rimmel eyeliner “Deep Blue” – waterline and tightline, Jordana mascara, Milani Brow Tint Pen “Natural Taupe”, Shiro “Cake!” – inner corner

from the Super Effective collection

Land of the full restores and soft resets. My much younger self once defeated Lance the Dragon Trainer by resetting over and over until his Hyper Beam missed…

Shimmering medium indigo with golden sparks. Not lip-safe.

Pretty accurate description really. I like this one! It’s not a color I will reach for often, but it’s really lovely!

I feel like purples are some of the hardest shades to pull off as far as formula goes. The purples here are ok, but not amazing. They’re gorgeous colors but like so many other purples, they have a tendency towards patchiness. Do you have any of these shades? If so, do you have any tips for getting a smooth application?


6 thoughts on “Shiro Eyeshadow Samples – Part 3

  1. Eeny Meeny Miney Burn! is my favourite of these. But that eye look with Elite Four is amazing! Do you wear these looks for the day or is it just for blogging purposes? I’m so tame with my eye looks but I want to inject more colour…

  2. Thank you!
    I do wear most of these looks during the day (all of the looks in this post at least, sometimes I will do a look just for blogging purposes). I feel like I can get away with a little color because my lids are ever so slightly hooded so I can place color where it isn’t visible all of the time if that makes sense? Start small with color, make it sheer, or place it in a small area, color is fun! 🙂

  3. Mm – if you don’t mind creams, ColourPop’s purples are pretty much issue-free formula wise. Daddy and Cowboy are my absolute dreams, but they might be discontinued now. =(

    I love Majora’s Mask colour-wise. That strong matte blue is pretty… but I can see your disappointment over the lack of shimmer. Also, Elite Four’s description made me lol.

    1. Shiro does fantastic shade descriptions. If you’re ever bored the website is really entertaining. Or maybe I’m just weird 🙂
      I officially have a list going of Zovesta’s Colourpop Suggestions. Eventually I’ll get a enough recommendations from you to place a massive order 😀

      1. Haha! Don’t worry, mine is ten feet long… it adds up way too quickly. I think my checks should just be mailed straight to them at this point.

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