Kiss My Sass Lip Addicts Anonymous July 2015

There are myriad monthly beauty subscriptions available and I’ve always wanted to try one but just never found quite the right one. Enter Kiss My Sass who recently started a monthly subscription called Lip Addicts Annonymous and it’s like the Goldilocks of subscriptions. It’s not too expensive ($10.25 per month including shipping), it’s not too much stuff in each box, and it’s focused on lip products which is kind of perfect for me PLUS it’s also from a brand that I’ve been interested in checking out for a while. What’s not to love?!


The theme this month is apple pie/red white and blue/ patriotic (The candy was apple pie flavored and it was delightful!) The subscription includes:

  • 1 full size lip product (exclusive)
  • 2 cosmetic samples (not necessarily a lip product and not exclusive)
  • 1 bath and body sample (not exclusive)
  • 1 exclusive coupon code to use during the month

Let’s start with the bath and body sample:

As American as Apple Pie Glycerin Soap

“apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream and a caramel rum drizzle”

The Boy says it smells like candles and he’s right. It’s a pleasant caramel fruity kind of scent. For me, I like this scent but wouldn’t use it as a body soap just because the sweetness makes me feel a little woozy after a while. The glitter is very fine and while it does transfer to the skin it doesn’t turn you into a glitter bomb. As far as I’m concerned, the more glitter the better! The last note about this is that it doesn’t lather. I have no idea if that’s normal for a glycerin soap or not but it’s worth noting.

The cosmetic samples:

Island Cocktails Sheer Lip Glaze

“a sheer orange with multi colored sparkles. “
You know I love orange anything right?


in natural light
with flash to try to show some of the gorgeous glitter

This is my favorite product in this months subscription.  The flavor is Island Cocktail which is a bubblegum fruity scent/flavor that doesn’t linger too long.  I really love the texture of these Sheer Lip Glazes. I’m not sure if you can tell from any if the photos but it’s a pretty viscous consistency although it doesn’t feel sticky on the lips. It’s kind of…pillowy maybe? I don’t have anything else that feels quite like it although the Covergirl lip lavas are close in texture. The KMS glosses aren’t a greasy feeling.  I would definitely consider purchasing Island Cocktails in a full size.  Edited to add: Neither Island Cocktail nor Mermaid Lagoon were on the website so I emailed Elizabeth to check on availability and here is her response:

Mermaid Lagoon & Island Cocktails were originally a part of a limited ed. collection a few years ago with 2 other colors. I had quite a few customers asking me to bring them back so they are going to be a part of another collection coming later in August 🙂

Mermaid Lagoon Sheer Lip Glaze

“a sheer teal with multi colored sparkles”


undead Gym Bag Makeup.
natural light. I would also like to add that in person, these doesn’t look quite so uneven, all of the photos I took of Mermaid Lagoon just looked a little patchy but in real life this applied evenly.
with flash

Mermaid Lagoon is coconut flavored and I love all things coconut. I think that teal is not maybe my most flattering color but I’ll wear the shit out of this around the house. I’m kind of glad to have a sample of a funky lip color that I wouldn’t normally try, it’s definitely a fun addition! (I actually kind of dig the spooky look it gives me)

The full size product was also a sheer lip glaze:

Keep Calm & Love a Soldier

“a mix of red, silver & blue shimmers”

I got overly excited when i opened this package and applied this gloss before i remembered that i already had lipstick on. it looked pretty over the lipstick but kind of wrecked the applicator.

natural light
with flash

Keep Calm & Love a Soldier is apple pie flavored. I get mostly cinnamon in the scent but there is a definite apple note especially in the actual flavor.

Also included in the package was a coupon code for Darling Girl Cosmetics and a coupon code for KMS.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with this subscription. The full size Sheer Lip Glaze retails for $8.00 which is the price of the sub prior to shipping plus you get to try a couple of samples.

The subscription is currently sold out but you can apply to be notified by email when slots become available (which is what I did).

A note on the customer service: A+++ Once I subscribed, Elizabeth sent me an email just to say thanks and to let me know that she was happy to answer any questions. When I did email her I had a response within an hour. I’m seriously impressed and just generally pleased with the entire experience.

Do you  have any makeup subscriptions? I’m digging the surprise aspect, it’s like opening Christmas presents! Have you tried anything from KMS?


  • Gray Cat continues to have the crazies. He wants to play all the time and he’s enjoying biting peoples toes if they don’t play with him.
  • There have been three lizards since the mouse incident.
  • Thing Cat wants nothing to do with this nonsense.
  • I’m so glad it’s Friday!
  • I’m waiting on my Shiro order still and USPS said it was due for delivery yesterday but now it’s back to being in Oregon. Dear USPS, that is not how tracking works.

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