Sleek Haul and Swatches

Sleek is a brand that I’ve been curious about for awhile so when they recently had a 30% off sale I thought that would be a good excuse to sample some of the products that That they have to offer. I also thought that showing off these newly acquired products would be a good first post here. So by way of introduction, Hi! I like makeup! It’s not the only thing I like but it’s one of them. I also like talking about makeup. So that’s what this blog will likely be, a forum to chat about pretty cosmetics and an excuse to swatch makeup and take pictures of it. Fun right? No? Then you might be in the wrong place.

So back to the new things! I haven’t worn any of these products yet so I can’t attest to their lasting power or performance, only my initial impressions. All swatches are without primer and all of the swatches have a few swipes of product simply because all of these products were a tad dusty and multiple swipes minimized the “brightly colored dust going everywhere” business.

I purchased two iDivine palettes (the Acid palette and the Rio Rio palette) and two blushes (Flushed and Life’s a Peach).


Flushed Blush




The swatch on the left is unblended and the right is sheared out a bit.

Life’s a Peach Blush




The Acid Palette



Rio Rio Palette



Each of the iDivine palettes were priced at $11.99 (before the discount) and each of the blushes were $6.99. Shipping to the US was around $3.00 and the package arrived within ten days. I was pleasantly surprised that the shipping was so reasonable and hassle free!

As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, many of these shades were a little dusty and didn’t necessarily swatch smoothly. The matte shades were a little patchy and seemed like you might have to work a little bit to build up pigment. On the other hand, a swatch is often a poor indication of how a product performs when applied with a brush. Either way, some of these shades are truly lovely and I’m really looking forward to testing them out! I’ll report back with more in depth thoughts.

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