Baby Drugstore Haul

I’ve picked up a couple of new drugstore goodies over the last few weeks and didn’t want to deprive you of an opportunity to see my super awesome swatches of them. You’re welcome.


Wet n Wild trio in Sun-Set to See

I haven’t used this yet but the shadows are incredibly soft as I’ve come to expect from Wet n Wild. The orange swatched a little powdery but it seems to have decent pigmentation. The swatch of the cream shade doesn’t show up very well simply because it is exactly the same shade as my skin. This IS limited edition so don’t dally if you’re interested in it.

Swatched without primer, one swipe of shadow over my hands then lightly blended in.


L’Oréal recently came out with some new tinted lip balms. Their website only shows four shades but CVS had around eight (four nude balms and four pop balms if I remember correctly). These have the same scent as the Colour Riche Balms, a slightly vanilla cotton candy scent. They are not the most hydrating balms in the world but they don’t dry my lips out which is amazing. They do have a relatively short wear time but they wear off beautifully. These have better color payoff than the Colour Riche Balms but they are still a tinted lip balm so they are not opaque even when built up. Both of these have been living on my desk at work and I’m totally digging these.

I also grabbed the Jennifer’s Nude from the nude line that recently came out. It’s a pretty neutral dusty pink shade with the same scent and wear time as any lipstick in the Colour Riche line.

Lastly I grabbed Milani’s Brow Tint pen in hopes that it would be a good match for my newly red hair. It’s basically a slightly warm brown but I absolutely love the pen format over the pencil I was previously using.

I may do full reviews on some of these products later but so far I’m enjoying all of them.

Swatchy swatches! (The swatch on the left for each shade is built up while the swatch on the right is a single pass of the product)


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