Shiro Eyeshadow Samples – Part 1

Back in September, Shiro had a really good sale on eyeshadow samples ($.70 per baggie!) so naturally I showed great restraint and only picked up a few things.

Ok, ok, you got me, I picked up 22 things. 22 counts as a few right?

In the interest of not writing a Melville-esque post, I’ll break this up into a few separate posts. You’re welcome.

Farore’s Wind


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

Urban Decay Anti Aging Primer Potion (UDAAPP). From the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette: Laetus-base/highlight, Lazarus & Ludwin – transition and blending on lower lash line, Saleos – outer V, Shax – liner, Lucius – inner corner. Farore’s Wind – all over the lid. Jordana Best Lash Extreme. Milani Stay Put Brow Color.

From The Legends Collection

You got Farore’s Wind! This wondrous gift from the Goddess of Courage will allow you to… uh… run away. Yeah.

Light blue-toned green with silvery shimmer. Not lip-safe.

I would say that the website description is pretty accurate. This is a nice shimmery minty green.

Kooloo – Limpah!


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

Darling Girl Primped and Primed. Shiro “Canine Help You?” – blending and transition, Detrivore Autopsy – transition, Shiro “Kooloo-Limpah!” – lid, Rimmel white liner on lower lash line, Shiro Majora’s Mask – over white liner, Shiro Cake! – inner corner, Loreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner in Bronze – liner and brows, UD Zero – waterline and tightline, Maybelline Chromatics Eyeliner in Plum Persuasion – waterline, Loreal Power Volume 24 Hour mascara.

From The Legends Collection

Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah! I may be 32, but I still believe I am a fairy.

Satiny peach with green and red sparkles. Lip safe!

The sparkles come off as more of a sheen than a distinct red or green sparkle, but this shade is absolutely one of my favorites out of the entire bunch that I ordered. It’s really beautiful.

Glowstick Of Destiny


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

Darling Girl Primped and Primed, Hello Waffle “Can’t or Won’t?” – blending and highlight, Detrivore Autopsy – transition, Shiro “Canine Help You?” – on outer corner blending, Shiro “Glowstick of Destiny” – all over the lid, Shiro “You Know Nothing” – inner corner, Rimmel black liner – tightline, Rimmel Nude liner – waterline, Loreal 24 H mascara.

From The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Collection

“This usually works…”

“Well, performance issues, it’s not uncommon.”

Muted Tesseract blue with strong golden duochrome. Not lip-safe.

The golden duochrome is actually stronger than the blue base on this shade. On the eyes the blue barely comes across and when it does, it appears more green since it is mixing with the gold. Still a lovely color, just much less blue than I was anticipating.

Come Play With Me


direct sunlight

indirect sunlight

indoor natural light

UDAAPP. From the KVD Chrysalis Palette: Lifelike – blending and highlight, Glasswing – transition and blending the lower lash line, Black Milk – blending, Hybrid Moments – Outer V and upper lashline liner, Transition – lower lash line, NARS Cassiopeia – inner corner, Shiro Come Play With Me – lid shade, Loreal brow plumper brow gel.

From the Flash Ignite Collection

The saddest little lonely mummy boy. Will you be his friend? That’s a trick question. You can’t.

Cool muted ashy green with a strong antique gold shift. Not lip-safe.

The only thing to note about this shade is that the “antique gold shift” is much much stronger in swatches than it was on actual application. I have yet to try this over glitter glue but that would probably help bring out the shift a bit.

All four of these shades were lovely but if I was going to pick just one it would absolutely be Kooloo-Limpah! It’s just such a lovely shade. One thing that I find to be true of all Shiro eyeshadows is that you absolutely must use a primer or sticky base. None of these shadows will show up at all over bare skin. That aside, I had no trouble with creasing or fading and in general, I think Shiro eyeshadows start looking nicer as the day goes on.


  • We leave on vacation in just a few more days! I’m obviously pretty stoked but I’m also really ready to not have quite do much to DO for a little while. I’m beat yo!
  • Yesterday my phone freaked out and died multiple times in a very spectacular and dramatic fashion (I didn’t realize you could get the blue screen of death on an iPhone) do I had to get a new phone 20 days before I’m due for an upgrade. Talk about rotten timing!

8 thoughts on “Shiro Eyeshadow Samples – Part 1

  1. Glowstick of Destiny! Both the name and the colour is AWESOME.
    Kooloo-Limpah looks great on you.
    I’ve not had a blue screen of death on an iphone before… knocks on wood!
    Enjoy your vacation! 😀

  2. OOoh, I love the colours that you picked!
    Blue screen of death? I didn’t know that could happen with an iphone! My screen lock / power button stops working for days at a time, and then suddenly will work two times in a row. I can’t actually turn my phone off anymore.
    Hope you have an awesome vacation!

    1. Thank you!
      I didn’t know it was possible either,i can’t say I was thrilled to learn about it either:) I think that would drive me crazy to not be able to turn my phone off!
      Thank you!

    1. The names of Shiro shadows are really the best aren’t they? I do kind of feel like all of the shift shows up in swatches and almost none shows up on the eyes with some of their shadows though. Kind of a bummer…

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