Jem and the Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette

First things first, I feel the need to state that there are going to be a LOT of photos in this post. You have been warned.

Sephora released an entire collection of Jem and the Holograms products, one of which is this delightful little eyeshadow palette (and I do mean little, each eyeshadow is .018oz/.52g):

jem_packaging_front jem_packaging_sleeve_back_label jem_packaging_back_label jem_open_palette

indirect sunlight

direct sunlight
Let’s just dive right into some swatches shall we?

I’ve swatched these by column and we’ll start from the left and work across the palette. All swatches are three swirls of my finger in each pan of eyeshadow and then a single swipe to create the swatch. All swatches are over bare skin.

jem_6th_row_fs jem_6th_row_is jem_6th_row_ds

Not going to lie, this is my favorite column. It was really hard for me to not use Mrs. Baily in every look and I DID actually use Jetta in most looks.

jem_5th_row_fs jem_5th_row_is jem_5th_row_ds

jem_4th_row_fs jem_4th_row_is jem_4th_row_ds

1980’s is the only shade in the palette that is actually pretty bad. That shadow has zero pigmentation.

jem_3rd_row_fs jem_3rd_row_is jem_3rd_row_ds

Keytar and Rockin’ Roadster swatched poorly but they apply quite well. The only trouble I had with these two shades is that if I over blended them they completely disappeared. That probably wouldn’t be true if you used them over a primer.

jem_2nd_row_fs jem_2nd_row_is jem_2nd_row_ds

Rio is a little softer than the other shades but it is so gorgeous and seriously pigmented. Just don’t jam your brush into it and you’ll be just fine.

jem_1st_row_fs jem_1st_row_is jem_1st_row_ds

Starlight is a little dusty but still pretty pigmented and it blends easily.

Pricing and Availability: Since this is the Sephora brand, it’s obviously only available AT Sephora. It retails for $39.00 and is limited edition.

Packaging: Fairly sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure. This palette IS covered in glitter but so far, the glitter isn’t coming off of the palette which is a complete relief.

Application: Very good! I only had trouble with application on one eyeshadow (1980’s), everything else was very pigmented and very easy to blend. I will say that over bare skin, some of the shades actually blend completely away if you blend too much. That shouldn’t really happen with primer or a sticky base which I wasn’t using. A few shades had a bit of fallout but it was relatively minimal.

Wear Time: Without primer I got around 6 hours of wear before I experienced some creasing and fading. I haven’t yet worn any of these shades all day with primer but I would imagine that the creasing should be reduced with a sticky base.

Overall thoughts: I actually think this is a fun palette! There are a couple of options for neutral looks but it’s mostly a colorful palette and the shades are definitely taking me back to my childhood. I think it’s probably a little bit pricey for what it is, but it’s a good quality palette and it is a palette that sort of invites color experimentation and I always enjoy that.

I only received this palette in the mail last week (Sephora sale! Woot!) so I haven’t had a chance to wear this too many times in real life, but I did stay up and try out some looks the other night and if you can bear the terrible indoor night time lighting, those pictures are down below.

Did you get anything from the Jem collection? Did you go see the movie for the five minutes it was in theaters? I have to admit that I didn’t actually watch this cartoon as a child although I did watch a few episodes on Netflix the other day. Man, the 80’s were such a different time.

NYX Milk as base, STARLIGHT – highlight and blend. From the outer edges working towards the center lid: RIO, AJA, JERRICA, MRS BAILY, MINX, CLASH, HOLOGRAMS. I’ve been trying to actually practice my application so I’ve been working on re-creating specific looks I find and like. Hopefully I can also kind of use them as a benchmark for improvement. ANYWAY, this look was inspired by Sarahjeanmakeup on Instagram. She’s insanely talented and I would recommend checking her out. The look I actually tried to copy is incredible. Seriously, go check her out right now.


MINX – base/highlight/blending, JETTA – transition and brow, STORMER – outer corner, RAYA + MRS BAILY – inner half of lid.

GAL PAL – base/highlight/blending, JETTA – outer corner plus crease, STINGER – outer 1/2, ROCKIN’ ROADSTER-inner 1/2, CLASH – inner corner and to blend the lid shades together. In real life, Rockin’ Roadster is a really lovely minty shade and this picture is awful and does it no justice whatsoever.

GAL PALS – base, SYNERGY – crease, CASSETTE – lid, ROCKIN’ ROADSTER – lower lash line. UD Zero to tightline, Rimmel Light Blue liner on the waterline, Milani Brow Tint Pen. This look is kind of a hot mess. I don’t know why I decided to attempt a robot cut crease but I don’t think I’ll try it again. That being said, at least Cassette is super shiny?

KEYTAR – lightning bolt, KIMBER – the light pink…stripe? I don’t know. JEMSTAR – the dots (Jemstar is SUPER pigmented, way more pigmented and much darker than I was actually expecting), MISFITS – liner. UD Zero to tightline and on the water line. Milani brow tint pen. Basically I didn’t feel right doing a whole bunch of looks with a Jem inspired palette without doing a 1980’s cartoon rocker chick kind of look.

GAL PAL – base/highlight/blending, MRS BAILY – transition, JERRICA – to blend inner and outer lid, MISFITS – to deepen the inner and outer corners, 1980’s – inner and outer corner, ROCKSTAR – Center and inner corner highlight, HOLOGRAMS – center.UD Zero liner. JETTA – brow

STARLIGHT – blend/highlight/base, JERRICA – transition, AJA – inner and outer corner, MINX – center lid plus inner corner, JETTA – brow. This is a look I tried to emulate by Kaleidocolours on Instagram. Another super talented artist worth checking out.

GAL PAL – blend/base/highlight, PIZZAZZ – all over everything. Nuance brow powder and UD zero. This is actually one of the looks that I DID wear all day. Without primer this shade really did crease, but it was kind of cool? Like that editorial wet look oil slick kind of thing? But yeah, get yo’self some primer.

GAL PAL – blend/base/highlight, tried to use KEYTAR as a transition but it got swallowed alive by SHANA – which went EVERYWHERE…this was NOT going to be such a dark look but Shana is INSANE. It’s awesome…but holy cow does that shade pack a punch. I could have blended this out and it would have taken up half my face.

Yay better lighting! I did wear this all day but I forgot to write everything down. I know that RIO is on the center lid and STINGER is the outer/inner lid shade. The Boy wasn’t a fan of this look and seemed really puzzled at my lack of alarm when he told me that I had blue only in a stripe on my lid 🙂

This was the first look I did with this palette and I really dig the 80’s color explosion thing. Sadly, I forgot to write everything down on this one too but I know that MRS BAILY is on the inner half of the lid, JERRICA is on the outer corner, I think that’s ROCKIN ROADSTER on the lower lash line and HOLOGRAMS on the inner corner. I used other shades from the palette as well but I just don’t remember which ones.


  • Due to work madness, I didn’t work out at all last week so it was really good to get back to the gym yesterday. I always feel so strong after taking a break from lifting. 
  • The neighbors dogs were barking at a distant pack of coyotes early this morning so I’ve been awake since 4 which makes me sad. 
  • As I typed that, the entire dog population just went nuts outside. It’s craziness up in here this morning!

6 thoughts on “Jem and the Holograms Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette

    1. It really is a fun little palette!
      I do think that there aren’t many unique shades in this palette. It might be unusual to find them all in one palette together but they are definitely dupable.

  1. Mrs. Baily is my favourite too! Also like Stinger, Pizzazz (Pizza!), Synergy and Cassette. Why am I not surprise the dud colour of the palette is the purple? It’s ALWAYS the purple.
    LOVE the eye looks especially the one featuring Keytar lightning bolts! Truly outrageous! I also like the purply pink look you did – very wearable but still a bit rock n roll.
    I wanted the mirror compact and it was sold out at the store but I saw it was available online and wanted to order it until I read the reviews on how poor the quality was, so I opted out. It’s a fun collection though.
    I watched the cartoons a bit but was more into the Jem doll I had – her earrings lit up! 😉

    1. That’s basically my list of favorites as well. And Pizza (😀) is actually a fairly unique shade.
      Seriously though, what is it about purple that is so difficult to formulate?
      Thank you!!
      The compact is so cool looking!
      That doll actually sounds cooler than the actual show 🙂

  2. Hah! I’ve seen a bunch of people review this palette… I think you’re the only person who has really liked it, eep! I love the Rio and Stinger look, the Boy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. 😉 You did such fun, creative looks!!

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