Mini – Sephora – Birthday Haul!

Happy Saturday! It’s been a weird week man. It was my birthday this last week (I’m a 1983 model in case you were wondering just exactly how old I am. Also, my hip hurts. I wish I was making a joke but it actually really hurts. Dang kids, get off my lawn!) and it was an exceptionally slow week at the office AND it’s been raining all week. So now that I’ve talked about the weather, let’s talk about makeup!

I always look forward to placing a birthday order with Sephora and getting their yearly Birthday “Gift” (because it isn’t actually a gift if you have to buy something now is it? Or am I just weird?). I was particularly excited this year because last year, to my embarrassment, I qualified for VIB Rouge status (I KNOW) which means I get a little extra in my gift! Yay! Also, it is doubtful that I will re-qualify for Rouge status (“THANK GOODNESS” –My bank account) so I’m going to revel in it while I can.


Products I actually purchased

If you read my What’s In My Bag post, you already know that I love this scent of lotion. It’s a really nice, green, spring, fresh scent. Fragrance Notes: White Tuberose, Cardamom, Hibiscus Leaf, Jasmine
I wanted to try a new scent so I purchased Tainted Love. Fragrance Notes: Dark Vanilla Bean, Orchid, White Tea, Sandalwood.  Sadly, this lotion confirmed that I just can’t handle sandalwood. I want so much to love it but it just makes me feel ill. I already returned this. Womp womp. There isn’t anything wrong with it! I just can’t do Sandalwood.

Here is the product description from the TokyoMilk website:

A sensuous balm. Unexpected essences crushed & distilled, creating a remarkably uncommon sensory experience – the Tokyomilk Perfumarie. Shea Butter & Sweet Almond Oils melt away dryness in lush hydration. Not for the faint of heart, fragrance to pique your curiosity.

I really adore this lotion formula but for me it’s a definite “treat yo’self” kind of product as it’s $22.00 per tube (3.4oz/96g). It’s worth it though. In case you’re interested, you can purchase directly from their website. Their website is gorgeous so I’d recommend checking it out anyway. TokyoMilk knows how to do packaging for sure.

The Birthday Gift With Purchase

nars_birthday_kit_packaging nars_birthday_kit_label nars_birthday_kit_products nars_birthday_kit_swatch nars_cruella_ls nars_cruella_ff nars_rikugien_ls nars_rikugien_ls_angelssinging nars_rikugien_ff

My first impressions of these products is really good. The lip products seem comfortable and the eyeliner (which is the added Rouge gift) seems to stay well on the waterline. I think the colors are divine so that’s always nice!

Point Perk Redemption

kvd_lovecraft_packaging kvd_lovecraft_label kvd_lovecraft_bullet kvd_lovecraft_swatch kvd_lovecraft_ls kvd_lovecraft_ff

The only lipstick I’ve tried from Kat Von D is Gothica which is basically just glitter (gorgeous gorgeous glitter!) so I was excited to try another shade. My first impression is a little conflicted. This felt really dry and clung to dry patches I didn’t really know I had. Also, the lipstick was kind of smashed in the tube which was a bummer. I’m interested to test this out further though because KVD is releasing all sorts of new shades that are calling to me. I definitely need more lipstick. O_O

I always pick perfume samples with my orders these days because I just don’t want to change up my skin care routine. So I got three perfume samples and I also got a tube of Clarins body lotion that I’m interested to try out. I think that was the add on code of the week.


  • Agatha has gone missing which is very sad. Hopefully she just got sick of weirdos taking pictures of her without her permission and relocated.
  • My boss bought me flowers!


  • I’ve been having sporadic bouts of insomnia (hellooo undereye bags and dark circles!) so sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and write. Gray Cat thinks this time would be better spent on snuggles.


  • Thing Cat doesn’t have insomnia


  • More cat pictures because cats are awesome


  • But sometimes they bring home new friends that just stay here forever because you can’t freaking catch them


2 thoughts on “Mini – Sephora – Birthday Haul!

  1. Happy late birthday!! ❤ ❤ Haha, oh boy, your bank account sure isn't happy with you, but your nice smelling hands and beautifully coloured lips sure are!

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