February 2017 Empties

Heyo! It’s been a little while! Today I’m checking in with you with a wee little empties post. Empties are so weird man. My last two empties posts were for a month’s worth of products each and they were massive and out of control. This post spans 2, maybe even three months and there really isn’t all that much. You really do run out of everything all at once I guess.


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

This one is more of a de-stash than an empty. I think I bought this jar of moisturizer the last time I traveled home which was 3…maybe four years ago now? It’s nicely hydrating but I suspected that it was breaking me out so I just never really used it.

Number of times purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: Probably not

HiM by Hanae Mori


This smells really similar to Viktor Rolph Spice Bomb only it has a smaller sillage and only lasts for around an hour. So in other words, it smells really nice but I would never purchase it since I can get Spice Bomb which is a bomb of fragrance that lasts for days.

This is obviously a sample. And no, I wouldn’t purchase a full size.

Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Paula’s Choice finally came out with an eye cream! Can you believe it? The good news is that this is super emollient. The bad news is that this is super emollient. This is actually too heavy for me which is really saying something since I have super dry eyelids. It also kind of irritated my eyes.

Number of times purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: No

Max Factor X Masterpiece Max Mascara


I was so stoked to see Max Factor displays popping up a few months ago! Back in the day, Max Factor mascara was my ride or die mascara and I was pretty bummed when the brand stopped being sold in the US. I was hoping that this mascara would be my new favorite again but sadly it’s not. It’s not bad, it just requires multiple coats and ain’t nobody got time for that. Other than that, it’s a decent mascara with no other complaints.

Number of times purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: No

Nature’s Gate Herbal Blend Deodorant – Tea Tree & Blue Cypress

I tried, briefly, to do the all natural deodorant thing but honestly, I have not yet been very impressed with any natural deodorant options. This particular one smells amazing initially but after a few hours my pits smell like sweaty gym socks. Not even normal BO, just nasty teenage boys dirty clothes kind of smell. No bueno.

Number of times purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: No (are you totally shocked? I figured you would be)

Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter – Ghost Puffs

I really dig the Pumpkin Butter moisturizers, they’re a tad greasy but so moisturizing and so delightful to use. Ghost Puffs is a seasonally available scent (Fall/Halloween) that smells like butter popcorn balls. It’s pretty delicious.

Number of times purchased: I’ve purchased this scent twice but probably 12 or so pumpkin butters in general.

Would I repurchase: Yes

Ban Regular Roll-On Deodorant

This deodorant smells really nice (like lilacs) initially but also gets a kind of weird stale smell after a few hours.

Number of times purchased: 1

Would I repurchase: No

Garnier Fructis Full Control Hairspray

My little sister got me hooked on this hairspray. When she visits she buys a can and then she always leaves it here instead of traveling home with it. Now I’m hooked and have to have a can handy at all times. It smells nice, vaguely fruity, and has a decent amount of hold.

Number of bottles used: I think this is third one although it’s the first one I’ve purchased on my own.

Would I repurchase: Already half way through the next can!

That’s it, a sweet little post of my recent junk! Do you use any of these products? If so, what are your thoughts on them?


  • Dude. This year has been so crazy thus far! I’ve been hella busy with wacky shit happening at work, home and everywhere. It’s bananas! What I’m trying to say is I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I’m sorry I haven’t been reading your blog posts, but this may be the new way of things. It is what it is I suppose.
  • Today is a US holiday (President’s Day) and I didn’t actually realize that I had a paid day off until around noon. So I’d already worked all morning. Total bummer. I made myself feel better about my state of stupidity by going for a little walk in the woods. I saw my first up close Luna Moth! That was pretty dope!

7 thoughts on “February 2017 Empties

  1. HELLO! Nice to see a post from you! 😀
    Oh too bad the Kiehl’s Overnight Hydrating Masque – I really liked the face cream from that line. Wonder what ingredient in that mask didn’t agree with your skin?

    I really like that Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream. It’s great for night time but oddly for me, I find it not hydrating enough for me right now so I’ve shelved it unil Summer. I guess I have REALLY dry eyes? I never thought that I did. And you know what’s funny / hypocritical? PC for years maintained that eye creams are useless… and then she releases one. Ha!

    I *just* bought that Max Factor mascara! I was shocked to see it here too. Too bad it’s not stellar… I hope it works ok for me.

    Have you tried Lavanila deodorants? They’re the best of the natural ones that I’ve tried.

    I checked out the Garnier Fructis Hairspray at the store based on your recommendation but it wasn’t on sale – I’ll definitely pick it up once it is!

    Yeah… 2017 has been really draining. I’m already tired of this year and it’s not even 2 months in! I need a holiday!
    Can you defer your paid holiday to another day? Or the half day that you already worked?

    1. I really enjoy the Kiehl’s moisturizer too. In fact I’m half tempted to repurchase the overnight masque and see if it works for my skin now. My skin has changed a lot in the last five years so it’s actually possible!
      I think that the PC eye cream annoyed me because it was so emollient (dare I say greasy?) but my under eyes still were a bit dry once it had worn off. Does that make sense? I haven’t had coffee yet so it may not lol.
      I’m actually really interested to hear what you think of the Max Factor mascara. If you like a natural look you’ll really like it a lot I think. I just personally prefer a BAM! Eyelashes! Kind of effect 😄
      I haven’t tried Lavanilla, but I will now! Why does natural deodorant have to be so dang tricky?
      I too wouldn’t mind a vacation from this year. It truly has been exhausting.

  2. Okay where did you get that Pumpkin Butter from? That sounds amazing and I need it!

    I’m totally going to give that Fructus hairspray a try – love finding drugstore gems like that.

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