NYX Baked Blush+Illuminator+Bronzer in Wanderlust and Foreplay

Is this like Schrodinger’s blush? Is it simultaneously blush, illuminator and bronzer? Now that I’ve horribly misused a respected scientific principle, let’s talk about makeup!

NYX Baked Blush+Illuminator+Bronzer in Wanderlust

nyx_baked_blush_wanderlust_packaging nyx_baked_blush_wanderlust_label nyx_baked_blush_wanderlust_product_2 nyx_baked_blush_wanderlust_product_1

So sparkle. Much glitter. Wow.
When I say “heavily built up” I mean that is PACKED on to my hand. Multiple swipes of product repeatedly applied to my hand. I repeated the swatch process … 7 times? It was a lot.
nyx_baked_blush_wanderlust_fs_is nyx_baked_blush_wanderlust_ds

NYX Baked Blush+Illuminator+Bronzer in Foreplay

nyx_baked_blush_foreplay_packaging_1 nyx_baked_blush_foreplay_packaging_2 nyx_baked_blush_foreplay_label nyx_baked_blush_foreplay_product_2 nyx_baked_blush_foreplay_product_1 nyx_baked_blush_foreplay_fs_is nyx_baked_blush_foreplay_is nyx_baked_blush_foreplay_fs_ds nyx_baked_blush_foreplay_ds

NYX Baked Blush+Illuminator+Bronzer is not actually listed on NYX’s website, but according to the Ulta website:

Baked to sheer perfection NYX’s Baked Blush, this luxurious formula is packed full of pigments to provide a natural glow and highlight to the face. Uniquely designed to be used wet or dry, depending upon the makeup statement you want to make.

Until this very moment it never occurred to me to use a blush, bronzer OR highlight wet. I may have to experiment. 

This review has been sitting in my drafts for a while because I just don’t have any very specific feelings on these blushes. They are sheer but slightly build-able.  They look nice enough on my face but it’s not possible to get an intense blush look. They wear fine. There just isn’t anything great or horrible out them, they’re pretty mediocre. Most of the shades looked fairly similar to one another in the pan as well so these wouldn’t be well suited to a wide range of skin tones. 

Pricing and availability: I purchased these at CVS but they’re also available from Ulta. They retail for around $7.00

Overall I would say you can probably skip these. They’re nice enough but nothing special. 

Have you tried these? I would love to know if your experience was vastly different. 


  • I am so tired. I haven’t been sleeping well and Gray Cat has had a case of the crazies that lasts all night every night for the last few nights. There was a mouse involved. It’s awesome. 
  • I just bought a salad from Publix because it was called Fire and Ice. It was neither firy nor icy. Sad. 

4 thoughts on “NYX Baked Blush+Illuminator+Bronzer in Wanderlust and Foreplay

  1. Oh no, naughty kitty. D= Can you keep him out of your room? Also, these blushes do look pretty mediocre. But I do like using blushes wet! =D

    1. He has full run of the house like a little tyrant 🙂
      Ok so how do you do the whole wet blush thing? I want to try it now but I’m not sure where to start.

      1. I usually just wet a flat concealer brush slightly so that it’s a little damp, not wringing, then swirl it around in a small section of the tin (closer to the edge of the blush), then just paint it on a cheek quickly. The I take a fluffy contouring brush and blend it before it dries completely. Repeat for the other cheek. =) I will normally add some dry blush over it once it had fully dried.

      2. I tried Wanderlust wet today and it was MUCH nicer. I didn’t add dry product over the top though and I think that’s a really good suggestion to help with blending.

        The blush did immediately developed hard-pan though so that was a bummer.

        Thanks for the tips!!

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