Kiss My Sass Lip Addicts Anonymous Subscription – November 2015

Before we get into the goodies, there are a few upcoming changes to the LAA subscription that I wanted to quickly pass on. Kiss My Sass will be moving from a Shopify website to Etsy (which probably explains why last month I couldn’t find any of the sub products on the website…actually I just searched all of the items in this month’s subscription and couldn’t find any of them on either website).

From an email update:

With the move to Etsy, I won’t be able to offer actual recurring subscriptions which means  you will have to go to the shop each month to purchase (maybe Etsy will offer recurring payments at some point).  There is good news though, as I’m slightly changing the way LAA works!

Each month I will post the Lip Addicts Anonymous lip products for sale and they will be available until they sell out. There will now be a “wearable” & a “bold” version available each month (starting in January 2016).  Both will be the same product (both lip tints or both lipsticks etc.) as well as the same type of color (both purples or both reds) BUT one is more wearable (more sheer or less sparkly etc.) and the other bolder (brighter, more pigmented or amped up w/ sparkles etc.).  Since it’s not recurring, you can change between “wearable” and “bold” each month or even buy both.

These changes will NOT be happening until 2016 so November & December LAA subscriptions will process & ship as normal!

So there you have it! This is the second to last Lip Addicts Subscription!

Now on to the actual fun things.


What comes in each month’s bag:

  • (1) Full Sized Lip Product in an EXCLUSIVE Shade (Lip Glaze/Sheer Lip Glaze, Lipstick or Lip Tint)
  • (2) Cosmetic Samples (not exclusive/not always a lip product)
  • (1) Bath & Body Sample (not exclusive)
  • (1) EXCLUSIVE Coupon Code to use during the month


The theme this month is a coffee desert theme which basically encompasses everything that is right in the world.

Bath and body sample: KMS Frangelico Affogato Soap


A blend of espresso and frangelico liquor over vanilla ice cream. Vegan, dye free

This soap smells heavenly. I want to eat it. (PSA: Don’t eat soap). This is the second item I’ve received in a KMS subscription that had a coffee based scent and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Elizabeth at KMS is the coffee fragrance goddess of indie bath and body stuff. She does a fantastic job with coffee fragrances.

2 x Cosmetic Samples: Eyeshadow samples from KMS in the shades Espresso and Tiramisu

  • I sadly haven’t had a chance to use these eyeshadows yet. So far though I’ve had excellent luck with KMS eyeshadow and these did swatch beautifully.

Top swatch is over bare skin, second swatch is over LORAC Behind The Scenes Eye Primer and third swatch is over Darling Girl Glitter Glue. All loose shadow swatches are patted into place with a large concealer brush.

indirect sunlight
direct sunlight
indoor/sunlight lighting combo

Even though this is a lip product subscription, I’ve been really impressed with KMS’ eyeshadow samples. They’ve all been very pigmented, very smooth and most of them swatch surprisingly well over bare skin for a loose pigment. I don’t hear as much about KMS eyeshadow as I do about their other products but they’ve all been fantastic eyeshadows!



direct sunlight
indirect sunlight

A warm brown with orange undertones (matte) safe for all uses, dye free, vegan

First, there is a reason that you’re not supposed to swatch matte eyeshadow over glitter glue. I always forget that until I’m standing there all confused because all the makeup stops making sense. Don’t swatch matte eyeshadow over glitter glue. It’s a hot mess.

This is a lovely deep brown that isn’t too cool toned for me! That’s really unusual! It seems like most deep browns pull quite cool.



direct sunlight
indirect sunlight

A warm bronze with rose gold sparkles. Safe for all uses, dye free, vegan

I really love sparkly bronzy colors. They’re my jam. This one is lovely and I’m excited to use it!

EXTRA: Affogato Highlighter from Aromaleigh Cosmetics

I just swatched this with my finger. The left swatch is built up a bit so you can see the tone and the right swatch is blended out a bit (although still pretty heavy…the art of swatching highlighter still eludes me)


direct sunlight
indirect sunlight
indoor natural light

cheek and eye safe, vegan

There isn’t an actual color description on the card for this, but rest assured that this highlighter is cheek safe 😀

I also cannot find this product on the website but it’s a lovely warm golden highlight that isn’t chunky but IS very shiny. Man, I love highlighter.

The Full Size Lip Product: Tiramisu Lip Tint

tiramisu_lip_tint_packaging tiramisu_lip_tint_product

direct sunlight
indoor natural light

tiramisu_lip_tint_lip_swatch tiramisu_lip_tint__full_face

Warm shimmering bronze. vegan, dye free, lip safe, tiramisu flavor

This is the second lip tint I’ve received in a LAA subscription and I definitely dig the lip tint formula. This just feels like a comfortable lip balm and is super easy to apply and wear and it’s totally a nice no fuss product. I’ll get a ton of use out of this.

One thing worth noting is that while this does have a scent (I get a hazelnut type of scent), it doesn’t really have a flavor.

This only lasts around 30 minutes or so on me but I don’t mind re-applying.

Overall I am again really pleased with this subscription! I’ll get a lot of use out of everything this month and there wasn’t a single dud in the bunch. I’m so disappointed that this sub will no longer be available as an actually monthly subscription.


A sack worm was trucking around while I was taking photos yesterday. These little guys are just so cool!
I bruise incredibly easily but I guess I hit the heavy bag at a weird angle last weekend and my body totally overreacted and my whole hand turned into a bruise. It looked pretty gnarly for a few days.


Gray Cat was full of devilment and hate last night. First he got super pissed that the broccoli I was eating was broccoli. He’s not such a big veggie fan. THEN he brought this poor little guy home! I hate it when the cats get the sugar gliders. It’s totally heart breaking. THEN he went outside and got into a 30 minute long screaming match with the new landlord’s cat. Thing Cat on the other hand was just sugar and spice and everything nice all night. She just wanted all the snuggles.

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