Project Wear All The Lipstick! – Round 13

Bonus post today! Woohoo!

The last two weeks have been a little weird for me makeup wise. There was a whole week of no makeup (I experienced a weird reaction to one of the myriad makeup items I use, I’ll bring it up again in my next empties post) and then there were some days of just lipstick or just blush. It was kind of nice but definitely outside of my normal behavior. That being said, I still managed to use enough lip products to do a roundup of lipstick and glosses!


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

kvd_lolita_product kvd_lolita_swatch

I find that without a lip liner, the KVD liquid lipstick formula is nearly impossible to apply without an overall impression of overdrawn lips. I kind of dig the overdrawn look but if you don’t, a lip liner will help.
EYES: Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette for everything with the exception of the lid shade which is Camp Cosmetics Gypsy. Urban Decay (UD) Zero liner on the tightline and waterline. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara. FACE: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer and Treatment in Neutralizer (what the actual f*ck Maybelline?! Is that really necessary?!). Revlon Cream Blush in Coral Reef. Josie Maran Illuminizer, NARS Laguna and Camp Cosmetics Monogamy.
EYES: Darling Girl (DG) Primped and Primed (PP). From the KVD Shade and Light palette: Laetus to blend, Lazarus as a transition shade. Detrivore Courtier on the lid. Detrivore Everything Dies in the outer corner. L’Oreal 24H mascara. FACE: NARS Laguna, MAC Melba and the highlight shade from Wet n’ Wild (WnW) Fair Trade Coffee.


Wear Time:  Around 2-3 hours. It definitely starts looking textured and dry sometime in between the 2-3 hour mark.

Scent: Like liquid lipstick. You know the scent I’m talking about. Kind of like shellac or something? Luckily it dissipates relatively quickly.

Comfort: It doesn’t feel heavy but it retains a slight tackiness if I press my lips together. I find it to be relatively comfortable.

Availability: Kat Von D is exclusively sold at Sephora and while this shade is permanent, it is quite often sold out.

I lusted after this lipstick for a good long while before I finally purchased it. I have to say, I’m a little let down. The formula is fine, I dig the KVD liquid lipstick formula but the color just isn’t quite what I was expecting. I don’t hate it…but I don’t really like it on me. It’s much darker and cooler than I was expecting. My full face photos make it look a bit warmer than it really is.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion in True Liar

(WHY with the ridonkulous names?!)

estee_lauder_true_lies_product estee_lauder_true_lies_swatch estee_lauder_true_liar_lip_swatch_9_9_15

EYES: Jordana Continuous Almond eyeshadow stick. Hello Waffle (HW) Can’t or Won’t to blend and highlight, HW Yup! as a transition shade. CC Gypsy on the center lid. Kiss My Sass Red Velvet on the inner and outer corners of the eye. KMS Sinful in the outer corner to deepen. KMS Summer highlight on the inner corner. NYX Golden Bronze eyeliner and UD Eldorado combined on the waterline and tightline. MUFE Smokey Extravagant mascara. FACE: Maybelline Neutralizer as concealer and CC Monogamy as blush/contour.

Wear Time:  3+ hours

Scent: Slightly sweet scent but fairly scent free.

Comfort: So comfy. Like a lip balm. I really dig this formula a lot.

Availability: Sephora, Estee Lauder counters and I believe from the Estee Lauder website.

I really like this product. I didn’t have any issues with bleeding and it wore comfortably and for a long time. The color is killer too. It’s great and I have zero complaints!

Bite Beauty Matte Lip Creme Lipstick in Plum

bite_plum_product bite_plum_swatch

So. I exfoliated my lips but this clings HORRIBLY to any dryness present.
EYES: Flower Creme eyeshadows in Flirty Floret and Good as Mari-Gold. FACE: elf Tone Correcting Powder in Cool. Flower Lip and Cheek stick in Raisin The Roof. WnW Fair Trade Coffee highlight.
Using a lip liner masked a little bit of the clinging issues although as the wear time went on dry patches were more pronounced.
EYES: L’Oreal 24H mascara. FACE: Flower creme blush stick in Raisin The Roof. L’oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer as a highlight. elf Tone Correcting Powder in Cool.

Wear Time: 1.5 hours before a noticeable ring appeared on the inner portion of my lips.

Scent: There is a very faint sweet almost lemony scent. It is only noticeable if you smell the lipstick tube. To be honest I don’t love the smell but it isn’t noticeable so I can live with it.

Comfort: Light texture, overall moderate comfort. I could feel it on my lips but it wasn’t bothersome.

Availability: Limited Edition from the Frozen Berries Collection. This IS available as of September 27, 2015. To my knowledge, BITE is sold exclusively at Sephora but please correct me if I’m wrong!

I LOVE THIS COLOR. It is so insanely gorgeous and I would happily wear this type of shade all day every day. HOWEVER…I’m not wild about the formula of this lipstick. First, it is in no way shape or form a matte texture. It isn’t exceptionally glossy but it’s a definite cream finish. Secondly, I have very few lipstick shades that cling this noticeably to dry patches. In part I’m sure that’s just the nature of the color, but it’s a problem for me. That being said, I love this shade so much that my issues with it really don’t bother me enough to reduce my enjoyment of this lipstick.

Lancome Gloss in Love in 391 (Flash n Fuchsia)



FACE: Flower Win Some Rouge Some blush in Peach Blossom. Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter.

Wear Time: Around an hour but it starts to feel bare on the center of my lips at around 45 minutes.

Scent: Slightly sweet non-fruity scent.

Comfort: Cushiony plush feeling.

Availability: Anywhere that Lancome is sold (Ulta, Sephora, Lancome counters, etc.)

I love the way this gloss feels and looks when it’s first applied. It completely fills in any lip lines and gives the juiciest most full shiny effect (that sentence structure. hawt.). It’s lovely! It can sometimes make my lips feel a tad pruney after a day of wear but it isn’t drying. This is one of those weird, gloss balm hybrid situations.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Lip Liner with MAC Coral Bliss and a touch of Fyrinnae Romantique Lip Luster


EYES: DG PP. HW Can’t or Won’t as a blending shade. Detrivore Autopsy as a transition shade. Shiro Canine Help You? on outer corner to blend out. Shiro Glowstick of Destiny on the lid. Shiro You Know Nothin on the inner corner. Rimmel Black liner on the tightline and Rimmel Nude liner on the waterline. L’oreal 24H mascara. FACE: Nars Laguna. Hard Candy Living Doll blush + Milani Luminoso blush.

I’ve been slacking on wearing Coral Bliss but I did manage it once this last week! Someday I’ll be able to say I finished an entire tube of lipstick and then we’ll all have a party. With cake. And pie. I’m kind of hungry apparently.

MAC Subculture Lip Liner with MAC Jist

mac_jist_product mac_jist_swatch_ds mac_jist_swatch_is mac_subculture_mac_jist_lip_swatch_9_16_15

EYES: DG PP. Shiro Canine Help You? as blending and highlight shade. Detrivore Autopsy as transition shade. Shiro Kooloo-Limpah! (spoiler, I LOVE this shade) as all over lid shade. Rimmel white liner on lower lashline as a base. Shiro Majora’s Mask on top of the white liner. Shiro Cake on inner corner. L’Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner in bronze on the upper lash line (I also used the excess in my brush on the tails of my brows). UD Zero on the waterline and tightline with Maybelline Chromatics Eyeliner in Plum Persuassion on the top of Zero. Loreal Power Volume 24H mascara. FACE: elf tone correcting powder. DG Indigo as a highlight. NARS Laguna bronzer. MAC Melba blush.

Wear Time:  Good wear for about an hour before it goes patchy. It still looks passable for around 2 hours.

Scent:  Vanilla

Comfort: The tiniest bit drying and it feels slightly dry on the lips. It isn’t to the point of being a deal breaker but it isn’t the most comfortable either.

Availability: Anywhere MAC is sold!

Jist is the frostiest of frosts. It borders on metallic. It looks pretty but has all of the down sides that are traditionally associated with frost finishes (can accentuate lip lines, can be dry, can go patchy etc.). I was heavily pressured into buying this by a very overzealous MAC employee and my lingering resentment has tainted my feelings about this lipstick. The sales associate finally convinced me to wear it when he used MAC Currant lip liner on the outer half of my lips and used Jist all over. It was lovely and reminiscent of a plum. Have I ever worn it like that in real life? Nope. I should try it.

The Lip Liners:


Urban Decay Naked 2: I really like the UD liners. They are creamy and not at all drying. They don’t particularly prolong the wear of lipstick but they’re comfortable and beautiful.

MAC Subculture: This almost doesn’t show up on my lips. It works really well for me when I need to create a definite barrier or border on my lips but it doesn’t add visible definition so to speak. I find all MAC liners to be slightly dry in texture (some people love that but I’m not one of them) but Subculture isn’t drying just dry.

MAC Currant: I love this liner. I love finding new ways to wear this and it works with any vampy lip. It can also really add depth to a shade that is too bright for your current mood. I dig it. Although…if I found a similar shade in another line with a formula that I loved, it might get bumped from the first place lip liner slot.

Not pictured: Urban Decay Manic: I wore this with KVD Lolita and liked it but I’ve since misplaced it! I cleaned out my purse and my gym bag and tore apart my lip liner storage but it has either been abducted by aliens or it is at the office. I bet it was aliens.

What has been your favorite lipstick recently? Do you have any unexpected combinations you’ve been loving? Do you have a certain color family that just feels “right” to you? While I love pretty much any lip color and am wild about more than a few color families, I find dark plumy shades to be so comforting.


  • I’ve spent the day making broth from scratch and I now feel domestically virtuous in the knowledge that I won’t have to buy Swansons in the foreseeable future.
  • I also feel nutritionally virtuous because I’ve managed to stick to my clean eating plans for a whole week now!
  • I ran 2.27 miles yesterday! That’s the best distance I’ve managed in the last couple of years so I’m super stoked!

12 thoughts on “Project Wear All The Lipstick! – Round 13

  1. I have never seen someone look so stunning in purple lipstick. With your hair…ugh you look like a Disney princess. There should be a punk princess who wears dark lipstick and has tattoos and piercings and wears leather. Hmm hmm hmm.

      1. I keep holding out hope that I’ll find a blue that doesn’t make me look like the bit so living dead. Speaking of cool lipstick…I think I just spied a mint green lipstick in my news feed!

      2. I need to check out the drugstores actually. I’ve been avoiding them but this is the time of year that all the ridiculous and awesome Halloween stuff makes an appearance.

  2. I really love the Bite Beauty colour on you but yeah, that dryness just isn’t very becoming. I personally can’t do matte lipsticks for that reason – you can exfoliate your lips RAW and they just magnify every slight imperfection.
    The Lancome Gloss in Love has been on my radar for a while now… I just don’t use up lip glosses and not sure if I can justify getting it. But oh it looks SO nice on you! It looks so lush and plump and juicy!
    Nice little lip concoction you created there with the Urban Decay Naked 2 Lip Liner + MAC Coral Bliss + Fyrinnae Romantique Lip Luster!

    1. I feel you on the matte lip products. It’s really rare for me to have perfect texture to my lips and that seems to be a prerequisite to all things matte.
      The Lancome gloss really is the glossiest of glosses. I wore it a ton when I first purchased it but I do tend to forget about lately in favor of lipstick. It’s a shame because it’s really nice. Also the packaging feels all high tech and fancy.
      Thanks! I’m trying to find ways to wear Romantique but I’m kind of struggling with it. It’s a finicky little thing.

  3. Congrats on the running! =) And on the clean eating, great job! ❤

    Gotta say, I think Lolita and True Liar are the prettiest lipsticks I've seen on you. Ever. They're really, really stunning! =o

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