Super Chatty and Picture Heavy Mega Haul – February 2015

Most of the time when I buy makeup it’s just because I see something pretty that I want and then it belongs to me, just like magic! On the other hand, there are situations where makeup is my therapy. This haul is a good healthy mix of both of these acquisition methods. I managed to […]

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Gym Bag Makeup August 23, 2014

I’ve written about this before on Tumblr but this is my first Gym Bag Makeup post on this blog so I’ll give a probably rambling brief description of what the heck is going on. A long time ago in another life I was a personal trainer. It was awesome. There’s nothing quite like helping someone […]

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Holy Huge Haul Batman!

This week has been a bit…odd. Work was kind of intense all week, a dude tried to sell me a gold chain “for my man” in the parking lot at the gas station,and our AC was down for the count for most of the week. Let’s just take a second to honor all of the […]

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