Covergirl Cheekers Blush in Soft Sable

Today I wanted to do a quick review of a Covergirl blush that I’ve been using fairly frequently lately. It’s called Soft Sable (in case you didn’t see the post title:I’ve gotcha covered!)




The rundown:

3g/.12oz of product
Retails for approximately $4-$5

The Swatches:

The first swatch is a fairly true to color representation of this blush. Swatch on the left is built up intensely and to the right it is blended out.


This second swatch shows the sheen of the product.


The Review:

I’ve been playing around with this blush for a few weeks in an attempt to accurately assess my feelings about it. It’s a little tricky actually! In some light this blush is the most stunning rosy neutral blush and I love it. In other lights it almost gives a hint of a grey cast to my cheeks. The actual pigment of this blush is a neutral rose that almost leans warm toned. The shimmer however, is almost a slightly silver shade which I think is what throws me off. I look awesome in warm tones. Not so much in cooler tones.

This blush has a definite sheen to it. There are no chunks of glitter or outright sparkle but it does act almost like a highlighting product which I actually really love.

This wears all day on me with no fading and no odd oxidation issues.

It applies easily but is a tad tricky to blend. The pigment seems to blend well but the reflective particles seem to not blend quite as smoothly. Unfortunately, you may not notice this until you step outside. That being said, I strongly suspect that the shimmer blending issue is not intense enough for other people to notice.

I have other Covergirl blushes that have been in my stash for a couple of years and I do want to note that Covergirl seems to have re formulated something. If you’ve ever used their blushes you may recall the strong almost soapy cosmetic scent that they have. This blush in the newer packaging has no discernible scent at all which is great news if you’re sensitive to these things.

Overall, I actually think that this is a stunning drugstore blush and a little bit of a unique shade to the drugstore. I really enjoy it and any negative shade issues are more due to the shade not being an ideal match for my skin tone rather than the quality of the product. If this is a shade that will compliment your skin tone I think it’s a great buy.


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