Fyrinnae Electromagnetic

This review is kind of a long time coming. Along with several eyeshadows, I ordered some lip products from Fyrinnae back at the beginning of August. Today I thought we’d take a look at the Liquid Matte lip color in Electromagnetic.


From the Fyrinnae website:

Our liquid lipsticks have a matte finish, and some are matte-metallic. They dry down in less than a minute (let product set for 20-30 seconds after application) and may last for hours. Doe-foot applicator tube contains 5ml (.17 fl oz) of product. The consistency varies by shade, but most are very thin, yet only requiring 1-2 coats for complete coverage. Shake before using. They will need oil or an oil-based makeup remover to remove, and are likely to stain. No fragrance/flavor is added, but slight scent may vary with different colorants.

Vivid green sparkle turns bright pink to almost red to orange-yellow depending on angle and light. This shade is transparent, so if 1-2 coats are applied, your lip color will show through, but this makes it perfect to apply over lipstick (traditional or liquid matte varieties). Applying on top of red lipstick creates a very sparkly, slightly warmer version of Wizardry. Try it over black or purple. Shown here applied on bare lips in three coats, which was fairly full coverage, but the camera won’t quite pick up the true vibrancy of the green. In the tube it appears to have a heavy brownish base, but it’s sheer.  As with our other shades, needs to be shaken before application. Please note: the large-particle sparkles in this shade are not prone to excessive transfer or migration, but some will transfer to skin or clothing if rubbed. Natural light can wash out the colors and effect.

Note: As with our Arcanes/Exquisites, you won’t be able to see the color change as dramatically while wearing because your eyes are moving with the rest of your face of course. Initial color noted is from about an arm’s length away under indoor lighting, then as it appears closer to, or angled toward, a light source.

Rather than talk you through the claims, I’m just going to bombard you with a boatload of photos.

fyrinnae_electromagnetic_swatch_4 fyrinnae_electromagnetic_swatch_3 fyrinnae_electromagnetic_swatch_2 fyrinnae_electromagnetic_swatch_1

Those are some gnarly swatches. Some days are just like that man.

bare lips for reference

The following three photos are with a single coat of product applied but they’re taken in different light sources.

electromagnetic_one_coat_lip_swatch_light_source_3 electromagnetic_one_coat_lip_swatch_light_source_2 electromagnetic_one_coat_lip_swatch_light_source_1

These photos are with two coats:

electromagnetic_two_coats_lip_swatch_light_source_2 electromagnetic_two_coats_lip_swatch_light_source_1 electromagnetic_two_coats_full_face

Three coats:

electromagnetic_three_coats_lip_swatch_light_source_2 electromagnetic_three_coats_lip_swatch_light_source_1 electromagnetic_three_coats_full_face

And finally with four coats:

electromagnetic_four_coats_lip_swatch_light_source_3 electromagnetic_four_coats_lip_swatch_light_source_2 electromagnetic_four_coats_lip_swatch_light_source_1

electromagnetic_four_coats_full_face_angle_3 electromagnetic_four_coats_full_face_angle_2 electromagnetic_four_coats_full_face_angle_1

Then I decided to stop frightening people with photos of me without makeup. You’re welcome.

Here I used Milani Lip Liner in Dark Coffee with Wet n’ Wild Coffee Buzz (from the Fall 2015 collection)

On the rest of my face: Clinique CC Cream, elf Color Correcting Powder in Cool, MAC Blush in Melba, Milani Brow pomade, and I used the KVD Monarch palette on my eyes.Details at the end of the post if you’re interested.


The same lip with Electromagnetic added:

wnw_coffee_buzz_milani_dark_coffee_electromagnetic_full_face wnw_coffee_buzz_milani_dark_coffee_electromagnetic_lip_swatch wnw_coffee_buzz_milani_dark_coffee_electromagnetic_light_source_4_lip_swatch wnw_coffee_buzz_milani_dark_coffee_electromagnetic_light_source_3_lip_swatch wnw_coffee_buzz_milani_dark_coffee_electromagnetic_light_source_2_lip_swatch wnw_coffee_buzz_milani_dark_coffee_electromagnetic_light_source_3_full_face wnw_coffee_buzz_milani_dark_coffee_electromagnetic_light_source_2_full_face

I think the shade varies less when this is applied over a dark color. Most of the different light source photos look relatively similar.

Maybelline Orange Edge:

maybelline_orange_edge_lip_swatch maybelline_orange_edge_full_face

Orange Edge with Electromagnetic:

maybelline_orange_edge_electromagnetic_lip_swatch maybelline_orange_edge_electromagnetic_full_face

Milani Violet Volt:

milani_violet_volt_lip_swatch milani_violet_volt_full_face

Violet Volt with Electromagnetic:

milani_violet_volt_electromagnetic_lip_swatch_2 milani_violet_volt_electromagnetic_lip_swatch milani_violet_volt_electromagnetic_full_face

Bite Beauty VIB Rouge Creme Lipstick

(These photos are older and I sadly don’t remember what was on the rest of my face. But apparently this lip color inspires me to wear braids.)

bite_beauty_vib_rouge_lip_swatch_8_27 bite_beauty_vib_rouge_full_face_8_27

I did not apply Electromagnetic liberally here, it was dabbed on with my finger.

bite_beauty_vib_rouge_fyrinnae_electromagnetic_lip_swatch_8_27 bite_beauty_vib_rouge_fyrinnae_electromagnetic_full_face_8_27

Lastly, here are some pictures of various ways I’ve worn Electromagnetic in real life (You’ve probably seen these photos in WATL posts):

revlon_tutti_frutti_fyrinnae_electromagnetic_9_4 revlon_tutti_frutti_electromagnetic_elf_sunset_palette_electromagnetic_eyeliner_9_4 fyrinnae_electromagnetic_milani_dolci_mac_subculture_ls_8_20 fyrinnae_electromagnetic_milani_dolci_mac_subculture_ff_8_20 fyrinnae_electromagnetic_mac_plumful_ls fyrinnae_electromagnetic_mac_plumful_ff rimmel_lip_liner_in_natural_with_fyrinnae_electromagnetic_lip_swatch_8_25 rimmel_lip_liner_in_natural_with_fyrinnae_electromagnetic_full_face_8_25 wet_n_wild_vintage_vibe_with_fyrinnae_electromagnetic_lip_swatch_8_28 wet_n_wild_vintage_vibe_with_fyrinnae_electromagnetic_full_face_8_28

Ok I lied, that was not the last set of pictures. Ha!

On /r/IndieMakeupAndMore, I learned that Electromagnetic can actually be used as an eyeliner.

elf_prism_palette_sunset_with_fyrinnae_electromagnetic_eyeliner_ec2 elf_prism_palette_sunset_with_fyrinnae_electromagnetic_eyeliner_ec1

I do think it looks really cool as a liner! However…I’m not wild a bout applying something to my eyes that has previously come into contact with my lips. It’s a little weird. Also, there is a fair bit of fall out when applying this as a liner. There’s a little fall out when it’s applied as a lipstick too but not as bad.

Wear Time: This adds a bit of wear time to creamy lipstick which is cool. I haven’t worn this on its own but applied over other lipstick I get around 2-4 hours and that has more to do with what I pair it with.

Application: I would say this is solidly in the middle of the spectrum. It isn’t super streaky or anything but you do have to use some care to get an even application and to stay within your lip lines.

Comfort: I don’t like how this feels when worn alone. It’s a tad sticky and very dry. It’s not the worst feeling in the world but it’s enough to keep me from wearing it for long on its own.In addition to the feeling, this isn’t a horribly flattering texture on its own. I have fairly textured lips and this really amplifies that.

When worn over other lipstick it’s fine. It is a matte lip product so it sort of feels matte but it isn’t uncomfortable at all.

Scent: No discernible scent.

Pricing and Availability: $12.00. This is available from the Fyrinnae website and is part of their permanent line up. That being said, it tends to be sold out fairly often so you may have to wait for them to re-stock.

Overall I actually found this to be incredibly wearable! I was expecting more of a novelty item but I’m getting a good deal of use out of this lip product. I mentioned that I wouldn’t enjoy wearing this on its own but I love it lightly dabbed over lipstick or even applied heavily over lipstick. It’s really cool! And I think because you can get a sheer application (although I have to dab it on with my finger to achieve this), it could potentially be suitable for a good number of occasions. The other lip product that I purchased in this order was the Lip Lustre in Romantique. Of the two shades I truly thought I would love Romantique and wear it all the time but Electromagnetic is easier to work with and shockingly, more wearable.

What do you think, is this a product you could see yourself wearing?

6 thoughts on “Fyrinnae Electromagnetic

  1. I don’t like this alone but it looks good over Milani Violet Volt, the Bite Beauty VIB Rouge Creme Lipstick, and Revlon Tutti Fruitti.
    Oooh you Reddit too! I have never heard of that subreddit, so thanks for that.
    I do really like it as an eye liner! But yeah I hear you about cross using the product from lip to eye…
    On the scale of 1 to 10 of seeing myself wearing this lip product, my rating would be a negative 3. 😛

    1. Lol! It’s good that you have a solid grasp on whether or not you’d actually use anything or not 🙂
      IMAM is a cool one but it can also be…very dramatic. So consider yourself warned 🙂

  2. Looks badass, son. ❤ Neat as an eyeliner too, although I see whatcha mean, not sure if I'd use lipstick as an eyeliner, either. Still, I think this colour looked great over every lipstick!

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