Project Wear All The Lipstick! – Round 4

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you have felt especially loved today and that you’ve been able to let those you love know you dig them.

I have another round of Project Wear All The Lipstick today and I’m adding some extra review info on a few of these so this may be a long one. I’m not going to warn you about the heavy picture content because at this point, it is more unusual for me to post only a few photos. It’s how I roll yo!


There were a few weeks where I didn’t want to fool with lipstick or lip gloss but I really needed something to hydrate my lips so I wore the YSL Tint-In-Oil #2 (Oh My Gold) quite a lot.

ysl_tint_in_oil_product ysl_tint_in_oil_s ysl_tint_in_oil_ls ysl_tint_in_oil_ff

Pros: Mildly hydrating, very shiny, smells like a fruity mixed drink.

Cons: This retails for something like $32.00 which is bonkers. If you habitually press your lips together, the wear time on this is only about 15 minutes. There isn’t much color so this is really almost more of a very light treatment or lip balm rather than an addition of color.

If you re-apply throughout the day the color does build up and leave a slight stain behind which is very pretty. I quite enjoy this but I don’t think I would really recommend it as it’s quite pricey for what it actually is. The packaging also feels a little cheap and not as luxe as other YSL products.

I recently purchased both the Lipglass and lipstick from the MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus line.

mac_viva_glam_miley_lipglass_product mac_vg_miley_lipglass_ls viva_glam_miley_lipglass_s

The MAC Lipglass formula is quite a sticky consistency and while I don’t generally prefer that, I really like this gloss.

Pros: Smells like vanilla, imparts a sheer bright pink tint, looks pretty on its own OR over other lipstick. This wears for a long time for a gloss. I get around 4 hours of wear before it disappears.

Cons: A bit sticky.

This gloss also has a lot of glitter which tends to stick around even after the gloss has worn away. That may be a pro or a con depending on your personal preferences (I think it’s a pro but I’m a fan of the glitters).

MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick

mac_viva_glam_miley_lipstick_product viva_glam_miley_lipstick_ff mac_lip_product_swatches_2_2015

I wanted to also show a couple of different ways that I’ve worn this shade as it’s quite bright. In the full face photo I’m wearing it at full opacity with MAC Talking Points Lip Liner. If you have a lipstick that you find a little intimidating for whatever reason, you may like wearing it with a sheer application.


In this photo, I applied the lipstick with a fluffy blending brush. I really love the way this looks, it’s still a lovely bright pink but it’s less in your face. I wish I could take credit for coming up with this application method, but I learned it from Viola at Killer Colours (coincidentally, Viola’s blog is absolutely one of my favorites. She’s completely stunning, and she has an edgy sense of style and humor. She also occasionally does YouTube videos. She really focuses on cruelty free and vegan products. What I’m trying to say is, go check her out!)


This is applied directly from the tube at full opacity.

There really aren’t any cons to this lipstick. It’s an amplified finish, it wears well, is comfortable and just generally a gorgeous color.

Milani recently released a few matte lipstick shades that smell more like vanilla than watermelon (thank God!). I only picked up Matte Naked from the line but I’ve really been enjoying it.

milani_matte_naked_packaging milani_matte_naked_s milani_matte_naked_ls milani_matte_naked_ff

This is a true neutral nude shade. It doesn’t lean particularly pink or peach but it’s not really brown either. I find that on it’s own it tends to accentuate lip lines after about an hour but that’s not abnormal for a matte lipstick. This isn’t as long wearing as the Jordana Modern Matte lipstick and it’s not quite as creamy as the Maybelline Creamy Mattes, but it’s in between those two formulas. It does have a bit of a silicone slip to it.

Pros: Not drying, smells like vanilla (the scent fades after a few minutes and isn’t strong at all), a perfect nude shade for people who can’t find a nude that doesn’t wash them out.

Cons: On its own, it wears slightly patchy.

I actually prefer to wear this over Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask in Champagne

bite_beauty_agave_lip_mask_champagne milani_matte_naked_with_agave_lip_mask_ls

Rimmel Provocalips in Kiss Fatal

photo 2 photo 1 rimmel_provocalips_kiss_fatal_ls

Rimmel has recently released their version of the two step application long wear lipstick. I remember using similar products years ago and while they did last for hours, they weren’t particularly comfortable and I remember needing to reapply the gloss or balm side of the product quite frequently. I have to say that Rimmel has really improved on this! I got six hours of comfortable wear time before I felt like I needed to reapply the gloss and this didn’t dry out my lips.

rimmel_provocalips_kiss_fatal_4_hrs rimmel_provocalips_kiss_fatal_6_hrs rimmel_provocalips_kiss_fatal_8_hrs

The lighting is obviously different in all of these photos, but hopefully you can see how nicely this product wore throughout the day. (That last picture has some serious shine from Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream…winter is wrecking my skin this year!)

rimmel_provocalips_once_removed rimmel_provocalips_twice_removed

You MUST use oil to remove this product, even after 12 hours. Just trust me and go straight for the oil.

Pros: Comfortable, seriously long wearing, not drying, relatively non-scented. The liquid lipstick has a faint chemical scent that is common to this type of product. The gloss side has a faint scent of lemon cleaning products but it dissipates quite quickly.

Cons: There was a really limited shade range and Kiss Fatal was the only shade in stock that really appealed to me. There was a red that looked nice but the rest of the shades seemed a little off to me. It takes some work to get this product applied evenly and it’s not the easiest task in the world to rectify application mistakes.

Overall I would recommend this product if you’re looking for a very long wearing product.

2 thoughts on “Project Wear All The Lipstick! – Round 4

    1. Haha! The formula is SO nice! You’ll have to let me know what shades you get if you do buy them. I know a lot of the shades won’t work for me but I’m curious about them anyway. And thank you!

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