Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette – Review + Swatches

So, there I was, walking through Sephora on a mission to restock my supply of brush cleaner, just minding my own business and thinking very hard about how I’m a grown woman who is perfectly capable of resisting the marketing ploys and strategically placed displays of cosmetics and I’m also thinking about just looking straight ahead because if you don’t SEE the displays, they can’t suck you in. That’s how that works. So I snag my cleaner (kind of boring, maybe I can just look at the new…NO! Keep on walking!) and head to the check out where….there’s a line. Drat. The line has kind of placed me RIGHT BY the Urban Decay display. But that’s cool, I don’t actually want anything from Urban Decay! No temptation to resist! So, since I don’t actually want anything, I can casually peruse the display since the label of the brush cleaner isn’t exactly riveting. So ten minutes later I’m walking out the door and my brain finally starts working again and I’m stuck pondering whether or not the Sephora dude with the really good eyeshadow would judge me openly if I return the Urban Decay product less than ten minutes after purchase.  He’d probably judge me a lot. I would definitely judge me if I were him. Dang it.

So ends the really long winded anecdote about I how I came to be the slightly sheepish owner of the Vice 3 palette.  Which lucky for you, means pictures!

The palette comes in a nice little bag which is lucky because....
The palette comes in a nice little bag which is lucky because….
...holy shiny surfaces!
…holy shiny surfaces!


One of the nicer mirrors I've ever seen in a palette.
One of the nicer mirrors I’ve ever seen in a palette.


In the pan, every shade in this palette has at least a small amount of shimmer, but there are a few shades that translate as matte once applied. Truth, Undone and Downfall all appear matte. DTF actually has noticeable small shimmer particles but there are no chunks of glitter, it just adds dimension.
Truth is quite chalky both swatched and on application. It’s the only base/matte highlight shade in the palette so I’ve used a lot but I dislike it in general. Undone and Downfall both kick up a fair amount of powder so you have to be wary of fall out.
Dragon, Freeze and Brokedown are what I’m going to call an amped up satin finishe and Heroine is a matte base with small glitter particles. A note about Brokedown: This swatched HORRIBLY as you can see however this is one of my favorite shades in the palette. It applies really well, blends well, and doesn’t crease or fade. It’s somewhere between olive and a dirty deep gold and is perfect for a one shadow look.
Here you can see a bit of the beauty that is Brokedown.


Vanity and Reign are the amped up satin finish, Lucky is metallic and Bobby Dazzle is a shimmer.


Alien is amazing. It’s the best shade in this palette which really surprised me. It’s a satin finish with a duochrome effect between a soft champaigne gold and a pale pink. It’s lovely. Alchemy was one of the shades that I was really excited about and sadly turned out to be a disappointment. It’s the least pigmented shade in the palette. It is a satin finish. Bondage and Sonic are both satinish finishes and Sonic, while really lovely, creases like crazy. I haven’t tried it with an actual primer yet but even with a sticky base (normally all I use to prime if I use anything at all) it creases and disappears in a matter of hours. Kind of a bummer because it truly is pretty.



Last Sin is a shimmer, Angel is a shimmer with glitter particles, Defy is a matte and Revolver is a matte base with multicolored shimmers that do translate to the eye.


The Vice 3 palette is limited edition and can be purchased at Sephora, the Urban Decay website or Ulta.

  1. Color Selection – very good.  There is a great mix of colors and neutrals so it’s easy to create any type of look all in one place.
  2. Blend-ability – very good. Urban Decay seems to have a consistent formula in this category and all of their shadows are easy to work with.
  3. Lasting Power – not good.  As I mentioned, Sonic was the worst in terms of wear, but I experienced creasing with all shades within at least 3-4 hours.  A few of the shades faded significantly or even traveled to different parts of my eye as the day wore on (and the shadows, clearly, did not. Ha!).  I suppose that an actual primer would help with this but I hate using lid primer and frankly, I feel like a good sticky base should be sufficient so I was disappointed that it WASN’T with these shadows.
  4. Versatility – amazing! The colors are appealing and they work well together for infinite eye looks.  I’ve also been using this for my Wear All The Lipstick project because I can create an eye look to compliment any lip color.
  5. Would I Buy Again? Not unless I have another mid shopping trip stroke causing me to impulse buy something I had no intention of buying 🙂

Lastly, I have a photos of eye looks to show how a few of the shades look once applied. Enjoy my super fabulous makeup skills. I recommend grabbing some popcorn to enhance the entertainment experience.

v3_pink_gold_key v3_pink_gold v3_neutral_eye_key v3_neutral_eye v3_green_black_purple_key v3_green_black_purple_2 v3_green_black_purple_1

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    1. I don’t because I really dislike the texture that primer gives to my eyeshadow. Generally I use the Jordana eyeshadow pencil in Continuous Almond and that works for me. I think I’ll have to break out my primer potion for this palette.

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