MAC Coral Bliss Lipstick

In lieu of a “Wear All The Lipstick!” post today, we’re going to shake things up a little and do a single lipstick review/use it up kind of situation. Embrace the change, change is good! (Actually change is terrifying but I think today, in this capacity, everything is going to be ok).

worn down/melted into a sad little nubbins of a lipstick.
Indirect sunlight
Direct sunlight

Coral Bliss is my perfect peach lipstick. It can swing towards a saturated pastel peach or a peach nude depending on how it is applied.

It is a white based lipstick which does mean that it can cling to dry patches pretty visibly but I don’t find that it settles into my lip lines as much as other lipstick in this shade family.

Direct sunlight
Indirect sunlight

Wear time: About an hour

Scent: Vanilla

Comfort: This is a Cremesheen formula. I find this comfortable but definitely not hydrating. While it isn’t drying either, my lips do feel ever so slightly tight after wearing this for a few hours. In the interest of complete honesty, I can’t remember if this lipstick has always felt that way or if that was something that developed after it got all melty.

Price: $16.00

Availability: This is part of MAC’s permanent line up so it can be purchased at MAC counters or from the MAC website.

Other considerations: The texture of this lipstick in the tube is incredibly soft. This melted just from carrying it in my pocket and I can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before.

So you already know that I love this lipstick, but at the moment I’m trying to use it up completely. For two reasons really, 1) I haven’t ever used up a lipstick and that’s kind of sad and I’m close to finishing this particular one and that makes it less sad 2) my bullet is a little melted (I’ll stop mentioning that now I promise) and as such, it’s a tad difficult to apply so I want it gone. Gone I tell you!

This last week I wore Coral Bliss every day as part of my “use it up” mission. Here are the various ways I wore this shade:

I’m not wild about these HD lip products so far. I haven’t really worn them enough to give a comprehensive review, but both of the lip glosses that I purchased have a strong plastic smell that I find very off-putting. Wearing a lip gloss with Coral Bliss does reduce the visibility of dry patches and any minor settling into lip lines which is nice. HD Amber didn’t reduce the wear time either which is surprising for a gloss.


Also a completely off topic close up picture of my eye look here because I really love the way it turned out.


I’ve already sung the praises of Streak but I actually purchased it with the intention of pairing it with Coral Bliss in the first place. I dig this combo for a brighter peach look. Streak increases the wear time to around 2 hours.
Fridays are hard. Just look at that face. By the time Friday rolled around I didn’t even know what was happening any more. Although maybe I thought I was taking a mug shot?
This was a new color pairing for me and I ended up absolutely loving it! Coral Bliss with a nice nude lipliner = my perfect nude lip shade. When worn with this NYX liner, the wear time increased to 3 hours which is great for me. I’m not sure why I didn’t try NYX lip liners earlier.

I ended up with two very similar eye looks but using totally different products. This just goes to show that you can re-create any eye look you see with whatever colors you have on hand, it’s so rare that you need exactly the same product that someone else used.

nars_laguna_mac_coral_bliss_nyx_nude_kvd_monarch_benefit_rockateur nars_laguna_mac_coral_bliss_nyx_nude_hw_sunset_eye_nm_dione_sidhe

I wore a thin application of Coral Bliss with no other additions and it’s a pretty, pale nude-ish peach. It is slightly brighter in real life than in this photo.

I’m going to try to work Coral Bliss into a semi regular rotation with all of my other lip colors. Maybe I’ll try to wear it at least once a week until it’s used up. I have a few other peachy lipstick shades that I want to use up or get rid of but once I do, I will absolutely repurchase Coral Bliss.

Do you have Coral Bliss? What do you think of it? Are you into the Brigitte Bardot peach lip or not so much?


  • The USPS saga continues. I called the service center because my Shiro order has been stuck in an obscure backwoods town for three days (tracking says it left said town 4 days ago…but I could have walked there and back by now). Anyway, I called the service center and the very nice lady informed me that she was really sorry and the package should arrive any day now but I should be glad it left this tiny town at all because it is the USPS equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle and nothing ever leaves this town. I do not have a warm fuzzy about this whole situation. On the plus side, I contacted Caitlin at Shiro and she was super nice about it so that’s good.
  • Gray Cat was pretending to chase a lizard in the book case the other night but it turns out he just liked pulling all the books off the shelves and licking them. He’s definitely on the drugs. We may have to stage an intervention.
  • I made nachos yesterday and they were the fucking bomb. I think I’m going to go make some more. Mmmmm…Nachos.

3 thoughts on “MAC Coral Bliss Lipstick

  1. Coral Bliss is such a beautiful shade! I have it, but haven’t worn it yet. Or maybe I have once? I can’t remember. I’ll have to try and work it into a look soon. Also, nachos sound good right about now.

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