Femme Fatale – Afraid of Bees

Oh orange eye shadow, how I love you so! The newest addition to my ever growing orange eye shadow collection is Afraid of Bees by Femme Fatale.

From the Femme Fatale website:

Afraid of Bees by Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Part of the ‘You Choose the Scare’ Vol 2. Collection from Halloween 2015.

A bold burnt orange with strong golden shine. A more satin-smooth sister (and slightly darker) of Flowers from Flames; although you should have ALL THE THINGS please note that in this case you could easily pick either as both are unique, but similar. Although our swatches didn’t pick it up, Flowers also has shimmer whereas Afraid of Bees is a smooth finish.

I would say that the description is fairly accurate? I get more of a golden orange with a lime green/gold/hot pink shift. I’m just going to get this out of the way and say that this is one of my new favorite eyeshadows. It’s really lovely!

with a flash
indirect sunlight
indoor light


direct sunlight

Afraid of Bees applies evenly, works well over primer, sticky base, glitter glue, the works. I don’t really recommend using it over bare skin but other than that, I had no application problems.

Applied over primer and in conjunction with other shadows:

More “in conjunction with other shadows”:

Over a black base:

More of the green shift comes out over the black base.

With Glitter Glue:

The orange is a bit darker and the shift is more complex.

As a one shadow look:

As you can see, when blended or buffed out, much more of that gorgeous orange comes through. One of my favorite aspects of duochrome eyeshadow is that you can get such a different color based on how you apply it.


The details:

3g mini jar- $4.95 (Australian dollars) ($3.26 USD)

5g full size jar- $8.25 (Australian dollars) ($6.32 USD)

I purchased 20 shadows and paid around $8.00 shipping. It took around a week to reach me which was not at all unreasonable considering it shipped from overseas.

Do you have this eyeshadow? Do you love orange eyeshadow as much as I do? If not, what is your favorite shade of shadow? The one you just can’t skip buying if you see it.


  • I’m still binge watching GoT and Desperate Housewives alternately. It’s a good balance really.
  • The Boy fixed my bike for me last week but I have yet to go out riding. I am very lazy.


8 thoughts on “Femme Fatale – Afraid of Bees

  1. Love it over black base! What a unique shade.
    Haha Desperate Housewives… what a throwback! I think I watched the first 2 seasons and lost interest.

    1. I think I watched the first two seasons back when it was actually on the air (so many many moons ago) and then also lost interest. It’s also possible that I wasn’t really at a point in my life yet where I could relate to ANY of the things they were talking about lol

    1. Beware, it’s a slippery slope! 🙂 This really is a gorgeous orange. And if you’re into indie makeup, and are looking for oranges to fuel your soon to be addiction, check out Visions by Notoriously Morbid (a much softer version of Afraid of Bees) and Brisket by My Pretty Zombie (more red).

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