Kiss My Sass Lip Addicts Anonymous – August 2015

Yesterday I received my second installment of my Lip Addicts Anonymous subscription! I’m really digging the surprise mail factor, it’s like Christmas!

This month’s bag is so cute!
The theme for August is the beach. The little beach-ball candies were delightful 🙂

kms_laa_august_2015_kms_business_card kms_laa_august_2015_innocent_and_twisted_alchemy_flyer kms_laa_august_2015_description

Just to re-cap the contents each month:

  • (1) Full Sized Lip Product in an EXCLUSIVE Shade (Lip Glaze/Sheer Lip Glaze, Lipstick or Lip Tint)
  • (2) Cosmetic Samples (not exclusive/not always a lip product)
  • (1) Bath & Body Sample (not exclusive)
  • (1) EXCLUSIVE Coupon Code to use during the month

Full Sized Lip Product – Lip Tint in Beachbound

kms_beachbound_lip_tint_packaging kms_beachbound_lip_tint_product kms_beachbound_lip_tint_isi_2 kms_beachbound_lip_tint_isi kms_beachbound_lip_tint_il bare_lips kms_beachbound_lip_tint_ls

I did actually wear this all day and I totally dig it! It obviously isn’t an intense color but it’s the kind of product that I like to have in my bag at all times. It just makes my lips look good! And it adds just a hint of color without ever settling into lip lines like so many other nude shades.

As far as wear time, the color lasts around 30 minutes but the balm lasts for around an hour. I actually don’t feel the need to reapply until around 1.5-2 hours after initial application.

Scent: Pink Lemonade. I will say that I got the full pink lemonade scent during the first two applications of the day but after that the “pink” kind of went away and I only smelled the lemon scent when I applied. I’m not wild about most straight lemon scents as they tend to make me think of cleaning products. The good thing is that it isn’t strong at all and the scent dissipates within a minute or two. Sometimes citrus scents can feel a little irritating on my lips and this one is just a tad. It isn’t drying necessarily, but my lips felt slightly sensitive after a full day of wearing this. The joys of having weirdly sensitive skin!

Overall, I’m quite pleased with this month’s full sized lip product.

Bath & Body Sample – Beach Bum Wiggle Wash

beach_bum_wiggle_wash_1 beach_bum_wiggle_wash_2

Dude…JELLO SOAP! I am oddly delighted by this. I am just going to use it as a hand soap but it’s great! The scent is pretty strongly coconut (I love coconut so this is a plus for me) with a hint of banana candy scent. Mostly I just like washing my hands with a gelatinous cube.

2 x Cosmetic Samples: KMS Eyeshadow in Ride the Waves and KMS Highlighter in Summer Glow PLUS a bonus eyeshadow from Innocent & Twisted Alchemy in Sunset Beach!

kms_summer_glow_highlighter_packet kms_summer_glow_highlighter_ds kms_summer_glow_highlighter_wf kms_summer_glow_highlighter_is

I’m not sure I really know how to swatch highlighter in such a way that it is at all helpful. I tried but…yeah. This is much more peachy in real life and while it is subtle as far as highlights go, it’s quite lovely. I wore it today and so far I enjoy it. It definitely looks prettier on my face than on my hand so there’s that.

kms_ride_the_waves_packet ita_sunset_beach_packaging ita_sunset_beach_label kms_laa_august_2015_eyeshadows_ds kms_laa_august_2015_eyeshadows_is kms_laa_august_2015_eyeshadows_isi kms_laa_august_2015_wf

I’ve been playing around with a different swatching technique and I think I like it! All swatches were applied with a paddle brush, similarly to how I would apply them to my eye. The top swatch is over bare skin, the middle swatch is over LORAC Behind The Scenes Primer and the third swatch is over Darling Girl Glitter Glue.

ita_sunset_beach_ds ita_sunset_beach_is ita_sunset_beach_isi

I can’t find any info on Sunset Beach on the Innocent & Twisted Alchemy website but it’s a pretty, sparkly, warm peach leaning pink with some cooler shimmers. It’s quite lovely and it even swatched pretty well over bare skin!

kms_ride_the_waves_packet kms_ride_the_waves_ds kms_ride_the_waves_is kms_ride_the_waves_isi

Ride the Waves is described as “A turquoise with pops of orange”. It’s definitely shimmery but I don’t really see any orange in it. It’s a pretty summery color though!

I’m pretty pleased with this month again! I’ll get a lot of use out of the lip product and I’m pretty enamored with the highlighter as well. The eyshadows are both good quality and I’m looking forward to using them although they are both colors that are stumping me a bit. I’m not quite sure what kind of looks to do with either of them but that’s half the fun of new makeup. Also…WIGGLY SOAP! Not sure I’d purchase a full size but I’d be ok with getting a sample every month to be honest. It’s just really fun.

Do you have any monthly subscriptions? There are so many available! I like the pricing of this one and you know me, I have a thing for lip products but there are some other enticing options out there as well.


  • I did a CrossFit style workout yesterday and it SLAYED me. It was awesome!
  • There was a horrible incident of a rat being brought into the house and I had to kill it and I felt awful and it really wrecked the rest of my day. Poor little guy. It really was traumatic for everyone involved.
  • I went through my whole day today feeling pretty good about myself before I realized I was dressed like Robin Hood. Camel colored leggings and a green tunic shirt. It’s kind of awesome but also…not so awesome. I feel like I need a hat.

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