Kiss My Sass Lip Addicts Anonymous Subscription – October 2015

Happy Friday!

Today I’m feeling a little short on words but luckily I have plenty of pictures to make up for it. So lets take a look at what arrived in this month’s Lip Addicts Anonymous subscription.

This Halloween pencil sparked a nostalgia for Lisa Frank pencils and new school supplies. Ah the good old days.


Pickety Witch Lipstick

kms_pickety_witch_lipstick_packaging kms_pickety_witch_lipstick_swatch_ls1 kms_pickety_witch_lipstick_ls2 kms_pickety_witch_lipstick_lip_swatch_2 kms_pickety_witch_lipstick_lip_swatch_1 kms_pickety_witch_lipstick_full_face

This color is so cool! I have to be honest, this is the type of color I’ve been hoping would show up in this subscription. Something a little weird and off beat. I dig it!

That being said, this is not particularly wearable in day to day life for me. But I’m ok with that. It isn’t dissimilar from Fyrinnae’s Electromagnetic. It’s a murky base with a duochrome shift from blue/purple to a rosy smokey color.

It does apply the tiniest bit patchy (it is a drier formula) but not so patchy that it’s particularly difficult to work with.

The only downside for me is the scent. It’s supposed to be vanilla chai but I’m getting a strong graham cracker scent. Oddly, I got the same scent from last month’s lipstick as well so maybe it’s just a fragrance note that I interpret oddly. I’d love to know how this smells to you if you get this subscription!

Headless Horseman Perfume Oil

Notes of: “pumpkin, spices, rum, dirt, leather, sandalwood, amber & musk”

This sounds delightful! Unfortunately, I got a weird spicy chlorine scent. I’m going to let this settle for a few days and give it some time to recover from it’s trip and I’ll try it again. Sometimes shipping does weird things to scents and they just need a moment. Hopefully the swimming pool scent dissipates.

KMS Pickety Witch Eyeshadow

kms_pickety_witch_over_primer kms_pickety_witch_over_glitter_glue kms_pickety_witch_ml kms_pickety_witch_wf

This is so pretty! I think the pictures speak for themselves but it’s lovely.

KMS Sleepy Hollow Eyeshadow

kms_sleepy_hollow_over_primer kms_sleepy_hollow_over_glitter_glue kms_sleepy_hollow_ml kms_sleepy_hollow_wf

Another winner! I really love this shadow, it may be my favorite thing in this month’s sub.

The best part of this eyeshadow? It’s part of the regular line up of shadows from KMS! It’s sold out at the moment but you can buy it if you love it.

Glamour Doll Eyes Glitter Tube in Devil’s Fire

kms_laa_october_15_glitter_tube devils_fire_label devils_fire_product glamour_doll_eyes_devils_fire_wf glamour_doll_eyes_devils_fire_ms glamour_doll_eyes_devils_fire_ds


This IS a super fine glitter. I’m not exactly sure what I am going to do with it, but it’s pretty and unique and a seriously generous size.

More swatches:

(that very bottom swatch is over bare skin)

kms_laa_10_15_eyeshadow_swatches_ds kms_laa_10_15_eyeshadow_swatches_is kms_laa_10_15_eyeshadow_swatches_ml kms_laa_10_15_eyeshadow_swatches_wf kms_laa_10_15_eyeshadow_swatches_il

And here is my eye look from today. I used both of the eyeshadows.

Weirdly close up photos today. On my face: L’Oreal Magic Lumi concealer. That’s it. I ran out of time this morning. On the lips I’m wearing Aromaleigh Gorgon lip gloss lightly dabbed on.
Base: Urban Decay Anti Aging Primer Potion. Blending/Highlight Shade: Entomology from the KVD Monarch palette. Transition Shade: Black Milk from the KVD Chrysalis palette (also used to blend the lower lash line along with Glasswing from the same palette). Lower Liner: Hybrid Moments from the Chrysalis palette. Inner Half of Mobile Lid: KMS Sleepy Hollow. Outer Half of Mobile Lid: KMS Pickety Witch. Inner Corner Highlight: WnW Hollywood Blvd. Liner: Jordana Cat Eye Liner in Orchid. Jordana mascara.
If you use liquid eyeliner, how do you keep it from “flooding” your eyelashes? That is absolutely why I seldom use it. I hate that. Maybe I’m just doing something wrong? Tips totally welcome!


Overall, I’m still really digging this subscription.

You can sign up for future subscriptions now I think and each month any extra slots go on sale on the 2nd of each month.

Do you have any monthly subscriptions? Do you subscribe to lip addicts anonymous?Any suggestions for how to use that glitter?


  • Today’s workout was really hard, I may have over done it a bit.
  • There were ants in my office today. Like millions of them. I’m not even exaggerating. They were re-locating a whole boatload of teeny tiny little larvae. It was completely fascinating! Sadly I had to poison them and I feel terrible.

IMG_0407 IMG_0408

  • My boss generously took me out for pedicures and wine after work today, it was delightful


  • This is my current situation:


  • The Boy bought me a George Foreman grill today!!
  • We went out for dinner and I ate an entire appetizer of mussels all by myself. No regrets.

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