Hello Waffle – Part 2 – 1000 Likes Collection

Along with the matte collection from Hello Waffle, I ordered the shiniest most sparkly collection as well, the 1000 Likes Collection.


I think that the 1000 Likes Collection was in celebration of Hello Waffle getting 1000 likes on Facebook. I’m not completely certain though.

hello_waffle_1000_likes_ds hello_waffle_1000_likes_is hello_waffle_1000_likes_il

How irritated does he look?
How irritated does he look?

“Dark navy with gold sparkles” I think this leans a little more green than navy. It’s definitely dark. It’s a gorgeous shade and I always wish I could wear these kinds of colors more easily but they tend to take over my whole face.
hello_waffle_imam_eo hello_waffle_imam

Empty Wallets

“Dark rich green with gold shimmer” Pretty accurate. This is another blackened shade but I find it just light enough that I can work with it.
hello_waffle_empty_wallets_oe hello_waffle_empty_wallets_ce

Heavy Breathing Cat

“Golden silver shimmer” Fairly accurate. This is a hard one to describe. It completely morphs depending on the lighting. Sometimes it’s a cool silvery taupe, sometimes a warm silvery olive. It’s a really complex and gorgeous shade.
hello_waffle_heavy_breathing_cat_oe hello_waffle_heavy_breathing_cat_ce

One of Us

“Dark mauve/plum with golden shimmer ” Pretty accurate. I expected to love this shade more than I did. It’s pretty but I didn’t reach for it very often. I’ll have to make a point to try out a few looks with this shade as a feature color.
hello_waffle_unprimed_look_primed_ec hello_waffle_unprimed_look_primed_ec_2


“Dark gold shimmer” It’s definitely gold and it’s definitely shimmery, but it isn’t really dark. It IS a yellow gold. This is very pretty and very bright.
hello_waffle_danger_zone_uh_duh_oe hello_waffle_danger_zone_uh_duh_ce


“Rose gold shimmer, more on the rosy side. My favourite from this collection!” My favorite too! This is an accurate description and this shadow is stunning. It’s the reason I purchased the collection in the first place and I love it. It’s multidimensional and gorgeous. I made such a point of not using this in every single look so I would have photos of other colors…and ended up with very few photos of 23. Sad! I am absolutely going to buy a full size of this shade.

“Copper with gold shimmer” Accurate. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting from this shade. More copper maybe? It’s a pretty shaded but I don’t love it for some reason.

Bartok – Gift With Purchase

“Copper with bronze, gold, and red sparkle. Caution: Sparkle-bomb. One of my personal favourites.” Whabam! That’s what I’m talking about! I think Bartok may have been making Enabling look less awesome. Enabling shouldn’t take it personally, Bartok is just the shiznit. It’s molten shimmer with perfect glitters in contrasting colors and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I may need a full size of this too actually.
hello_waffle_bartok_soe hello_waffle_bartok_sce hello_waffle_bartok_hello_waffle_bartok_fce


  • Halflings which are 4.15 CAD for around 1/3 of a tsp. They come in a jar.
  • Full Size is 3/4 of a tsp. for 7.75 CAD
  • The full 1000 Likes Collection in sample baggies is 11.20 CAD

Cohesion of the collection: The theme of this collection to me is sparkle. Which is awesome. I’m not creative enough to do looks that are ALL sparkle and I’m not creative enough to blend multiple shades from this collection into one look but each of these shades is a lovely stand alone shade.

Wear Time: For the most part I wore these all over Darling Girl Primped & Primed and Glitter Glue and I had no fading and minimal creasing after about 6-7 hours.

Without primer:


with primer:


With the exception of Heavy Breathing Cat and Bartok, most of these shades really need something to stick to. Bartok is just a machine man, it looks great no matter what. Heavy Breathing Cat is incredibly pigmented and also looks good over bare skin, but it really shines and gains dimension with primer or glitter glue.

TAT: I’m not sure what was listed as the turn around time when I ordered but I placed my order on June 24th, it was shipped on June 25th and it arrived in my hot little hands on July 2nd. I thought that was really impressive.

Overall, there are some lovely stand out shades in this collection. I knew going in that IMAM, Heavy Breathing Cat and Empty Wallets were a little outside of my comfort zone, but I still think they’re beautiful. Personally, I like 23, and Heavy Breathing Cat the best out of the actual collection but the GWP, Bartok, was a dark horse favorite.

Have you tried any of these shadows? How do you feel about full on liquid metal eyelids? I’m digging it.

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