Hello Waffle – Part 1 – The Duchess Collection

When I learned that Hello Waffle had an all matte collection I finally took the plunge and placed an order. I ordered samples of two separate collections and today I’m going to show you swatches of the matte collection that initially drew my interest in the first place: the Duchess Collection.


The Duchess Collection is based off of Archer so if you’re a fan, I imagine you’ll love the names of these shadows. I have to admit I’ve never actually watched Archer so I am out of the loop.

hello_waffle_duchess_collection_swatched_il hello_waffle_duchess_collection_swatched_is hello_waffle_duchess_collection_swatched_ds

Thing Cat was my assistant for all of today’s photos. 


“Matte dark blue-gray” I would say that’s pretty accurate. This shade did deepen in color considerably when it hit my primer. It’s much darker on the eye than it looks in the baggie. That may very well be totally normal for loose matte eyeshadow, I’m not entirely sure since this is my first experience with loose matte shadows.
hello_waffle_oh_kreiger_san_and_mother_ce hello_waffle_oh_kreiger_san_and_mother_oe

Danger Zone

“Matte light blue” Accurate description. This is one of two shades in this collection that is fairly sheer. It’s buildable though and I think that the lack of opacity makes it easier to work with for me since light blue can be a little intimidating.
hello_waffle_danger_zone_uh_duh_oe hello_waffle_danger_zone_uh_duh_ce


“Matte dark khaki green” On me this is not just dark, but bordering on blackened. Many dark shades pull black for me though and this isn’t entirely black, just very very very dark. This is the only shade that I had a little trouble with during application as it went on a tad patchy. It wasn’t anything horrible and it eventually all blended out, it just took a tad more work than the other shades did.


“Matte light mocha” Yup. O_O I used this shade often as a transition shade. It leans ever so slightly cool on me but it’s a fantastic transition shade.

“Matte mustard yellow” I. Love. This. Color. I used this as a transition shade even more often than I used Yup! I also want to play with this as an all over shade and a lid shade, but I haven’t done so yet. I am seriously considering ordering a full size of this one.

Num num num num num

“Matte burnt orange peach” Pretty accurate, more on the orange than the peach side of things. This was another favorite for me. I want to order a full size but…I also have other orange eyeshadow. But this is really really lovely.
Uh, Duh!

“Matte burgundy red” I think this is warmer than burgundy once it’s applied. You can see a little in my swatch how it almost starts edging into orange territory on the perimeter of the swatch. Not quite, but it’s a very warm red. I really enjoyed this and found it even more wearable then I expected.
Oh Kreiger-San

“Matte dark muted pink” It applies darker than it swatched so I would say this is pretty accurate. I didn’t do much with this until yesterday and then once I applied it I was totally intrigued and now I want to do all sorts of different looks with it. It’s a really nice pink and while it didn’t swatch well at all, there were no application problems. Along with Mother, this darkened CONSIDERABLY once it hit my primer. Without primer it doesn’t darken as immediately but it still darkens in the first few moments after application.
Can’t or Won’t

“Matte light neutral” For me this is a pretty good match for my skin tone. I used this with literally every look I did and I used it in the same capacity that I typically use Wet n’ Wild Brulee so as a base/highlight/blending shade.
Price: Hello Waffle eyeshadow is available in three different sizes

  • Halflings which are 4.15 CAD for around 1/3 of a tsp. They come in a jar.
  • Full Size is 3/4 of a tsp. for 7.75 CAD (the full size jars have very cute artwork)
  • I’m not completely certain, but I think that the sample baggie sizes are only available if you purchase the entire set and they come with 1/4 tsp. of product per baggie. The full Duchess collection in sample baggies is 14.40 CAD

TAT: I’m not sure what was listed as the turn around time when I ordered but I placed my order on June 24th, it was shipped on June 25th and it arrived in my hot little hands on July 2nd. I thought that was really impressive.

Cohesion of the collection: As a full collection, this is fantastic. There are a couple of shades that can be used as transition shades but all transition shades can double in other capacities. There’s a good light highlight/blending/base shade (at least for my skin tone. Yup! would work for a darker skin tone maybe?). There’s a good mix of light and dark shades and there’s a good mix of color and neutrals. All of the colors have a breath of neutral to them and I think that makes everything very wearable.

Wear Time: I’ve still been loving my Darling Girl Primped & Primed so I did wear these with primer for the most part (plus I’ve been using these with a lot of shimmery shadows that kind of need primer) but I never had any fading or creasing. The one day I didn’t use primer and wore the look all day, there was some fading but it was a sheer look to begin with so it’s hard to quantify.

I just re-did the pink and gray look without primer and here’s how it came out and placed side by side with the primed version:

hello_waffle_oh_kreiger_san_and_mother_ce_no_primer hello_waffle_oh_kreiger_san_and_mother_oe_no_primer hello_waffle_oh_kreiger_san_and_mother_oe hello_waffle_oh_kreiger_san_and_mother_ce

So primer definitely helps but these shadows are completely usable without it. I just can’t speak to wear time without primer yet.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed these shadows so much! I want to do a whole bunch more all matte looks with them. If I were to pick favorites so far, they would be fairly predictable and based on my color preferences overall. I’m going to go back at some point for Ocelot and MAYBE Num num num num num and Uh, Duh but I’m not sure yet.

Have you tried anything from Hello Waffle? Have you tried anything from this collection? What do you think? Have you worked with other loose matte shadows? I’m finding that there’s a tiny slight learning curve so share your tips if you have them!


  • Thing Cat has discovered a new type of gigantic frog and she loves bringing them inside. Then she can watch the funny humans stumble around the house trying to catch them. She literally sits and purrs while she watches us. 
  • Gray Cat brought a lizard in yesterday along with a cluster of pine needles. I captured the lizard but he kept attacking the needles and once he realized what he was doing he finally admitted that he has a problem and he’s quitting his lizard addiction. 
  • I got a notice from USPS last night that my Shiro order was delayed and wouldn’t be delivered on July 9th after all. Thanks USPS! O_o

4 thoughts on “Hello Waffle – Part 1 – The Duchess Collection

  1. Omg, your cat is so cute. ❤ Slinking around… I watched a few episodes of Archer, and wasn't too big on it, but these shades are beautiful! I'm really loving Ants on you, it's so flattering. =o

    1. Thanks! I think Ants might be the most unique shade in this bunch. Although Ocelot is an unusual color as well.

      Someday I’ll take a video of Thing Cat helping me swatch stuff because she talks the whole time. It’s adorable and I’m definitely not a crazy cat lady 🙂

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