Sleek iDivine Rio Rio Palette

The Rio Rio palette is a limited edition palette that came out earlier this year but is still available on the Sleek website as of August 16th.



The rundown:

12 eyeshadows
Each shade has 1.1g/.03oz of product
Costs $9.99

All swatches are with two passes of the product.




I’m including some pictures of a few different looks I created this last week with the palette just to demonstrate how these shadows look when applied.

Obvious Disclaimer: not a makeup artist. Clearly. Ok, moving on…


This photo was taken after a full eight hour workday and you can see a tiny bit of fading but not much. I didn’t apply any of these shadows intensely so it looks relatively close to the way it was originally applied.

Shades used:
City of God in the center of the lid and lower lash line
Leme on the inner and outer portion of the lid
Cachaca on the inner corner
I used MAC Uninterupted as a blending shade, Wet n’ Wild Brulee as a highlight and Urban Decay Goldmine eyeliner in the waterline.



I really liked this look a lot and it was hard to not do this look everyday. Next week I really might do this every day.

Shades used:
Copacabana all over the lid as a base
Urca on the inner portion of the lid, inner corner and inner lower lash line
City of God on the center of the lid
Night Fever in the outer v
Sao Conrado to blend out night fever and on the outer lower lash line
A strange mix of single eyeshadows in the crease

These photos were taken after about four hours of wear time.


Shades used:
Bossa Nova all over the mobile lid and lower lash line
Ipanema very lightly in the outer corner and pulled very slightly into the crease
Leblon sheered out along the upper lash line
Cachaca in the inner corner
Urban Decay Zero in the waterline and tight line

Again, this photo was after a full day of wear.

Overall thoughts:

I really love this palette a lot! I had intended to grab a new palette for the gym bag this weekend but I can’t bring myself to do it.

As you can see from the swatches, most of these shades are very well pigmented and it would be easy to create some really bright looks. They are also easy to sheer out to create very wearable looks. I like the versatility of being able to easily use this for workday looks OR for something more intense. The only thing this palette is missing is a neutral matte crease color so in my case, I just have to remember to have one in my gym bag makeup kit (not really a problem, have you seen how much makeup I tote around?!).

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